Socializing Your Dog With “Social Distancing” #Shorts

Why Do We Use Rewards In Dog Training?

I tell all my clients that they would not go to work on Monday without getting a nice paycheck on Friday. Well this is the same for your dog. When you are training, your dog is working and it would like to receive a paycheck as well.

Why Is My Dog Distracted By People On A Walk?

If your dog is distracted by people and everything else when you go for a walk there are a couple of possible reasons. We are going to talk about these reasons and what you can do to make those walks better.

Why Does My Dog Whine And Bark To Wake Me?

This really is not a hard question. In fact I would be willing to bet that you already know some of the answers. Maybe not all of the answers but some of them.

Why Does My Dog Love To Tear Up The Garbage

Here is the age old question; why does my dog get into the stinky garbage? The answer is simple because it’s stinky to us but very much appealing to a dog. Dogs just love the smell of all that old food and everything else that could be waiting for it in a garbage bag.

Why Does My Dog Hate The Mailman?

I have been involved in training dogs for law enforcement for almost 3 decades. My training facility trains dogs for detection work as well as officer protection (bite work). One thing that we trainers always laugh about is the fact that FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service have trained more attack dogs than anybody else in the country and let me tell you why that is.

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

When a dog eats dirt or any other inappropriate item it is referred to as PICA. When a pet owner sees their dog eating dirt and sometimes grass along with it they are usually very concerned. However it may not really be a very large problem at all.

A Backpack Can Give Your Dog A Job

Dogs need a job. Yes, a dog with a job is a happy dog because he is doing something useful. A back pack that is made for dogs can provide that job to most dogs.

What Should Be in a Balanced Dog Meal?

There are many different kinds of pet food available in stores these days. If you want to take good care of your pet, it’s important to feed it a complete and balanced meal. Dog food companies must meet certain food requirements in order to brand their pet foods as complete and balanced. Officials from the Association of American Feed Control establish these requirements.

Allergies in Dogs – Is My Dog Allergic to Carpet?

Most pet owners who have a dog with allergies will tell you that they are fed up with all of the continuous vet visits and medications. What they don’t know is that, MOST of the time, dogs don’t have “allergies” at all. Learn about this vet-kept secret and ways to fix it here.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Don’t Make This Mistake

Now that your Golden Retriever puppy is with you, your house and home is not the same anymore. If you are like me and many others like us you are thrilled no end by your puppy’s charm. But sooner or later you need to start his education. Find out about one major pitfall by reading this article!

Man’s Best Friend – Not So Fast

America loves her pets. In fact, I have a dog park not too far from me, and the other night I noted some 72 dogs in the park, wow. That’s quite a few folks who care enough to exercise their dogs and get them out of the house. Also, it seems to be a place where kindred spirits, dog loves, congregate too. Let’s talk, because apparently not all is as pleasant in the dog park utopia as it seems.

Dog Nutrition: Why You Should Never Give Food Scraps to Your Dog

I tend to find the scene both funny and very cute and I bet most dog owners do too. Having you dog sit by your side at the table and look at you with those adoring and “I didn’t do it” eyes usually makes anyone melt, but there is another side of the coin to know about because of its incredible importance in your dog’s health and life.

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