Stop Dog Tail Chasing | Stop dog barking near fence | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #435

hey everybody how are you good evening
how's everybody doing okay hello hello hey everybody we're doing a special a special Q&A
tonight I've got a little bit of extra time
before Linda's podcast goes on which is really really exciting so we want to
be able to offer you again you know I do these podcasts so I can offer as much free
help you know as I can for people it's really really important that there's so
many people out there that are struggling with their dogs I've never
seen anything new so a lot of the questions here I've seen dozens if not
hundreds of times if not thousands of times we've been able to eliminate that
if you're brand new to my world I encourage you to go to our YouTube
channel which you're on now Solid K9 Training I encourage you to look through
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I do travel though I do travel the world training dogs to make it a little bit
easier for everybody but I also I do Skype sessions if you're brand new to my
world and you have a dog training question I'm going to talk a lot about
punishments and the reason why I'm going to talk about punishment so much is
because is because it's the only way to stop it's the only way to stop
an unwanted behavior there's a lot of sugarcoating out there there's a
lot of nonsense out there there's a lot of unethical behavior out there there's
a lot of our rights lies out there there's a lot of agendas out there my
only agenda is to help dogs and help owners but primarily help owners owners
are struggling owners are struggling so a lot of times everyone will say oh you
don't need to use punishment punishment is abuse punishment is not abuse not
stop not stopping an unwanted behavior when the information is freely
available and then being able just having to surrender your dog I don't
want to say that it's abuse some people absolutely have to surrender their dog
you know I spoke to some people this week who their dog was attacking them it
was so bad that they had to it was really bad and they decided to have to
put their dog down and you know I didn't work with the dog but I supported them on
that because you know it's easy for folks to say on the sidelines oh they
should have tried everything they should have done you know when you when you
have a dog that on a daily basis is going after you with intent to harm
that's a really challenging dog to live with it really really is I've got huge
amounts of empathy for people huge amounts of empathy for people that
are struggling my world is occupied seven days a week with biting dogs with
dogs with massive separation anxiety so the answers that you get are usually
short and sweet we usually don't have enough time to get into you know a full
full answer session um that's why I have my patreon page and go to you can do that you can also schedule a Skype
session I don't do these to drum up business but some people absolutely need
15 minutes or 30 minutes of dedicated one-on-one time you can go to RV dog
trainer RV dog trainer excuse me you can see my seminar schedule
there's just so much opportunity out there a lot of folks out there are
struggling with separation anxiety we talk a lot about crating there's always
going to be a management component to dog training a lot of my colleagues
unfortunately are telling people well if you have to manage you got to manage
your dog well then yeah you didn't train the dog fine but we manage everything we
manage our finances we manage our life we manage our we manage our Linda and I manage our marriage we manage our child-raising I have an itch I manage my
business and we manage everything everything in life is managed so having a
dog that when company comes over your house you have to put your dog in a
crate you know it's not you know it's not the worst thing in the world you
know if you're in your crate you're lying down it's not the worst thing in
the world so I'm gonna talk a lot about that today so Alana of thank you so much
let's get right to the questions we've got Debbie just love your videos
lady t E collar's a lifesaver I got one last month my seven month old boxer dog has stopped digging in the yard that's a great way so people always ask me let me
just turn that into a question lady T how do you stop a dog from digging in
the yard you know I've heard every freakin recipe on how to do that fill it
up with water now you've got a muddy dog fill the hole up with shit now you've
got a shitty dog or put a remote collar on the dog the dog goes to dig a hole
you make it suck to dig holes in the yard your dog could ruin your landscape
and your dog can ruin your garden your dog can dig up a hole and like you can
fall into it and you can get hurt so the best way to stop a lot of these unwanted
behaviors is to make that behavior suck so a lot of times people put that on oh
