Stop Dog Barking | E collar training tips | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #428

there we go hey everybody how are you
good evening good morning good afternoon depending where in the world you are
how's everybody doing my name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training this is
Linda next to me Hello Hello and what we're doing is this is my Q&A and you know I do a
weekly Q&A and I do it once a week I try my best to do it once a week and you ask
your dog training questions and I asked I answer them we change sides because
Linda needs to talk more into the mic for our YouTube videos so this way the
microphone is towards that side of her so if you're brand new to my world
welcome again my name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training I'm a business
owner dog trainer seminar speaker we're based in Providence Rhode Island
and I personally tour the world doing dog training seminars we've got a
rehab facility up in Providence Rhode Island
we specialize in dog aggression behavior modification we work with some pretty
serious dogs but we also work with happy-go-lucky puppies with basic on leash and off leash obedience one of the things that if you're brand-new
to the show is you're gonna hear me talk a lot about is punishment and if
you're new to that concept of punishment um it's not abuse and
unfortunately nobody seems to want to be talking about it
to get a dog to do what you want you do rewards to get a dog to stop what
you want you use punishments and punishment is something that's
intolerable to the dog now the magic of punishment is knowing
how to properly do it there actually is a proper way to punish a dog that is
effective the cool part is there's no yelling and there's no screaming and
there's no anger but it has to have meaning for the dog or they won't stop a
lot of folks feel that they punish the dog such as giving the dog a timeout
I actually don't give dogs timeouts I don't believe in timeouts with kids or
for dogs dogs don't understand that type of thinking so a lot of people will ask
on this on this webinar is they'll say Jeff how do I stop how do I stop and
then fill in the blank jumping pulling lunging barking biting
anxiety so my answer is always punishments
but if you look at our our live training sessions at our training center what
you'll see is you'll see a lot of rewards so today we did a couple of
Facebook lives and we're doing clicker training and marker training and food
training and we probably spend about 90% of our day doing that because we're
trying to teach dogs what we want them to do but chances are the first couple
of days they came in there was probably more punishment based stuff because we
had a stop some unwanted behaviors and the reason being is because these dogs
are dangerous so most dogs are surrendered to shelters within the first
year of their life because nobody is stopping unwanted behaviors dogs are
turned into shelters not because they couldn't do a sit or a down it's
probably because the dog wouldn't stop doing an unwanted behavior a lot of
people say oh I would never turn my dog into a shelter bullshit yes you would if
your dog bites you once a week once a day if your dog bites your kids you're
going to turn your dog into a shelter I would hope you'd care about more about
your children so we talked a lot about that so here we go let's go the questions are coming in crazy so let's see where the first one is I think is about barking at the TV no it was way before that if dog doesn't eat
when I put the food down should I take the food away how much time you give a
dog to eat so most dogs eat in less than five minutes my dogs eat in about two
minutes and they're not fast eaters so what I would do is this I would kennel
up your dog I'm a huge advocate of feeding dogs in crates put your dog
into a crate and what I want you to do is wait 15 minutes if the dog has not
eaten take it away and then give your dog dinner so you don't double up on the
food if they don't eat their breakfast you can either feed once a day or twice a
day dogs don't need more than 15 minutes to eat I like them eating in a contained
area it's safer for everybody next okay it's gonna take a second for me to get
to it okay dog heals nicely on prong alone but pulls ahead when walking with
two or more dogs so that happens very often so another dog
is another distraction so you you you always what you're always going to be
doing is the dogs always probably playing you know who's in first who's in
first who's in first place so what you have to do is probably give that dog more
information so your your your corrections are gonna have to be higher
on when you're with multiple dogs but once you get them in the zone try to get
the dogs to walk behind your leg once they're in that zone
you'll be fine next how do you stop barking at TV through a Punisher again how
do you stop an unwanted behavior so what I would do is if the dog was barking at
the TV use something called a bonker a bonker is a wrapped up towel this is a
cotton towel dogs run into trees dogs run into the
furniture dogs run into some pretty hard stuff so what you're gonna do is you're
gonna say no and then you're gonna throw this dog at the barking dog so the you're gonna throw the bonker at it the bonker what I say the car no you said throw the dog at the barking no no don't throw your dogs around so what you're gonna do is you're gonna throw the bonker at the dog and a lot of people
freak out and it's so incredible it's so incredible how people freak out about a
towel being thrown in a dog but that's how you stop it you say no and then you
throw it and also I would do it as soon as the dog got interested in the TV
don't wait until the dog is full-blown barking but even if you did you'll still
eliminate it next thank you for all you do my dogs are in a much better place
because I took the time to listen to you awesome proud of you for doing all the
hard work you're the real hero here why don't you train stay we do train stay
but it's a default we actually train stay tremendously dogs end up doing
anywhere from a 1 to a 4 hour stay stay is an English word that has zero meaning
to a dog people that don't speak English don't use the word stay so remember it's
a word that has zero meaning to the dog so we train the command sit down in
place and then we train the word break and we train the word no so we
actually are training the word stay but it's built in next pit mix walks great
on prong collar and started with low-level e collar but reactive to
other dogs okay so as soon as your dog is thinking about being reactive that's
when you apply your punishment the only way to stop reactivity is through
punishment a lot of the stuff you read online will say that's not necessary
they're full of shit it can't be done they're not doing it or they'll do a
protocol that takes six months to a year and it might work it might work but it's
not when you can eliminate it usually in one session there's always going to be
there's always going to be instances where it doesn't work right away but it
doesn't take six months to a year to do it
next dog goes into drive when he sees other cats correct constant 85 on
educator is it better to tap or hold um you can you try both try both see
