Rehomed Dog Training Starts With These 3 MUST HAVE Skills!

This is Maui and I just met Maui
and Maui is in his second home. He belonged to an older couple that
really struggled to deal with his exuberance. He's just over a year and he doesn't
have a lot of skills and he's really strong. Maui missed out on a lot
of that foundation, puppy training. So now it's time to take an older dog
and give him those basics that he missed when he was a puppy in today's video, I'm going to show you the first three
things that I'm going to teach Maui to help him to be successful in his new home. And you can use with your rehomed
dog. I'm Steve. This is Maui. Welcome back to McCann
Dogs. Good boy, buddy. The first thing I want to do with any new dog. I see whether it's a young dog or an
older dog is make sure I can try and have control of the dog. And that's as
simple as having a leash on the dog.

Now you'll also notice I've
got this leash gathered up. I'm not holding it at the end of the
six-foot leash and having him pull me everywhere. I want to be able to keep him within
about arms reach so that I can start to teach him things. And
now that he's on a leash, I need to teach him that I'm valuable. Now I figured out pretty quickly that
Maui likes food and you need to pick the reward. That's going to be motivating
for your dog.

It might be pet. It might be praise. It
might be a toy, but for him, I've got some delicious chicken
weiners and some cheese cut up here. And all I want him to do, first of all, is understand how to take food
from my hand. And you can see, he doesn't even know how
to do that at this point. So I'm going to be a
little patient with him, cause he's in a bit of a new place.
I'm going to get those treats out.

Yes. Good boy. Excellent. Good boy. And I am just going to let him learn to
take treats respectfully from my hand. There's a guy. Good job. Hooray.
What a good puppy dog. Excellent job. Very nice. Once he knows I have food
and he understands that
it's okay to take them from me. I'm simply going to teach him
to follow my hand with the food. So I might lure him across here. One step at a time and I can reward him
for simply moving with me on a loose leash. Good boy, buddy. I'll move them
across my body.

Yes. Good boy. Excellent. Maybe take a few steps
back. Yes. Good boy. I'm teaching him that I have value and
that paying attention to me is a really, really good thing. I found a currency that I can build on
with Maui to start to teach him some skills. So apparently this dog
knows his name's Maui and you know, it's important that we understand. Does
he actually know his name? Okay, buddy. Okay. Let's back up. I'm going
to let him go. See Rob here. I'm going to see what
happened now. Maui. Maui. Apparently doesn't know his
name. So what do we do now? The first step is go and
gain control of Maui. The next thing I'm going to be now that
Maui's figured out that I'm a pretty interesting guy to him. Cause
I got these great treats.

I'm going to start to teach him his name. I don't know if he knows his name or
maybe you got a rehomed dog that you've renamed. It's important. We teach
them how to respond their name. The first step is teaching him
that there's value for his name. I've got these great treats here. All I'm going to do is say his name in
an excited fashion and then immediately feed him. Hey buddy. What's this? Oh
yes. Good boy. Good job. Good. Maui. Yes. Good. Maui. Yes.

boy. Hooray. Maui. Yes. Good boy. He's starting to think,
wait a minute. This sound that I hear. It's really good. Things are coming. I've spent some time
building value for his name. I've said name and fed and
name and fed and name and fed. Now I'm going to help him to
learn how to respond to his name. And that's just not calling his
name and seeing what happens. I'm going to let him look away
from me like he is right now. I'm going to say his
name one second later. I'm gonna put that food in his nose
and I'm going to get his attention. And once I do, I'm going to yes.

And I'm going to back away and praise
and let him know. So here's your name? Here's what to do. Here's what you get
for doing it. Okay. Maui. Yes, good boy. Boy hurry. Excellent. Good job. Yeah. I
want to talk about that right there. Um, he's really distracted in this new place. I don't want to call his
name over and over and over. I had to be a little bit patient
that food to ensure he responds. Now. Let's see if we can shoot again, buddy. I'm going to wait until he looks
away Howie. Yes boy. Excellent. Good job, Maui. Yay! Good boy. Again, this is all about building a
foundation that says, here's your name. Here's what to do. And here's the
rewards that come for doing it. I've done some training now to
teach Maui, what his name is. And teach them there's value for it.

pexels photo 6568490

Now I'm going to bring my little
distraction back. That's Rob. And I'm going to use him now to
proof through hearing his name, showing them what to do and
rewarding him. Now again, this isn't just letting him run
free and jump all over. Rob again. I think Rob's had enough
of that for today. And I'm also going to start at a distance.