so you use pain and force to stop an unwanted behavior yeah when it's dangerous I do then guess what the dog stops doing it it's not rocket science guys
it's not rocket science Sarah hey Jeff and Linda how are you
skipped a part of this one actually it says that unfortunately she has an
allergy to the contact points awesome she continues on a few questions down about lady T is it okay to put on the titanium contact points while she's
still healing from the allergy um I would just move to move the remote yes
it is move the remote collar to a different
spot of the dog's neck awesome excellent all right Sarah hi Jeff and Linda first
time catching you live on YouTube oh my gosh Sarah where you been come on jump
in join the party weather's warm next what this is a spin
us fur what is the proper release from place okay or break
I don't okay there is no proper release you can make up a word you literally can
say spinach spinach can be a release word you're you're you you you just
mentioned two English words that have zero meanings to a dog until you put
meaning to it I would stay away from the word okay the reason is is because it's
a common word that we use in our daily conversation between humans and on the
phone and with our family members so we always are saying okay and then you'll
find the dog all of a sudden just releases personally I like break but you
can say break you can say free you can say spinach you can
lobster roll and literally anything you want anything you want in our house we
say sex because we never talk about that here next whatever um Jake how do you feel about
dogs on beds with humans so I'm not against it but if your dog in
I'm not talking about the in bed behavior I'm talking about general
behavior if your dog has separation anxiety resource guarding of anything
especially you aggression leash reactivity it's not the best plan of
action it will work against you next all right
Luca how can I get rid of obsessive behavior well through punishments
through punishments and all depends on what the behavior is would deem the
protocol that you would do but tail tail tail-chasing
remote collar make it uncomfortable like Jason make it uncomfortable OCD behavior make it uncomfortable we do it all the time the imagined harm folks will say okay no that'll make it worse number one how do they know that because they've never
done it there's no study we have a study we do it all the time successfully so
sometimes by the way if you're brand new to my show I sound very like an
egomaniac that's because I'm extremely confident in my responses because we've
successfully rehab so many dogs we've successfully done these protocols and
they work and life is too short and dogs are dying so when I'm confident with an
answer a lot of times people like oh you know it all I'm just saying that
because a lot of times I'll get these comments I'm like I know maybe 1% of dog
training there's a ton out there that I don't know and my colleagues don't know
but but but OCD behaviors we fix all the time
next Jake again is there a best breed for first-time dog owners um I would
yeah I would find an older dog I would find something with no behavioral issues
I would find something that doesn't have a lot of fear and isn't pushy I would
look for a a I would start fostering dogs and see what connects with you
as far as breeds yes you know I'd be careful about you know don't get a
Malinois please I probably would stay away from some of the power breeds and
some of the drivy breeds I would be really careful about getting a Shepherd
a Doberman a Rottweiler I'd be really careful about getting a high drive lab
because there's gonna be a learning curve so what I would do is I would
start fostering some dogs and see what personalities connect with you it's not
as much breed as it is the dog now leader if your skill sets set goes up
you could do dramatic things the worst thing to probably do is get the
dog that's afraid in the corner of the shelter that's shaking because you feel
bad for it next okay Dana hi Jeff I have an 11 week old puppy is she too young
for a pet convincer to help stop the excessive whining acting out when she is
in the crate no pet convincer bonkers hit the top of the crate a lot
of people I always like to tell both sides of the story I am very aware of
the conversation out there guys this isn't my first rodeo a lot of times
people will say Oh that'll make it worse in the crate how do you know that do you
have proof have you ever seen it we've seen it be successful again I'm going to
always challenge what the imagined harm is out there because a lot of people
have this suppose it it will be the worst thing ever
meanwhile they've never done it nobody they know has done it or they might
have done it wrong one person and now the story gets repeated and repeated and
repeated next Josh with running can he run ahead of me slightly he stops and
turns back around on command that won't mess up his heel walk I don't have a