what happens I would historically do tap though at a
higher level as soon as the dog gets aroused what you want to do is you want
to get the dog as soon as it is aroused so if anybody struggles with punishing
the dog for cat arousal you probably don't give a shit about the life of your
cat because dogs kill cats so dogs kill cats every single day around the
world and they're not allowed to so what happens is as soon as that dog starts
thinking about going chasing the cat there has to be a Punisher what you
don't do is reward the dog for not killing the cat I'm not gonna reward my
children for not stealing from Walgreens that's a stupidest thing in the
world next our GSD minds my husband better than me he's gone and I'm the
one training her okay cool I think that's the question well that's well that's because they're not robots they're not robots and sometimes the training is not transferable because
it's a relationship thing so you're the one that's always there's more what am I doing wrong you're not doing
anything wrong you put the work in to get the results you put the work in you
know you put the results so what you're doing is you're training the dog it's
flipped with you your dog doesn't look at it doesn't take you seriously so that's
not a personal attack on you but your dog doesn't take you seriously because
believe it or not you're spending more time with the dog it's actually is working
against you so chances are you're using a little bit of too of your emotional
side instead of your thinking side and your dog is manipulating you happens all the
time your husband comes home he's probably all business it's no different
than if I walked into your house and started working your dog it probably
would listen to me better because we haven't built up that emotional
relationship it's very very common so what I would do also with your husband
gone a lot it's possible that you're using your dog as an emotional crutch
again not an attack on you but this happens all the time we see it all the
time so what I would do is I would tighten things up a little bit hold your
dog more accountable a little bit more structure and watch all the affection
next dog is remote collar trained does good off leash but will whine and bark
when other dogs are around so the whining in the barking is arousal again
you apply a Punisher at the first sign of arousal the information that you read about
online saying it'll then it'll have a negative association with dogs no it
won't and how do I know that because no one's ever no ones proved it
wrong and we prove it right all the time they don't have a negative association
what they do is they learn that whining is wrong there's something out there
called imagined harm there's this whole fantasy dog training results that might
happen or supposedly happens if you apply a Punisher we're just a we don't
see it we do it all the time next is it okay to crate dog at night and also
while at work or is that too much crating it's not too much crating at
all because this is the thing you have to have a life and the safest place for
your dog to be is in a crate now somebody's going to say well no why do
you have a dog well we're we're we're killing enough dogs enough dogs
are getting rid of if you've had a dog um if you've got a dog in your home and
you're doing a halfway decent job to a good job to a great job that dog has got
a good house next okay do you know of any heat monitor systems for car like
police systems um police system I'm would go on there there's a great website
write this down ready G O O G L E and then look in there and I'm yes I'm being a
little bit snarky but the best place to do is to look on Google for that I
don't know any off the top of my head next how long run a dog by
playing fetch and how many times per day or week it's most beneficial oh I play
fetch with my dogs every single day twice a day usually ten or fifteen
minutes because then they're tired next to stop a dog from staring at cats
inappropriately is no looking at all too severe so what you're gonna do is
this you can either do avoidance or acceptance at the beginning I would
suggest doing avoidance meaning you can't look at cats and what do you do
use that with a remote collar we do it all the time in fact I just demonstrated
it tremendously in my last on seminar in Elkhart Indiana we do it all the time
though so you want to erase the naughty thoughts next my dog won't let people
pet her she will take a treat from them but what is the next step there is no
next step don't let people pet your dog you know in this is the thing your dog
is telling you your dog is telling you it doesn't want to be petted by other
people to me I don't want people petting my dog I don't want people to pet my dog
that's it so my dogs are social my dogs are
friendly I didn't get dogs for the general public
I want my dogs to pay attention to me I'm not interested in the general public
petting my dog now can guests come over my house and pet my dog yes they can but
I don't let them the general public I would never let a complete stranger walk
up to my dogs and pet them why because people do stupid stuff I don't want you
putting your face in my dog's face I don't want you babying my dog I don't want
you grabbing my dog by the ears I don't want you being too affectionate with my
dog because that's not that's not an excuse for lack of training it's like I
just don't want that so I've got really good boundaries no you can't and I just
don't a bunch of tips on that my What Would Jeff Do Dog Training Tip of the
day I did two on that actually next I switched to a harness for better control but
she likes to pull and keeps the leash taut okay harnesses
don't get you better control harnesses get you worse control harnesses are
designed for two things one thing pulling that's what harnesses were
designed for they literally were designed to pull that's what that's the whole
concept behind behind the harness
it distributes the weight of the dog and the pulling force of the dog evenly
across the dog's strongest part of its body which is its chest so switch to a
prong collar they're not mean they're not barbaric they look you know they
look what time is Jesus coming I'll set the table and is he a vegan or not
so I can go shopping so get yourself a prong collar I've got videos on that how to
size it how to put it on how to introduce it to your dog next do you
have videos of when you punish I've watched your videos would be good to see
how you punish I don't have a lot of videos how I punish I get death threats
daily so we don't put a lot of punishment videos up there but I talk
about it freely I talk about it so well that you can do it yourself now at my
seminars I demonstrate it in real time to the full extent of a Punisher I do we
do show Punishers but it's so subtle that's how subtle it could be but I'm
not making these big punishment videos because we just don't need to next
thank you for always advocating for pet owners too many people worried about dogs
feelings I agree I'm worried about your feelings the human next your message
should be used in prisons it would most likely work with some modification it
actually won't work with all the modification there's a great video out
