Shiba Inu from Puppy to Adult (8 weeks to 1 year)

8 weeks A turquoise toy has become my family Fluffo love fluff? I will escape from here! Uh where is the exit? c laaa? She has so much energy! even more at night… Are you feeling well? Good morning! ??? I don't understand Haribo can it adapt to its new environment? aside from my thoughts… She eats well And she sleeps really well too She started to understand that we are her family and we became best friends! it reports everything we throw! first time at the vet I was worried about the shiba cries But Haribo was nice A brave shiba!! (thanks to the kibble lol) we often carry her around in a bag so she could see what the world looks like! Hello! WATCH ME Bam! Three-month-old Haribo has learned to be part of the society! meet people! especially to play with the children better..

We showed him noises, signs and smells Come here!! Too cute!!!!! she has learned how to control herself when approaching strangers. A hello monster noise my friend!! do you want to play fetchrrrrr? LAUNCH HER WHY YOU ARE NOT MOVING but she is scared when it is on YOU irritate me!? I'm scared NO MORE FRIENDS Its whatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? the first time Haribo sees Alpacas they are afraid of each other DON'T SPIT!!!! THE first time she sees ducks HEY! HELLO!!! HI!? THE first time Haribo pigeons met many dogs but some dogs don't like Haribo don't be sad Haribo! Walking in nature the temperature in aumtaune is perfect we explored a nature diet Beach and haribo water LOVED it! New place also says new person Throw the ball!!! Autumn is over and winter is coming! Perfect! we traveled during the winter we jogged with her we walked on the beach and it was cold we even took a boat Omg Omg lol we also visited the United States And haribo she very popular …..


Everywhere !! she was happy to stay at the hotel Catch me!!!! It's going to be fine! stay at home but her is dead for haribo I WANT the friends and her prefect dog park has closed she has to wear her because of allergies she has Her party is now 1 year old!!! we hope you smile bye! Translation Benoit Robitaille.

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