This is probably the most important
video on this channel ever. Hi it's MeLena
welcome to my channel Zagraj is 6 months old and I think it's finally the
time to tell you What am i training him for, what is his lifetime mission Zagraj is a Border Collie and Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dog
breeds there that exist they are working They are working dogs, this is the most important word
that describes them, I think. they have a They have a build-in will-to-please, they have a high
drive toy drive, this one has also great This one has also great food drive and they're working they're
doing different stuff depends from the dog
starting with hurting because there are Shepherds you know it's just natural for
them so that means that they are in a field with sheep for the whole day they
do obedience frisbee agility meant trailing certain rescue whatever you
want them to do my point is that whatever your dog does it's your
decision mmm based on your interests because the
activity that you do with your dog is it must be fun for you to do it and of
course it has to be based on your dog's prayer dispositions because some dogs
wouldn't like doing agility and you can't do anything about it because they
just can't because there has their own character but I think that having a
border collie just the pad as a couch pup it's abuse I've
been interested in dog training since childhood first I wanted to be a hamster
breeder and then it just leveled up to bigger animals like dogs and I always
loved dog obedience I think that it is a great sport that really shows the bonds
that handler and dogs have I know that for most people it's absolutely boring
just to oh my god this dog Hills oh no it's it's oh now it stands oh my god it
fetches Wow hey you know doc obedience is just my thing lately I've become more
and lately I mean like last two four years i've been more interested in the
crispy because I've been coming to as a viewer of course to polish finals doc
praise be finals from 2013 mmm and after that I've always wanted to try that with
my dog and pimp egg didn't really like that I've been working with him slowly
and now he loves frisbees but he can't do that because he's an elder dog he has
back bone problems it's degenerated he had some surgeries his sight is not as
good as it used to be so I can't do anything now a way of him and all that
would have been the zacchara is gonna be as poor dog yes but kinda because I'm a
disabled person now it all seems clear doesn't get dog
training disability service dog miles a gray is service dog in training actually
it's a psychiatrist service dog in training I've been waiting to tell you I
didn't want to tell you that from the first day he came home first I needed to
get some documents that I needed and I didn't know if I'm gonna succeed because
we don't have psychiatrist service dog in Poland if you know some please let me
know because I'd love to know them seriously but I've done some research of
course and every word they were telling me nope we don't have it we have only
dogs for mobility issues like using a wheelchair we have Guide Dogs for people
who can't see we have dogs for people who can't hear and also we have dogs
medical alert dogs but medical alert is usually in Poland epilepsy so zacchara
is classified as a medical alert dog but it comes to psychiatrist psychiatrist
stuff first to get a service dog I need a document that said that I'm
disabled and it took me a few months to get it but it worked and now I am the
second level we have three levels of disability in Poland and of course level
zero which means that you're healthy and congrats to you my document is valid for
three years and after that I will have to really take the whole procedure yeah
it's weird that I know the purse that doesn't have a leg and she got this
document for a year so I don't know I think that clerks are just believing in
miracles and they expect her leg to grow back but in Poland you can be using
vulture you can have no arms for example and if you don't have this paper that
says that you're disabled then you're treated as a healthy person it's kind of
it's okay because you can't fake disability but from the other hand you
need to you know proof how much fucked up your life is that you need this paper
just you know that you need I don't know some money or some recap or some
medications it's a mess after that I needed to find an
organization that would accept the gray as their service dog because in Poland
we have to certify our service dog so first you're a service dog in training
and document that I got last for six months and I think I'm gonna really take
it because you know exactly right after that it's gonna be like year old and
this is this is very young this is a still young dog and I don't think I'm
not even hoping to have him fully trained when he's gonna be a year old to
pass this certificate but the past exam get a certificate so I needed to find an
organization because we have like about 15 organizations that certify service
dogs in Poland and they're not certifying all kinds of service dog
mostly they're doing guiding dogs so I had to find an organization that
would be like okay we like this experiment of yours and we're giving you
a chance to do that so it was the first reason I didn't want to tell you and the
second reason is I was just simply afraid being a disabled person is a mark
is a curse it's not easy to openly speak about that about your health issues here
on YouTube or or face to face talking with a person so first I made an
Instagram where I posted some stuff ain't even in today's video I'm not