there great movie Dwayne Johnson produced produced the movie is called
Between a Rock and a Hard Place I believe it's on HBO Between a Rock and a Hard Place watch it you'll understand keep
in mind I am a dog rehabilitator there's a big difference between teaching
obedience which would also do but most dog trainers don't
rehabilitate dogs they don't I would say 90% of working dog trainers out
there are obedience trainers which doesn't make them bad but they don't
know how to stop unwanted behaviors which is fine next how's the planning
for the New Zealand seminar coming I want to make sure I get a ticket when
released um nothing new next at what age can you start using
training tools like prong and e collar 14 weeks old
next thanks to you and your advice I've never had a stressful walk with my dogs
I tell everyone about you good congratulations thank you for advocating
for your dog and truly having a good relationship with your dog and that's
another thing if you just tuning in my name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9
Training go to my website go to my seminar website and what you can do is what you're gonna do what was the question well thank you I was gonna make a point but I forgot it's ok
doesn't matter I'll remember next thank you both for the info okay next how do I tell family members who love to
get on the ground and swoon over my dog to leave her alone she's in place when
it happened how do you tell family members to not piss on your floor and
smoke in your house what do you do so if you're a nonsmoker what would you say to
a someone that tried to smoke in your house what would you say to them if the
rules of your house are no smoking in my house what would you say to someone that
started to light up a cigarette what would you say that's what you say about the floor
it's your house it's your rules you can't follow my rules get the Frank
Sinatra out of my house it's a simple it's called boundary issues you can't
say no you know you can say no because the reason why you can say no is because
you wouldn't let somebody smoke in your house right you're not to let somebody
like to take your TV like if if one of your relatives walked into your house
grabbed your TV and walked outside what would you say so you can say no you
just have to make the dog petting into that new boundary
setting that's all next Linda also watch your videos love y'all mamita boys thank
you that means more to me than you thank you
for watching awesome um not very good at French sorry about that Jeff do you
release your dog for playing fetch oh my sometimes I do sometimes I don't sometimes
I'll throw a little bit of obedience training in there but normally I
just tell them to drop the ball and then I just throw it it's a casual thing
but you can next will place training reinforce oh and reinforcement or
implementing structure reduce reactivity um yes and no the way to reduce and
eliminate reactivity is through punishment that's how you stop any
unwanted behavior and I'm very I'm very knowledgeable about the conversation out
there everybody else will say oh my god you'll destroy the dog you'll break the
relationship and dog will never be the same again blah blah blah blah blah blah it's all a bunch of freaking bullshit that's ending up with dead dogs
usually people whenever they hear me say that they're like god this guy's a big
asshole no who's the real asshole is people that are lying to dog owners
that's what the real asshole is are people that are saying that you should
never punish your dog that's the most unethical thing in the world the only
way to stop it unwanted behavior is through punishment now it's important to
understand how to properly punish you know people are like I would not I'm not going to yell at my dog and you know hit my dog I'm like
I didn't say to do that either but punishment is a punishment there's a proper way to do it next how to get my dog not to pull get yourself a prong collar
I've got a video on it put it on introduce it to the dog start walking
the dog will stop pulling that day next you've totally changed my perspective of
strangers socialization etc game-changer good your dog will live a
happier life and you'll have a less stress free life with your dog as well next how
do you get a Corgi Chihuahua to stop what other dogs humping hearing other
dogs I don't know I don't know what that means is it possible to train my dog to
be a service dog or should I seek a professional first of all your dog might
not be able to be a service dog 99.9% of dogs that are alive today cannot be
service dogs dogs that are specifically bred for service dog industry probably
50% of them wash out if not higher most dogs can't be a service dog now can you
do it yourself of course you can is it harder absolutely but teaching the dog
not just to do task training but you've got to do public access training and
then it can't be reactive at all and it can't have any unwanted behaviors you
got your work cut out for you but yes it can be done next your seminars are
amazing thank you prong collar is much more comfortable
than halti or gentle leader so much better my opinion as well and I'm not
against any of those things whatever tool works for you but no excuse for not
having a well-behaved dog on a walk next what do you think of CBD oil for dogs
with separation anxiety I would give it a shot but I would what
I would do is I would would also add training to it as well so I'm not
against CBD CBD oil at all I'm actually an advocate of it but one thing
won't stop during the anxiety in the dog massive amounts of structure and
consequences is going to dramatically help next if my dog doesn't leave place but barks when door opens correct high if you don't want the barking you correct
at the right level not necessarily high the right level what's the right level
the dog stops barking next E caller prong flat buckle what order on the
dog's neck you can do prong e collar flat buckle next come to New York or northern
New Jersey so you come to me all right go to I will be in New York in Long Island but very
close to the city I'm also gonna so that's a really close seminar to you I'm
also gonna be in Baltimore your average person that goes to my seminars drives
anywhere from four to eight hours most people spend overnight the record is 36
hours someone drove all the way across Australia but it's not unusual
that people will fly in or drive ten hours but you are three to four hours
from my Providence seminar and you are like an hour and a half from my Long Island
seminar so you come to me unfortunately I can't be everywhere next can't even
get my dog to give me her paw to shake okay if you go to you can teach your dog how to shake join my patreon channel
that's you'll get a discount off of it
next I had to make a bandana for my dog that says I need space so people leave
him alone on walks so kudos for you unfortunately that doesn't work if it
works for you then you're in you're in you're a rarity what I want humans to do
instead is this put it this way people have got training vests on and say in
training do not pet it it doesn't stop people I'd rather humans advocate
for their dogs get out in front and vocalize don't pet my dog don't pet my
dog but if you're having people not pet your dog because of that bandana