problem with that next Robin G we've started posting your videos on our
rescue's volunteer page to show our volunteers what should be expected of
the dogs and how to achieve it thanks a lot
that's how you get great volunteers and great foster you can even come up with
like a PDF file or a series of videos on a playlist that they should be able to
watch awesome kudos to you for the work you're doing next
this one's from Keith thank you hello guys when we are sitting in an outdoor
cafe and people pass by should I be proactive with the e-collar correction
and not let her get excited when someone is approaching she
loves humans okay that's that Keith that's gonna be your downfall
I'm not against dogs loving humans I don't want my dog to be excited when it
sees people I'm a little bit different I want my dog to be neutral to people I
want my dog to ignore people it's I'm a selfish dog owner it's my dog it's my
day out it's my evening out and I want my dog to do a down at an outdoor cafe
I don't want people petting my dog I don't want people talking to my dog I want
people to just walk on by so the last thing I want my dog to do is to get
excited and break command next this one's from Stephanie how do you feel
about prong collars on dogs with collapse collapsing trachea so usually
you can go up a little bit higher on the prong collar usually remember prong
collars were designed not to harm a dog they look barbaric but they were
designed to not harm a dog flat buckle collar martingale collar choke chain
slip lead even a harness if it rides a little bit high can cause can cause
damage so but remote collar is going to be your best option
next this one's from Sarah vaycay in Montreal traveling with four dogs one
bird two kids and hubby all right Sarah sounds great
next one is from sir chirp a lot nicer chirp a lot big thanks to you Jeff and
whole team your tips have been a great help
awesome and I've got a great fantastic staff down at the training center
awesome thank you a spin a spur thanks so much probably overthinking it
I'll use brake lol I might say lobster roll spin a spur you're definitely
overthinking it next Josh with San Diego no longer available well when will you
come to LA I'm gonna be out in LA in February but that's for one of my
seven-day conferences that I teach train the trainer's I don't know yet right now
I've got to spend pretty much the next full year in Providence with my training
center and my family so some things have changed and it's family first business
second and unfortunately traveling had to take a back seat but I'm telling you
I love RV life it's one of the happiest times of my life
but I love my family more and I love making sure my business stays stays
together and grows so no no weekend seminars but why don't you come up to
Seattle it's a quick trip up to Seattle next hmm
Tiffany sex hahahaha I love the humor one thing you'll get from me is humor
Thank You Debbie hey Debbie my dog runs and barks furiously to the fence when
one particular small dog goes past our yard I've used the remote collar and he
just keeps on going crazy what should I do
so Debbie you're underwhelming your dog so we do this successfully all the time
number one I would need to know what the model of remote collar is I would need
to know exactly how it's fitting on the dog I would want to know that it's
making good contact I want to know what what the brand of the collar is I think I
might have already mentioned that and I would want to know when you push the
button and what level next but we do that protocol all the time successfully
next LeAnn hey LeAnn adopted a dog two months ago we brought her home we fitted
her with prongs and started her in the crate she now can be off leash with us
and has an awesome recall your videos equipped us thank you
LeAnn fist bump BAM proud of you two months people struggle with two years
this is the thing all my information is out there for free you grabbed it ran
with it applied it that's the magic love you LeAnn next um
quad Cassidy would you correct for excited spinning absolutely great story Tash in
New Zealand I met her in Australia in a seminar she had a bull terrier Oh Bull
Terriers are supposed to spin that's where all the vet said the behaviorist
said the trainer said all the chatrooms you'll never be able to stop it kill the
dog she tried everything every time the dog heard an environmental outside
historically trucks or loud noises the dog stand and spin spin and spin and
spin and spin it bloodied its tail it was like it was horrific I said to her I
met her I met her in Australia in a weekend seminar she didn't have her dog with her and I said have you tried a remote collar no she bought one there I don't care
where she bought one from put it on I said put it on the dog as soon as the
dog starts the sequence correct it high makes spinning suck she fixed it in a
day seven years one day it wasn't a fluke
we do this all the time her life was freakin miserable