You may remember we referenced a training
target in some of our other videos. Well, Rob is on the outside of that target and
I'm going to stay on this side of that target so that we can be successful.
I'm going to get my treats out. I'm going to have them ready to go. I've got my leash gathered up so
that I can ensure Maui does respond. I'm going to let him look at Rob.Ok.
Maui. Yes. Good boy. Excellent. Good job. I'm calling his name one
time and then making it happen. Maui. Yes. Good boy. Excellent. Good. Now
that I've had a little success far away, I'm going to see if I can move a
little bit closer. Good boy. Maui. Yes. Good boy. Excellent job.
What a good puppy dog. We'll see if we can go closer again,
but good job. I know it's hard. Maui. Yeah good boy. Excellent. So I got within three feet of Rob and
was able to show Maui how to respond to his name. This is not
going to be testing though.

I'm not now going to let him jump
all over Rob and see what happens. I'm going to spend time teaching the steps
over and over and over to help him be right. The next skill I'm going to teach him
is I'm going to teach him what to do instead of running at people. Instead of jumping at them instead of
barking and doing all those things. I want to be able to say, here's
what I want you to do instead, buddy. Rob is just here off screen and you can
see that Maui's pretty darn excited. Now he's offered to sit, which is a
good guy.

I'm going to praise that, but I'm actually going to be
a little bit more specific. I'm going to bring him right to my
side. I'm going to tuck him in a sit. Good boy. Excellent job. Good. I got to put some slack back in the
leash and allow him to make that choice. Yes. Good. And as long as he
maintains position, On a loose leash, I'm going to reward him.

I dropped that
treat there, buddy. Good, good. Yes. Excellent boy. Very nice. Good. Yeah. So I'm gonna reward him often with Rob
standing there. Excellent job. Very nice. Now with a new dog, I want you to coach the people around
you use your family members to teach them because Rob can now come a little closer. This is where it gets hard for bowing
because he's such a social social guy. Now Rob is being really smart
because he's coming in fairly slowly, but Rob I want you to just walk right
in. Good sit. Good boy. Excellent. Now, now he's gotten up, but because I've got my leash got
up and I've got some great control. I'm just going to tuck them right back
into that sit really, really quickly. And I'm just going to ask
Rob to take one step back. Now it's my job to help Maui. I'm going
to reward him a little more frequently.

As Rob comes in to make sitting more
value than getting up and going to Rob. So he's sitting now and he got
some great treats out. He is on it. Let's see buddy. Hold on. Excellent job. I'm going to make sure he's on a loose
leash. I don't want to hold him in a sit. I want him to make that choice. Yes.
Good. Sit Rob. Come on. Back in. Yes. Good sit. Excellent. Yes. Good sit.
What a good puppy dog. Hooray, good boy. Now Rob's, standing here, Rob. Super
exciting in his own right. But to Maui, this reward he asks good boy
is the most important thing. Excellent boy. Good job. There's slack in my leash and then Rob
can move away again. Good job. Good. Now, if that all goes well,
here's what I want you to do. Rob's going to come back in and as long
as Maui's able to still hold that sit on a loose leash.

He's simply gonna
reach down and give a little pet. Because I want Maui to learn the
only way he meets new people. If he's sitting at my side. So Rob's
going to come back in sit, but that's it. So he got up. Whoops. I'm going to shift
them right back up. Back here bud. Sit. Good. Sit. Excellent job. Yes, Good boy.
Now I'm going to get some rewards here. Excellent boy. Very nice. Rob can reach
down and give him a pat. Yes. Good boy. What a good puppy dog. Yes.
Good, excellent job. Very nice. All of a sudden. Maui's starting
to develop some manners. You may have also noticed that now he
likes to jump a little bit and if you want to check out his brother, Emmett, in this video about jumping click
that card right there on that note.

I am instructor Steve. This
is Maui. Happy Training!.

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