keep doing it whatever works keep doing it but I always want to make sure people
are prepared to hand out dog behind them please don't pet my dog always be always
be kind the first time after that you get to go right to rudeness next when
anyone asks how to get my dog how I got my dog well-behaved I send them to your
YouTube channel awesome and tell them a lot of freaking hard work you know it's
training not too many dogs come well-behaved next how much time a day
would you suggest training a dog 24 hours a day seven days a week
dog training is a lifestyle as far as like active
commands though like doing drills if you did put it this way if you only had 30
minutes a day to do it that's enough 60 minutes even better and then you do a
couple of walks and then you do a lot of duration work like right now I've got
two dogs in place right now because they're in my office what else would
they be doing so it's more about a lifestyle stuff but if you try to train
new behaviors 30 to 60 minutes a day is enough next thank you so much for all
your advice sending love from Tennessee TN love you I've got I've got a daughter
down Knoxville I'll get down there soon next discipline is important structure
is important as well discipline and structure and leadership guidance yeah
absolutely when punishing do you hold continuous or
sharp momentary try depending on what you're doing all depends on what
you're doing all depends on how how you train on the remote collar and also
where you're trying to stop next so there's different there's different
training philosophies we do both depending on what we're trying to do
next so many structured walks a day if you
just did one good one that's enough anything more than that is bonus next
how do you train a settle command for things like kayaking and canoeing able
to move around calmly do um do do the place command or a down stay so dogs on
kayaks and canoes should be lying down and not moving
obviously not standing up so do a really good down stay what you can do is
practice it with a canoe or the kayak on land get the dog to load up in the
canoe or kayak do a down stay and then what you can do is you can gently start
rocking it alright rocking it like this to get the dog to get used to it next I
used to do a ton of kayaking with my dogs next explain the difference between
educator versus dogtra stim I've heard educator is blunt but I'm lost
it's just a different stim pattern it's a different stim pattern to the
human it's gonna be no big deal they're both very very good they're both very
very good that we we like you know we'll train on dogtra we'll also mostly
we train on E collar technology the stim pattern is pretty similar sometimes
the E collar technology one is a little bit more blunt or dull if that mean if
that means anything to you that doesn't mean the doctor one is the sharp
discomfort but I like this stim pattern on the E Collar technology one next I
had been drinking the humanize your dog kool-aid and you woke me up I love
being their leader and they are happier it's how it should be yeah I know you
know what you and everybody else and this is the thing you know like I care
about my dogs I want the best for my dogs but I want to be able to go places
with them and if the humanization of the dogs worked we've been doing it you know
we'd be doing it so next they need proper help with E Collar pressure on
and off stuff okay well number one what you can do is join my patreon page so go
to it actually you can get Skypes with me
you can get you can ask questions during the Q&A you get more than a 15-second
video but also I've got 5,000 free videos on YouTube I give away all my
knowledge on YouTube next hey guys what would you recommend for a very
possessive husky with toys against other dogs I would train that dog the out
command and I've got a video on that next Jeff Gellman I do my best to do this once a week pretty soon we're gonna be
switching this to Youtube Live guys just to give everybody a heads up we're going
to be switching the format of the Q&A show to a Youtube Live format we're
going strong on YouTube so this show right now these videos get pushed
to YouTube but we're gonna start doing YouTube Live so if you're not on my
Youtube channel you're gonna want to go to you want
to do you want to click on the the logo for YouTube and sign up and turn on the
notifications have you ever done a seminar in Montana I haven't but if you have a location for me to do a seminar it has
to be indoors with some outdoor space holding about 35 to 40 people
on the first level it's dog-friendly its private someone's private property
um I won't do them in a public in a public place because I get too much
nonsense from a lot of haters so it has to be private property where nobody gives
a shit about those people I'll be more than happy to schedule one what
you can do as you go to and we can look into it I might I don't have any
dates left this year I don't think but you never know you never know nothing
ask your questions guys ask your questions are there spaces left for T3 in
June it's gonna be a great group there is Heather there are some there are some
spaces still a chance to get in on the Q&A on patreon I'm recording the patreon
answers tomorrow so yes if you put the question in tonight I'm gonna shut it
off normally I do it on Thursday but I was slammed today so on Monday I post
the question ask your questions and then usually on Thursday I record the podcast
for it but I'm a little bit slow on the draw this week have you heard of Sarah
bytes for dogs to help with some anxiety I never heard of it next how do I
improve my dog's attention capacity during walks without treats well you can
start with food if you want to or you can do the 180 move do the 180 move
there's a video on my youtube channel called the 180 move also what you can do
is this just be everything for your dog don't have your dog greeting other dogs
don't have your dog greeting other people don't have your dog getting aroused around
certain things get your dog more into follow mode so they're they're they're in
a calmer state of mind they walk a little bit behind you so you can do that
love you guys thanks for all your help oh you're welcome eighteen month puppy
labradoodle ordered E collar where do I start remote collar training remote collar training start with a place command start with a place command next dog
reactive dog does well in class after I correct fo nonsense on prong but on
walks acts up um that's because classes are a little
bit more of a controlled environment what I would suggest you do is apply
your Punisher at the beginning of the walk apply your Punisher at the
beginning of the walk everybody freaks out about this like I want the walks to
be fun well they're not fun for you they suck
so what I want you to do is I want you to let that dog know that we're working
and the dog all of a sudden goes into a different state of mind
next how do I get dog over fear of pools I've got three videos on my youtube
channel in-ground pool above ground pool and lake stream river ocean type
swimming watch those videos and you'll be fine next and use I don't know where
this came from oh oh it came with the Labradoodle use
punishment for unwanted yep exactly hi Linda Jeff Angelo and pups thank you