with his dog seven years of spinning seven years of trainers seven years of
vets seven years of drugs seven years of no seven years of everything nothing
worked we do this all the time next um Mike
Jeff recovering from knee surgery and place has helped me keep my GSD under
control while I am recovering Mike thank you awesome that's what we do place is great
my dogs are in place right now lying down next Tiffany I watch your videos
all the time and I see boarding dogs socializing do you allow free play where
do you let loose no we don't allow play at our training center the reason is they're
not there to play they're there to socialize
so you'll see daycare dogs board and play dogs and boarding train dogs
socializing it's a cocktail party not a mosh pit got it it's the symphony it's
the ballet it's not our football game when I mean football I mean real
football European football they're there to socialize walk amongst and talk
amongst yourselves next car Cassady he is a working line European Doberman and
if not in heel will spin when on leash and excited and well very excited waited
for a ball throw in crate while in the car etc
okay so during the during the ball throw I'm not as concerned about that that's
in a route that I'm not as concerned about that and you can actually pick and
choose so if I was about to play chuck it with my dog this what I want
you to do though but in the car bullshit in the crate and not acceptable during
ball play though hey when I play with my balls I'm spinning around when she's
playing with my balls I'm like I'm afraid to move because she'll clench
down this is what I want you to do I want you to do this I want you to put
your dog into a down and release the ball sometimes let it spin sometimes let
it down turn it get it an on/off switch next Candice no Keith is tail-chasing a
bad thing this is my first dog she's seven months wonder what other behaviors
are issues with lab pit mix and what should I be looking for as unacceptable
for healthy happy dog so I mean Keith the the list is too long on what's
unacceptable like tail chasing is is it can lead to a lot of OCD neurotic
unbalanced behaviors in dogs I don't want dogs doing that it's cute
makes a funny video but it will eventually drive the dog nuts there's a
host of a list of unacceptable behaviors everything we stop so a barking digging
biting jumping pulling on the leash not holding the command getting in the trash
I mean you could we can go on and on and I just listen to my show listen to all
my shows next Candice hey Candace Jeff I have spent years following you
and I've got all the base line down awesome one of my dogs has serious prey
Drive we just moved and are living with a cat now tips on how to deal with this
doing crittering protocols is making small progess but he is a shepherd lab
and I'm worried that I can't break him on this he recalls after starting to
chase rabbits so what I would do is this if this is a couple different things you
could put the dog in avoidance bottom line just put him in to avoidance so
we have two cats in the house if my dogs even signaled on the cat's I would make
it suck don't do that just put the dog into avoidance easiest thing to do is a
high level on the remote make it suck to do it next Frank hey Frank
what's up Frank in British Columbia good old BC yes I love the way you are clear
about how you are with your dogs but very open and accepting as to what
others want just had to say oh thanks Frank thank you
Keith thank you I can't thank you enough you two you're incredible we love you
all right Keith thank you thanks icky madness yes my dog reacts with high
whines when it comes to people with high energy when I correct with the e-collar
different levels he lets on a high pitch audible and continues to whine what can
I do so this is the with whining whining you have to figure out what the right
level is I don't know what the number is and it might be a combination of Nick it
might be a combination of continuous it might be low it might be high it's a
sequence we call it fishing you're literally fishing for the right
level could also give the dog you could also bonk the dog a bonker is just a
wrapped up towel you can watch my videos on bonker you go to Gary Wilks his page
and look about bonkers all that is is just an arousal stopper so your dog is
aroused that's why it's whining the reason why your dog keeps whining is
most likely your underwhelming the dog or you might be when you underwhelm the
dog you might be driving the dog into more whining so the first time you're
trying to fix whining stop whining it might be a little bit challenging but
you got to figure out what the magic formula is next hmm hmm Sarah brothers 7 weeks old very confident dog chasing my fearful
dog for fun but don't want to escalate it's a hunting dog fearful dog won't
correct puppy we both want behavior stop what to do um you got two 7 week old dogs Sarah I'm not trying to give you a hard time you're on the road right now with your
