Ruff Swag Online Dog Training

Hi, this is Sean with Ruff Swag. My partner 
and I have trained thousands of dogs in our   board and train program. We love what we do 
and we've seen incredible results. Our biggest   hurdles are the amount of time it takes to build a 
relationship, and transferring the dog's obedience   to it's owners. The dog may have perfect 
obedience with us, but if the owner doesn't   continue it correctly they will slip back into 
old habits. We realize that this could be avoided,   if we give dog owners the knowledge and tools they 
need to train their dog correctly on their own,   in a place their dog feels comfortable. That's 
how our dog transformation course came about.   It builds on the mutual trust and 
respect necessary for good relationships,   and gives you the tools to train your dog 
consistently for the rest of their life.   There's no one-size-fits-all in dog 
training, because each dog is different.   That's why we take you along the training 
process of four different dogs and handlers.   We're excited to see your progress and to help 
you build a better relationship with your dog

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