for your scope love you thank you Lulu love Heather I hope you're doing well
we're doing great thanks Heather my dog pulls slightly forward and even
though she anticipates 180 move not strong enough on 180 probably the dog
shouldn't be anticipating it so you're giving your dog cues you're giving your
dog cues then so stop giving your dog cues catch him off guard
catch him off guard or also switch to remote collar heeling your
timing will be better next can a dog still be in follow mode on walk if head
is slightly ahead um not really they tend to be more it all depends on
the dog state of mind so look down and read your dog if your dog is sort of
like doo doo doo doo doo doo to do they might be in follow mode as far as
inviting followers I can go like this and I can go you can share that with me
right now and if you're not following me you can follow me alright there you go
next pool advice works yep it sure does my dog always pulls ahead
so what you could do is let's talk about first about training equipment if you're not
using a prong collar switch to a prong collar and then ideally a remote collar
heeling will be great next dog can become aroused when approaching
a different stimuli but more ears forward hackles can be raised that I
would I would punish that I would immediately I would immediately punish
the dog for that arousal because you know where that's gonna lead you always
want to punish the intent always want to punish the intent if once the dog is
in full grown full-blown reactivity there's there's really not much you can
do there's really not much you can do at all
next so the dog's head should be in line with your legs if that's your preference
that's my preference so you know to me dogs just remember dogs are predators by
the way if people didn't know that dogs kill things that's another thing that I
think people need to you know I'm not an advocate for dog fights at all at all
I'm not a dog fight person but I think everybody should see a dog fight once
not the kind where you bet and you like win money but literally everybody should
see the power of a dog I think it's really really important that people
understand that your personal dog is able of is capable of killing things so
we own chihuahuas they can kill mice and rats and most likely they can kill other
animals too so even a chihuahua can kill an animal your average 35 to 50 pound
dog can destroy another dog so I'm not advocating dog fights
please don't misinterpret this but I think it's very very important that
people understand that dogs are predators so when they're when they're
ahead of you their eyes are forward and when they're hunting they might be
thinking dangerous thoughts and we deal with dogs that bite they have no problem
putting a bite on another dog they've zero problem whatsoever no remorse whatsoever
they might look guilty because you yelled at them but they don't feel bad
about hurting another dog they're not going oh my gosh I feel terrible I need
to see my shrink what dogs aren't doing that right
they are actually a lot of times proud of it next um if I wasn't running a
half marathon in Columbus last Saturday I was wanting to come to Elkhart that's okay
I'll be going through it next recommendations on camping so many dogs and people wanting to pet the dogs keep them in the zone ie focused on leader
period yeah or go to go to places that there's not I mean if you're going to
traditional campsites if you're going to traditional campsite were
people are stacked up next to each other it's gonna be a shit show so I'm an RVer
I just I mean I go to I go to Walmart but still
cuz I'm always traveling but you can find some secluded campsites but it's
usually a shit show next I feel like my correction is off with that reaction I
use prong he doesn't really seem to notice unless I do the 180 switch to a
remote collar your timing will be better and the message will be better can you
describe what you look for when dog play starts to lead to a fight to me
it's more about energy you can feel it when you work when you work with enough
dogs when you work with enough dogs you start feeling it but a lot of people
misinterpret rough play with fighting if your dog started escalating into and you
don't know the dog you're better off safe than sorry with
your own dogs you should know them pretty well if you are concerned that
your dog might fight you shouldn't allow them to get that
aroused so you know I think it's important but dogs can fake fight and
never lead to a fight and other dogs can sort of like hang out with each other
and the next thing you know you've got a dog fight so there's a lot of variables and
believe it or not a wagging tail is one of them
people are like oh look the dogs happy dog fight happens all the time
next yeah there's a lot of variables in that next um thank you watching you for
the past year and a half has made me so much more confident as an owner cool is
it better to shave dog in summer or leave with long hair to keep cool no to keep dog cool they their fur acts as a coolant don't shave your dog please next my dog
talks to me cool awesome you have your dog's got skills write a
book next why is my dog a dog park bully I use E collar to keep her in line
your dog's your dog is acting like the police officer of the dog park first of
all I'm against dog parks I'm not a big fan of dog parks number one I just for
for hygiene alone we don't know who's got who's got hookworm who's got Giardia
dogs could have canine influenza I highly doubt dogs will have parvo but I
guess it could happen you know a lot of people they get dogs they come up from
the South they come up from somewhere they go into a shelter boom they get
adopted they take them right to a dog park you might not even you might not
you might not know anything about the dog's behavior as well plus you don't
know anything about the other dog's behavior I'm not a big fan of dog parks
but so what's gonna happen is what's gonna happen is as far as your dog is
it's being the police officer so how do you stop it you use the remote collar
next my Rottweilers are harmless I can take food out of their mouths but get
angry with jealousy to my girlfriend okay so let me call you who is that mystic G
mystic G it's your first time on my show I think buddy I'm gonna call you on your
shit they're not harmless you can't say your dog is harmless and I'm not trying to
be confrontational with you at all I love you and I appreciate the fact that
you're on the show but you can't say your dogs are harmless but you're
concerned about the dog's behavior with your girlfriend
so taking food from your dog is a false sense that your dog is safe it's a very
false sense that you're dog is safe so why does your dog allow you to take food
from it it doesn't hold it as valuable as something else so you can have a dog
that you can take a bone from food from a steak from but a 99 cent toy then you
got it the dog store it wants to bite your hand why because it deems that as
valuable so what you're gonna do is you need to apply a Punisher you need
chances are also a lot of humans are reinforcing the unwanted behavior but
not on purpose I don't blame and shame owners
I will say that a lot of owners are reinforcing their dogs not on