bird I know you got your hands freakin full that's a lot of dog but to stick
to your question and not to lecture you what I would do is you gotta advocate
for the the fearful dog then so you've got to tell the puppy that's chasing cut
it out best way to do that is with a bonker so bonk the dog you say no throw the bonker at the dog or you can bonk it on with it I mean use a pet convincer
or do a little bit of a poke in the butt with the dog next ideally your dog would
go boom and then nail the dog on the nose that ideally that's what would
happen that's what we look for next okay Luke what punishment should I use if I
can't use an e-collar I have a pug depends on the behavior Luca Luca you
got to be more you gotta ask me a specific behavior what you're going to be
looking for something intolerable it's gotta be intolerable
so is it dog off leash or on leash if the dogs off leash it's going to be a
little bit more challenging so dogs on leash you can use a leash correction you
can use it you can use a bonker but I mean that's the great thing about remote
collars is there not just for punishment but boy is it a
a fantastic device for punishment I would need to know like what you're
doing what's your dog doing that you want to stop next um
Laurie Hoffman hi guys for patreon I didn't receive the last video was it
number 17 I received number 16 which we saw
already Laurie I haven't posted it yet cuz I'm behind I'm behind the eight ball
on this one it's not about you receiving it it'll be
posted on the patreon page so check the patreon page I'm probably going to do it
tomorrow probably going to do it tomorrow I'll get all the answers up tomorrow all
right next and then Laurie's talking about my
patreon page you can ask a question you get a really
long answer you can also do Skype sessions too next um
josh says I will try and make it August 11th for Seattle I requested a vacation
days for San Diego and work makes it a tad hard to change vacation days I
really hope to make it yeah I know sorry about that buddy and also I think I
think working spots are sold-out for Seattle but we have tons of room in that
venue so we got plenty of audit spots next a key madness when it comes to an
e-collar when would you use the different levels working fishing max etc well all
those levels by the way all those levels there's an art to using remote collar
training anybody that out there says remote collar training is a lazy
person's like no it's not if I gave a remote collar to most of the population
they wouldn't know what the frig to do with it to me I think remote collar training
because we also do food training we do we do clicker training marker training
food training remote collar training is actually more challenging so there's an
art to it working level is what we use to teach an obedience command to teach
an obedience command maximum level which we rarely use would be to stop an
unwanted behavior punishment level which can be we don't know what the number is
like there's no number attached to it it's something that the dog finds
intolerable we only do that on something in obedience on a known command so right now if you're sitting there and you're like oh my dog doesn't come back when I
call it I'm just gonna put a collar on my dog and and just correct my dog it'll
run away from you why you didn't teach it
you still got to teach it what it what it wants next okay Laurie
question I asked was any tips on using a bark collar I never used one and I'm
using next week for a client for fence barking in the yard
so just bark collars are pretty simple to use I've talked about this in many
many videos it also comes with instructions Laurie it comes with
instructions also if you own a dog use it on your own dog use on your own dog
first try it but what you want to do is we like the new we actually are liking
now the E Collar technologies the new one that they've got out and you just
set it on the lowest level the dog if it's on the lowest level for barking is not
gonna work outside don't put it on automatic at
what level is the right level when the dog barks yips and stops if the dog
barks through it it's the wrong level but it comes with an instruction book
investigate all right investigate like open up the instruction book there's
also tons of free videos out there next Sabrina says love the face Linda made at
the ball comment yes I know a few she's I'm waiting for her to walk off the show
thank God we're married or she'd file a complaint mm-hmm I don't get paid enough for this you don't get paid at all Jake dog is nervous and reactive
to smaller dogs that pull and bark toward her but seem less nervous around
bigger dogs have you seen this before every day so you know what I do if I was
walking my dogs and a little yappy dog and nothing against little yappy dogs
came barking towards my dog I'd move out of the way I would move out of the way
I'm not gonna like get into an argument if they were off leash I would do
