Rally Obedience Parcourtraining Klasse 1 mit Anmerkungen

beautiful with very nice very nice those were 2 step is yes you have to be very careful when I am ten points away because you already did the first wrong and grieve exactly and as already on the sign but that was okay yes yes yes yes that was good in st Yes that would be good yes super yes very good then for the third one he doesn't make any mistakes that is really difficult now for her yes there had to take it with me yes that doesn't matter you always have to go read right to left look if you turn here now 270 degrees then I had to start running and start running as soon as the stress had to be you take your step normally and then you had to start running yes that has nothing to do with that both I am then and then finally no there is no stop so there is no semi-finished goods you have to stop stop there and have to go straight to the place basic position and approach Schönhoff place very nice very nice same system tempo hold it again comes now everything is going well then go very nice is a good one distraction now for you that so many people are there very nice there is one reward sees that would also be a cut smiley would be very nice and because he is not only after approaching the beautiful that is enough first So step there will not feed now in the test because that yes, that's right, I suppose to say two steps three steps I very well and then into the equipment and systems in a step in a step on the left Give yummy that would be a sign where a smiley would be great next to it shield the next exercise pouplin on the spot you don't just run the fixed one better and let yourself be clapped here in mäder 20 next to the shaker you can say 12 to this point do you have space this is a run how do you have a lot of space that you have the space perfect because that is done by hand, it is walking a step foot to foot and talking perfect and in the slalom look because they are not there you have to react faster because otherwise it thinks still stop space very good that was very good very very good super don't think yes super now then concentrate says the foot and don't celebrate because they think fine this exercise is over Yes sir

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