purpose but without them knowing it so the way to stop that stuff is no remote
collar no bonker a Punisher your dog won't hate you your dog won't hate your
girlfriend your your dog's already acting protective of you so we have to
stop that now or else your dog will end up biting and then you have to make a
crappy decision next my dog doesn't come back whenever I call them so you want to
train recall to the dog I've got videos a lot of people have videos it's called
recall training it's called
recall training so what I want you to do is
train recall to your dog it's on a leash you can use food you can use a
remote collar we prefer remote collars and food
because it'll help with high levels of distraction but most dogs aren't
naturally gonna come back to their owners next my dog is potty trained but
poops on the floor when guys come over okay so it's not potty trained is what
you're saying you know so I mean accidents do happen but if this is a
habitual thing it's not potty trained so it could be it could be nerves it could
be fear it could be excitement it could be you know it could be a dominance
thing believe it or not but chances are it could be it's most likely be nervy
next my dog thinks he gets every bite I eat it smells door jams when I come home
okay I don't understand I don't get it I don't get it but thanks for
participating why does my female dog growl at my blind
dog well he is walking and sniffing around because your female dog is
uncomfortable there's something that's uncomfortable about the dog also what I
would do is is if all your other dog is doing forget the blind part all right
forget the blind part there are some behaviors in deaf dogs where they can't
read proper cues of other dogs that pisses off dogs but your dog's blood your dog
being blind chances are it uses it's sense of hearing and smelling really
well so they can pick up on a lot of stuff for some reason your other dog
just doesn't like the fact that your dog is sort of moving
about but it's none of your growling dogs business so what you do is you tell
the dog to mind its own business how do you do that with a Punisher and it's no
it's not gonna make your dog more aggressive you're not gonna ruin the
relationship with your dog all this other nonsense that you hear about next
just an FYI you both are such good people and changing so many lives oh
thank you saying also my staff is incredible next Linda can I order Younique through you yes you can you can go to or just a PM me on facebook for some
assistance absolutely please support her I'm tired of it i know it's
terrible isn't it I'm such a freeloader I have two boy dogs that don't get along
at all but I don't know what to do so if you've
got male dogs that are fighting unfortunately a 15-second periscope is
not gonna fix your problem we specialize in dog aggression it's a
serious issue so what you're gonna wanna do you want to reach out to us do a
Skype what I would I would what I would do is what I would do is keep them
separate right now until you find a qualified trainer to do it which is a
which is not me actually giving you help right now and I'm sorry but when you've
got fighting dogs it's very serious a dog can be injured or killed or you
can get hurt or killed yourself by trying to break it up and we deal with
some serious fighting dogs there's a multi-level protocol that you have to do
to stop it it's not that easy to do it at all not to many dog trainers out
there work with fighting dogs it's an extensive process but for right now
until you get helped myself or somebody else keep them separate no matter how
bad you want them to get along that doesn't mean they don't care they don't
care so but that's my world fighting dogs are our world next mystic
Jesus thanks very much 100 I appreciate the advice a lot you're welcome thank
you for acknowledging that oh these two boy dogs can't be in the same house
yeah so that might be them but that might be the solution unfortunately but
until I can work with them I wouldn't recommend it
I mean I wouldn't know what to do until until until we had all the details but
there's gonna be a lot of lot of punishing going on to stop that unwanted
behavior next so dog parks parks are not great places for socialization training
who says who asked that Tommy Tommy Tommy they're not buddy and this is the thing
you know a lot of times they look like trust me
I love to watch dogs play I love it it's a beautiful sight
I've just seen stuff go wrong too many times also what happens is what happens
is I see a lot of dogs start being leash reactive and reactive in general after a dog park dog bad experience so so what do you do to socialize your dogs find some
like-minded people we find some like-minded people and get together and
play bill just like bill just said we invite dogs over to our back yard to
play is this too similar to dog parks bill it's not you know why because you
can control all the dogs you could control all the dogs
so there's a huge difference you can't go in a dog park you can't tell another
dog to stop a certain behavior the owner will yell at you the owner
will hit you or they'll threaten you Jeff not to interrupt but jaehwan says Tommy
pea watch his socialization videos you'll see what it's not even close to
the same as what we think yeah cool next is it possible to over practice a
command should you switch it up during a session um probably yeah probably if you
feel that you are switch it up this a lot of times there's no hard rules
to dog training you know next my dog keeps eating his poop so what I would do
is this remote collar on the dog yes it's a shock collar so what you're gonna
do is you wait until the dog eats its poop you are out you're inside the house
they're outside at least hopefully they're outside that's when they poop
and then you wait until they go to eat it and you hit the remote on 100 for 3 seconds
yeah shock collar stop poop eating they do
so a lot of people say put pineapple put pineapple in the put pumpkin in
the thing sprinkle some stuff well how about if your dog eats how about if your
dog eats horse poop what are you do feed the horses pineapple how about if your
dog each other animals poop you know cruel well then don't then jump
off my show Steve jump off my show buddy I'll tell you what out of all due respect
Steve do your own periscope don't jump out of my mind and verbally abuse me I'm
helping people over here and you make a video on how to stop poop eating make a
video on how to do it okay poop eating can be very dangerous cuz dog dogs can die can be expensive medical bills
so that's okay you're you're entitled to your opinion just don't be just don't be
mean don't be mean to me I'll kick you off next jess has answered several
questions for me through email appreciate it so much
awesome Heather thank you for putting my website up there cool how do I introduce
a new puppy to a three year old dog should I get male or female he is not
neutered so you've got a male dog get yourself a female dog and introduce them
by existing get them to exist get them to exist together don't have
them oh I want to be best friends just get them to exist together advocate for
both dogs advocate for both dogs next hello from Vancouver I'll be in Kelowna a being