something different but if they were on an extended lease and they and they kept
coming towards me I would do something different but if the owners just got
the dog on a leash I would untilize space I don't need to show that my dogs
can walk by barking dogs I'm just be like you know what sidewalks all yours
buddy take it next Chucky madness hi Jeff and Linda what is
crittering crittering is a protocol we do just it's a too long to describe
here it's one of those things that takes a long time it's a protocol we do to
usually get dogs to not be as aroused sometimes
we're not doing it as much as we used to do we're just bonking dogs instead we
can use it sometimes to get dogs to exist around cats exist around wildlife
we're not doing it that much though anymore next hmm
thank you Jeff this is Candace he has been choosing avoidance already so I'll
run with it madly in love with you too awesome Candace thank you Laurie
they want to start barking right away and we didn't have time to work on E Collar yet so I suggested bark collar sure but you can also use an e-collar
too for for barking dog barks find the level I don't know what level find the
level the dog stops barking to me I'd rather use a remote collar but it just
remote collars don't work when you're unattended bark collar works when you're
unattended um Kayla I just want to clarify when
you tell people they are underwhelming the dog what exactly do you mean can you
explain a little who said that Kayla Kayla [whispers] Angelo we have to do this okay buddy so I just
answered your question did you hear me no my voice was underwhelming to you got
it underwhelming means your levels aren't
high enough and it's not by the number it's also about the environmental that
are going on don't focus on a number so a lot of
times and what happens is the dog is aroused in drive or there's too many
environmental that your voice right that your voice or the remote is is the dogs
not paying attention so that's underwhelming next Sara no
different Sara one week one seven week old dog brothers dog three years
old fearful dog mine oh I didn't okay attended your Rhode Island last year
remember all right Sara um at what age can you start bonking a puppy I mean
if I had a puppy that was ten weeks old and it was nipping me I'd bonk him barking
in the crate I'd bonk him and all the information all the
information that you hear out there there's gonna be like oh you'll ruin the
relationship with the dog that's the biggest read that next that's the
biggest line of bullshit that I've ever heard in my life you don't own that dog
past six months old because the number one age to give up dogs is pre 1 years
old why because people didn't stop unwanted behaviors but I hear this all
the time never punish a dog before six months cuz you'll ruin the relationship
bullshit by the time the dog is 16 weeks old you'll hate that freaking dog
because it drives you crazy because you couldn't stop unwanted behaviors next
okay this one's from Rick D hey Rick D he's a Super Chat he donated money
there's a little button at the bottom if you click on that ask your question your
your your question goes right to the top right to the top next my male Duchy has the
OCD behavior of walking in a circle clearly an arousal thing E Collar for
sure but I just wanted to make sure I know how to get the timing down hope I
proved to provide enough info you did so RickD number one thanks for the $10 thanks for
being a super super fan this is what I want you to do this is the timing
there's a couple different ways you can do it the first time you do it you can
wait until the dog is doing the sequence the arousal sequence and then the next
time if the as soon as the dog tries to start you can do it then what level and
keep a dog on a leash when it's doing this if it's not practical to be on a
leash make sure it's in an enclosed area because remember the remote collar is
not directional it's not directional so you can you can do that you can also use
the banker which is a wrapped up towel you would say no and you would bonk the
dog that also eliminates arousal next okay how do I get this gone oh there we
go okay um Lori says okay great thanks love
patreon this next one is from Maria yep my puppy three months refuses to go
potty outside will walk her short and long walks never goes as soon as we get
home goes in her crate she'll pee what am I doing wrong I feel horrible so
first of all Maria don't get yourself up you've got a 12 week old puppy it's
possible first of all check for a UTI it's
probably not check for UTI it most likely isn't you gotta catch the stream
you know catch the stream and then bring it to the Vet but it's probably
not that's probably behavioral this is what I would do first thing in the morning
first of all monitor the dog's food monitor the dog's water set up an Excel
spreadsheets with the days of the week across the top and the times of the day
