Should You Let Your Dog Off The Leash

How to Treat Your Dog’s Anxiety Induced Symptoms

Anxiety can cause a number of undesirable effects in your dog including excessive barking, chewing, and digging. Here we examine a way to help alleviate problems caused by anxiety.

A Trusting Relationship

A trusting companion is one of the best things in the world to experience. But what does it mean?

Some Interesting Details About Dog Food

Food manufacturers sometimes have problems with the statutory provisions. The rough rules of the feed law are further explained in the animal feed regulations and made understandable for practical implementation. They refer to what dog food can be used and what food cannot be used. Furthermore, the guidelines on the indication of ingredients are specified in detail.

Varied Dog Food With No Extra Effort

Whether rice, potatoes or oatmeal, meat and bones, dairy products and eggs, fruit or vegetables are served, the dog’s diet should be varied. This can be achieved without any additional costs.

Black Cocker Spaniels – Know Them Better

Some animals like dogs, cats, horses and amongst the birds pigeons are very well known for their strong interaction with human beings. They are very friendly to mankind and at the same time can understand human instructions. For example in the good olden days pigeons used to carry letters to the desired place.

Some Tips For Dog Obedience Classes

A well-behaved pet dog is certainly a blessing to its owner and his or her household. To experience the joy of owning a well-behaved and respectful dog, a dog owner should take the responsibility to implement quality dog obedience classes. Implementing the training will be challenging, especially when you have to teach puppies. Thus, tips on how to make dog obedience trainings will certainly be of great help.

Some Useful Dog Training Techniques

Once you have decided to own your pet, especially a dog, as an owner it is your responsibility to learn the correct techniques that will help you in raising your dog properly. When you are successful in teaching your dog these techniques, you will start to notice he will have developed a well-mannered attitude, and one of these ways to teach your dog is to enrol him or her in some dog obedience classes.

Canine Distemper – Distemper in Dogs

Canine distemper is one of the most dreaded, often fatal viral diseases dogs can present. It is also known as Carre’s disease. It occurs worldwide and not only among dogs. It was first detected in the 18th century. However, it was virtually eradicated then, but more cases and more cases occurred in the last ten years.

Dog Food – Food Supplements

The four-legged friends love eating dog food because this is composed in a way that fits their special taste. Dogs should also sometimes get some additional food, apart from the regular dog food that is served in their bowls daily. This can be for example a bone, a chew product made from buffalo skin or a biscuit.

Bichon Food: How to Find the Right Diet for Your Bichon

As a bichon owner, I know how picky they are with their food. In this article you will find advice on who to talk to about bichon food and tips for picking out the right food.

The Main Differences Between Obedience Training and Dog Behavior Modification

Pet owners are sometimes bewildered by the distinction between obedience training and behavior modification. Training dog obedience is the basic foundation for controlling your pet in times of stress and can provide the control necessary to prevent various of potential life threatening scenarios. It is based on the fundamental directions every dog ought to be taught in order to immediately follow; for instance, sit, stay, down and even come.

Tips on Why and How To Crate or Kennel Train Your Puppy

It is usually easier to crate or kennel train a puppy, than it is an older dog. Here are tips on why and how you should train them as soon as possible.

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