going to tell you what exactly my issues are because you know raising awareness
it's something that has to be done worldwide but especially in Poland were
we're way behind in those areas and you know same as with service dogs we don't
have them like for so many sicknesses you know we are all behind because we
had like a few decades of communists running our country after the World War
two so that's okay I think but you know when you say that you have depression
you have an anxiety you have PTSD you have schizophrenia they think first you
got you're not your joke and you just know you're you're pathetic just go and
breathe some fresh air it's gonna be able time you need to find a job you're
just lazy so that's the one thing and the
oh my god he's going to kill me he's crazy we have to run away or he
needs to be locked up or in a hospital or in a jail because he's dangerous and
it's not like that of course your sickness can be that you are dangerous
dude there's someone or two yourself but you're not really get that when you're
on a wheelchair usually people respect that and psychiatrist issues I like
every other your body can be not working properly and your head can be not
working properly and it can last for you know from Monday to Friday and we're
okay like when you get cold or it can be a lifetime problem and that means
disability people don't want to be disabled I don't want to train my dog
this way if I could I wouldn't have because you know I want it to be a
national dog obedience champion and I'm not gonna do this with a grey because
training a service dog training a sports dog different things and I'm learning
how to train a service dog because it's completely new to me actually I have a
trainer of course I love her very much but we're all learning how to do that I'm training my dog to live a normal
life to be independent and I know people with different disabilities and we want
to be independent we don't want to stay in her house all day
because we can't live a normal life we want to work we want to study we want to
go to the cinema and that's why people talk about accessibility because we just
want to be part of the world talking about it is hard and I know that they
are gonna be haters because they always are but please be gentle with me
I was really afraid to record and post that video but I think I have to because
if not me then who who's gonna change something and if I wanna change if I
want my disabled friends or people that I don't know yet but I would love to
meet if I want them to get what they need I need to be here
in social media and talk about it and I hope I have this big dream that at least
one soul would change because of me because listening to me so I'm talking
to you you think that I'm stupid I know I know you are that's how how you're
still watching why so do you think it's interested do you think I'm pathetic
maybe there is something that you can change that you can change and your
workplace that you can change in your environment or you can change it in your
head not all disabilities are visible they are real exactly like others I want people who have issues to get
help that they need so I'm just trying to make this path possible for them but
I need you to do that I need you to join me I need you to share this video I need
you to subscribe to follow wheels Instagram or not but just let at least
one person know about about this whole thing about disabilities about service
table there are medical equipment to disabled people about that I'm not going
to kill you because I have psychiatrist issues I need you that's why I decided
to have this channel in English because I want to reach out to more people I
want you to know that I'm going to do my best
that I'm going to be successful in life and I was afraid to tell you to say that
seriously because I'm really scared of losing but I'm saying that I'm going to
be successful and you're gonna look at it and you can look at me growing and
because I'm growing I want other people to be able to grow on this channel I'm
going to show you how I'm trainings agree I'm gonna to show you how he
becomes a good service dog but also I'm gonna show you how we're getting abused
and harassed because of who we are or because people
don't know the law and don't know that it should let us in it is a long journey it is a long journey ahead but please
stay with me I need you I love you I want to know you don't afraid to message
me don't be afraid to reach out to me I just want to change I am planning to do
a video about old tasks that Zac Rai performs and in this video I'm going to
tell more about my health issues about what I'm struggling with every day so
yeah it's going to come but first I need to know how this video is greeted because you know it's gonna be hard
that's it it's gonna be really hard for me I have plans for this channel I have
plans for the content I'm going to make so be ready I want to do something big
I want to prove people that I'm right and that I have value that I'm not just
then I'm not sentenced to dying alone or something like this because I'm disabled
thank you for watching please if you want to join me if I made you interested
in my life please subscribe hit the bell and please follow me on Instagram where
I'm posting much more I'm posting our everyday life
and I'm also posting more about my health issues I don't know if it's gonna
be interesting for you I'm interesting in others people health issues and their
service also maybe you are as well so this is Zechariah dot PSD here and thank
you thank you very much for giving me that time to speak I love you bye

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