up and down all right and then I want you to do is track the dogs pee poo
successful inside and not in then mistake
I'm sorry successful outside and then mistakes inside so you start getting the
dogs um patterns down that's really really important then what you do is
this make sure your crate is nice and small make sure the dog has no water
after say six o'clock at night take the dog outside first thing in the morning
go to a spot outside and stand there don't go for a walk yet
the walk doesn't start until you have a successful pee the dog pees come back
inside put the dog in the crate five minutes later now go for your walk
sit and then after the walk do the same thing see if you're dog doesn't pee
and you go for a walk and you don't go back to the potty spot what's happening
is all that movement gets things going and the dog will probably pee in the
crate your dog just it's only 12 weeks old don't worry about it but that's what
you're gonna do and you go to the go out the same door put the dog on a leash go
to the same spot and do it next John dog keeps creeping forward from heel 180
trick gets him back to heel but creeps forward yes so John the 180 might not be
strong enough watch my video how strong I do and I was holding back on that
video sometimes I do it even stronger also remote collar heel train your dog
do that and get the dog up to punishment level dog up the punishment level and
then what I want you to do is you actually can do a toe tap actually do a
toe tap to the dog as well and then what you can do is what that is is remember
people go like oh you're gonna kick your dog you're not kicking your dog
what's happening is your dog's walking like this and you're walking like this
and all of a sudden the dogs are creeping forward grab your left foot if
your dog is heeling on the left and just to give a quick toe tap right there it's
a sternum your not going to hurt the dog your dog goes
whoa what the heck was that and moves back but I will try to remote collar
train the dog next okay we got another super two more super duper tomorrow nice
first one Steve Steve thanks a lot Steve hit that little dollar sign button the
$5 our way to get up in the line next one-year-old GSD who loves to play
with shadows from Sun or light this needs to stop ASAP correct yes Steve
absolutely smart man E Collar if you don't stop it you
literally what this dog will drive itself crazy and drive you crazy we've
seen so many neurotic behaviors on that note please don't use those laser pens
at all and it's not cute also people get reflections on a mirror or on their
watch it's not cute I've seen dogs literally go nuts I mean I'm talking
nuts no disrespect to people that actually
are struggling mental illness but these dogs are too all from OCD light chasing
shadow chasing ceiling fan shadows lights coming in from outside dream
catchers so many different behavior so yes remote
collar is how you're gonna fix it next all right Robin says oopsie no question
just wanted to say thanks for the info Robin man you can you gave me five bucks
I don't even have to give a lap dance hell I'll take it next okay I think I
missed a few and oh you got John John you got a madness that's madness hi Jeff
a Linda are you planning to come back to Canada Ontario yeah um I'll try to I'm
gonna try to get back to the Kelowna area I'm gonna be in Seattle I'm gonna
try to get back to Collingwood nothing nothing firm yet nothing firm
yet next okay Laurie that's the one I got okay awesome Laurie's talking about
the bark collar next Sara my dog has made a ton of progress since your seminar last
year energetic puppy is a new challenge may attend your seminar again this fall
in Rhode Island that'd be great to go to Sara I'd love to see you come on down
it's in September you go to
we just got another $9.99 from somebody else nice Calvin King nice
I've been training dogs for a little over five years and I found you one year
ago it's nice to know we have the same training tact Calvin man thanks for the
kind words thanks for the $9.99 thanks for you out doing the hard work out
there thanks for you being it like you know doing this stuff and I've got a lot
of trainers it's funny it's I got I got a ton of trainers that can't stand me
which I'm fully aware about oh well I'm not doing this stuff to make people you
know to make people happy and then I've got a lot of trainers that are either
going yep I like what that guy has to say or yeah I don't agree with
everything but I'm picking some stuff up like that's what I do
same thing with me when I learn I'm like I don't really agree with everything but
hey that's a really good point let me try that so so Calvin thanks for the
shout out on that and thanks for the $9.99 thanks Ernie says explain bonking please
sure a bonker is a towel we have videos on this a bonker is a wrapped up towel it
is just a towel it's wrapped up so it'd be about the thickness of pretty much I
can turn this over it's got tea in it the thickness of this coffee cup turned