Kelowna soon I'll be Kelowna next weekend come and see me I love the fact that my 18 week old pup can be well behaved awesome
keep it up you're not you're not out of the safe zone yet next we have two
rescues one is a tripod and that's a guy that said I'm being yep so the
fact that rescue is not a breed and then you know ones that a tripod I've trained plenty of tripods in my life every dog is a rescue dog and you know what
they all train up the same and you have to hold them all accountable so a
three-legged dog can bite you a three-legged dog can bite a kid on the
face so no free passes for having three legs no free passes for being a rescue
dog so next and it's no badge of honor to own one no disrespect to you or the dog but they're dogs next you love your periscope Thank You
Linda and Jeff you're well thank you thank you for acknowledging but she's a
reactive one in the park lol lol but the e-collar helps I can't get her to
interact on leash so don't you don't want the dogs to interact on leash jyst
stay in your lane stay in your lane when do you phase off of food for puppy
obedience command um with puppy stuff you can go up into like four or five six
months if you want to you know and then eventually you do variable rewards and
then you'll start being doing punishment for non-compliance of known behaviors
and you want to proof it then or else you'll have it unreliable dog next at
this point with your personal dogs are there many corrections for them anymore
um not really not really but we do we do pretty much the same thing all the time
so that's the great thing about you know if you're correcting your dog all the
time you're probably not correcting at the right level or if you're not
actually giving it a correction so you know it's only a correction to dog stops the unwanted behavior next are mint sprays dangerous um I wouldn't use them
I wouldn't use them I don't know if it's dangerous or not can I put my two-cents in sure essential oils
are great but some that are safe for humans are not safe for dogs to ingest to
ingest and sometimes even to have up their nose or to defuse in your atmosphere
yeah okay so you wanna ask a professional I don't know enough about that next
do you prefer clicker or word um I'm a big marker guy so I prefer you know I
prefer just use the word the marker word but clickers are probably going to be
more effective for you so clickers are going to be the reason why clickers more
effective is because no matter what day of the week it is no matter who's
holding is it's the same clicker same model clicker it sounds the same so you get a
more consistent mark next I don't have a next right now ok cool how long we been doing doing this swing bing here is it 50
minutes oh Linda you look so pretty Jeff you are too how long do I
train Ruby with the e-collar she's just two I mean thanks Debbie what I
would I what I would do what I would do is always be having a remote collar on
your dog just in case just in case you know to me to me having a remote collar on a dog trust me there are some extremely well known trainers that keep remote
collars on their dogs whenever they're out in public and that's not a that's
not a failing of the dog trainer that's not a failing of the dog trainer at all
so you know why not forever next I know your staff does oh wait hold
on we missed one any good links to address leash reactivity best video um there's some just going to my go into my go into my Youtube channel or just type in reactive dog reactivity see what
comes up see comes up I know your staff uses a clicker do you doesn't seem like you
need to yeah no no click I clicker train at all my dog training seminars
at all of my seminars I do next my neighbor has Pitt and he has trained
her to watch our yard why should I have to correct my GSD so what I would have
what I would do what I would do is if you if you can't if you've got a dog I'm
sorry if you've got a neighbor if you've got a neighbor that has a dog with bad
behavior you really can't tell your neighbor as long as you've got a fence there
I would stay in your lane mind your own business train your dog to just avoid the
neighbor dog now if your dog is um if your dogs barking if that is dogs
barking its head off every time you go outside he waits til she comes out oh so he's a dick so so you got
a you got an asshole for a neighbor you know you could sit down you know you
could sit down and have a conversation about it you can say listen like can we
talk we give it one shot let's give it one good conversation in my
neighborhood I don't do that we mind our own business
so you know I would just then you're gonna have to work
around it man you have to get you have to teach your dog to ignore that barking
dog he kills cats I don't talk to him well then I would stay in your lane it
know sounds like your neighborhoods like my neighborhood
stay in your lane teach your dog to avoid a barking dog and do the best you
can next any good books on reactivity and socialization you know what there
really isn't any um the best thing to do is look at a look at a bunch of videos
from people and just do the work do the work don't be afraid to grab the leash
and do the work try different things next why is crating your dog considered
a leadership exercise so I mean because we don't first of all we don't use
crates as punishment so we don't do we don't do bad dog go to your crate I
don't believe in that at all I believe in a consequence being instant and it
lasts for one to three seconds and then they're and then they're done and then
they're done so what I would do is it's a leadership exercise because you're
telling your dog to do something and you're following through with it
whatever it is whatever it is crating also teaches dogs good state of mind go
in your crate and don't be reactive go in your crate and don't spin around go
in your crate and don't whine you know could you have a great dog without
crating it of course you could but a lot of the people that we we work with
they need is they need as much help as they can get so by putting all these
different protocols in place you're gonna do better you're gonna be better
next I had to use the correction at seventy-five the other day on her he
laughed yeah so what I would do is this I would
start you know working your dog on a leash and getting your dog to be not
free roaming in your backyard right now which sorta sucks which sort of sucks it
sucks it doesn't sit it doesn't sound like the ideal situation so you're gonna
have to be a little bit creative I think I feel for you man I feel for you that's not
why you you know were you gonna do it sucks next can I say thank you again
just saying say thank you as much as you want I
appreciate it how do you get to be the most important person in your dog's life
you know one of the things is don't let people pet your dog
don't let your dog go up to other random dogs do everything to be demanding of
your dog hold your dog accountable um a lot of people will say reward it all the
time I can't tell you how many dogs come in
to us that are a reward only training program that don't give a shit about
their owners they truly don't care all right I can't tell you every dog that
bites it's owner so this is some all right I trained thousands of dogs
thousands of dogs probably over 4,000 dogs I traveled the world doing dog
training seminars every single dog that has bit its owner gets a ton of rewards
now if you if the dog bites its owner that's not a good relationship so and
then Tommy said what's my base what's my stance on reward training I love reward
training how do you think we train dogs every every dog that that we teach a new
behavior to we do through rewards and I talk about punishment all the time because
look at all the questions that are coming in to my show every reward 100%
of dogs in our train even dogs that get into dog fights and bite humans 100% of
every behavior that we teach is done through a reward based training program
100% of them that's how we train I would hope that's out every dog trainer trains
because that's how you train new behaviors you reward so you get more of it
but you can't eliminate it that way next hi Linda and Jeff
next great scope great advice to me and everyone great attitude 100%
I gotta go I'll tell people about you thank you
next can you overcome having a high energy breed in a small space through
training absolutely you're gonna be doing sorry Youtube you're not gonna be
able to see this I apologize see these two dogs right there so
high-energy dogs high-energy dogs but and they're not tired they're just doing
nothing they're just doing nothing so you can place duration work is what you want
to really work a lot on next tips on making my dogs respect my son he's four
they're pretty good but clearly don't care for him yeah well he's four you
know so this is the thing this is gonna be a two-way conversation it's gonna be
a conversation with your son as well what I would do is I would teach the
dogs how to exist around your son teach your son how to exist around the dogs
it's possible it's possible that your dog your son is putting too much
pressure on the dogs it's possible so you know what I mean it's like so what
is what I mean by that even even your son walking up to the dogs might freak
out the dogs so the best thing to do is get your son to exist around your dogs
get your son to play fetch with the dogs maybe teach your son how to do a couple
basic tricks do that next hello from Chicago hey Chicago what's up love you both love you too
Colleen love seeing Kyra and Girl thanks they're pretty cool hi guys hope
you're well we're doing great just came back from Florida we have a family dog
but we don't know who we don't know who his who's what his boss is leader is
owner is we have a family dog but we don't know who the real owner is in the
family well don't worry about it so you're all you all sort of want to be on
the same page so you all want to be leaders remember don't be the boss of
your dog be the leader of your dog be the leader of your dog next
oh hey so excited to catch you live again girls with the 17 acres tuned in oh yeah like hey 17 acres what's up when dog is on duration place at times
he'll fall asleep wake up and wander off place correct yeah you could correct for
that just don't make it a big deal next avoid children unless in a structured
setting if dog is nervous around them the dogs nervous around them absolutely
absolutely avoid them and this concept of giving a kid a treat to give to the
dog that's a best way for a kid to get bit please don't do that next
so we'll reward training improve my dog's confidence um yes and no holding
your dog accountable in lots of structure helps with confidence
absolutely training it to do obedience commands trick training that and and
going under over through things doing a lot of exposure doing a lot of exposure
exposure training to different environmentals that's gonna dramatically
help but believe it or not holding your dog accountable through punishment that
also helps to bond everyone's like that's the best way to
ruin the relationship the best way to keep the relationship well it's over an
hour guys couple more questions and then we got to go how do I train my pit bull
how do you train your pit bull that's a general question the question is how do
you train your dog all dogs pretty much train up pretty much the same so what
I would do is this go to my Youtube channel go to my Do It Yourself DIY
section on my youtube channel start there start
with all the basics get as far as you can go and then we'll talk but start
with that but massive amounts of structure leadership and guidance start
with basic obedience commands hold your dog accountable a lot of those things
next you ever coming to Fort Worth Texas I'm gonna be in Austin Texas which
is close enough did I see Marta on this hey Marta on this love you honey looking
fantastic in the photos how is Date how is date night next
I share you all the time thank you from them awesome fathers recently retired
and spends all day with the pup what's a way to start breaking the bond oh come
on who said that who is that Randall Randall Knight
shame on you young man how dare you do that don't take away that happiness from
your dad come on what do you want him to do
cruise for chicks instead come on now let him enjoy the dog chicks like a guy
with a dog that's right let him let him enjoy the dog let him have a
good time you know why because you will want to take a trip sometime and your
dad's gonna be the one that's watching the dog so come on now next how do I get my dog to stop being too excited when I go to put a leash on her she rolls around
and licks me I know I know believe it or not you can do that through punishment
and everyone's gonna freak out everyone's like I want my dog to enjoy the walk
your dog enjoys rolling around on the ground avoiding you so be careful what
you think about it's like so what you would do is you would say no you can use
a bonker it's a towel everyone freaks out about this I'm punishing my dog
before I go on a walk you're punishing your dog for acting like a fool is what
you're doing so yes you do that next what when are you in
Providence again for everything dog training I'm in Providence every day
except for when I'm not um so what I would do is I've got a seminar in
September a seminar in September go to all right guys we
got to go I only get Linda's only on the payroll for an hour a week with me so
Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training YouTube I love you oh someone says looks
like you enjoyed some Florida Sun oh definitely did we had a great time let's
see oh who make those beautiful portraits of Kyra and Girl Ellen oh shit Ferwin
ah ask me tomorrow ask me tomorrow I'll let you know
tomorrow happy Mother's Day to you to everybody Erin Freeland Rein Freeland
oh thanks I'm growing my hair that's what's happening thank you
alright alright take care everybody madly in love with you and I'll talk to
all of you um next week and if you're not on Instagram jump on my Instagram because you can see me on Instagram stories I document my life
check out our Facebook page check out our YouTube channel everyday we've
got hours and hours of content that we put up for free obviously all right I
love you guys you guys are all very special to me to all the mothers out
there happy Mother's Day to grandmothers to great grandmothers happy Mother's Day everybody
alright love you all hey Sean love you buddy thanks for today love you

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