on its side secured with elastics it's about 12 inches long secured with
elastic it's actually about 8 inches long but us guys like to say it's 12 inches
long so 12 inches long secure with elastics and it's a towel and it's a
Punisher and what you're doing is when the dog is aroused you would say no and
you throw it at the dog yes you're throwing it at the dog everybody freaks
out so you're hitting your dog I'm throwing a towel at my dog like it's a
towel most rational people are like it's a freaking cotton towel my dog runs into
like walls half the time so that's what a bonker is now you always teach the
bonk when the dog is not aroused but it's doing something small wrong if any
of you clicker train remember when you're trying to get the dog to
understand what the clicker is what do you do
click food click through click food click food it's like why why are you
giving the dog food and click you the dog isn't doing anything I want to get
the dog to understand what the click means click means food will be coming
and it's a good thing right it's marking something well what I'm gonna do is I'm
gonna say no and then bonk I want that dog to know that the earth will shake
when I say no next all right rick D says also thanks for the great content
you're welcome Rick next Jessica hey guys
distractions during walks should it be continuous with the e-collar
until he looks away or a couple taps on momentary at a higher level Jessica try
both and on Monday when we do the show on Monday or Tuesday let me know what
worked for you and I'm being serious I'm not trying to get to be snarky or get
away from the question but try both cuz we can do but we do both all depends on
the be what level the dog is trained at ideally once the dog is trained you want
to be able to say no and then just hit the momentary stem at a higher level and
the dog goes oops I'm going back into position next okay Sabrina's has it
looks like she tried to use an emoji that didn't happen it says my daughter's
border collie came running into my yard and attacked my new two-year-old of
American Eskimo what would you do other than blank your daughter for Border
Collies running your night hello you could see it but I don't look at my
daughter's Border Collie came running into my yard that's okay so a dog
attacked a dog number one if you have a will make sure the daughter is not in it
anymore and if she pays rent quadruple the rent and then also this is what
you're gonna do what would I do is this I would actually number one have a
sit-down with your daughter and explain the rules and if your daughter lives
with you you have to talk about some household management I would tell I
would say that dog has to be muzzled and leashed when it's on your property you
know we work with dogs like that all the time
this show is too this shows too short of a show to this show is too short of a
show to to be able to go into a full protocol on that so let me just do
triage right now and I would be like your dog your dog your say to your
daughter your dogs not allowed on my property right now but when it's over
with and then make sure you start getting your dog exposed to lots of dogs
and advocate for your dogs they don't have to be off leash it doesn't have to
be in a social setting it just means get your dog around dogs
so it doesn't have a fear next okay hold on one second
okay Michael no no no Robin gee there's the two pin one
right Robin G yeah no question okay yeah Maria
yep thank you so much Jeff huge fan watch your videos on YouTube awesome
thank you so much Maria Michael best way to stop dog licking me so um I
stop tipping Michael stop tipping the dog right stop tipping number one
number two the question is how do I stop an unwanted behavior through punishment
so you can be you there's two things you can do remember first of all check
your sodium levels get a blood test done I doubt you've got a sodium issue or a
health issue but you never know right you never know you know you could have a
medical issue that your dogs signalling on it's probably not that this is what I
would do it but my dog was licking me I would say no and I would use a remote
collar I would say no and I would bonk the dog I would say no I probably even
give listen I'm not telling people to go and whack their dog but it's like if
you're freaking we're licking me I'd be like get out of here dog I'm not talking
about punching the dog in the face it's about like get out of here I see it now
Jeff Gellman says to hit your dog if it licks you it's like oh my god people
it's like stopping a bunch of freaking snowflakes out there and all I'm saying
is you gotta let the dog know that you don't like that how do you let it like
it do punishment next okay sir Mary my one-year-old male pitbull mix is
starting to present nervous territorial behaviors mostly on leashed walks he
stares then growls escalates to bark some behavior indoors with strange noise
yeah so Mary your dog is that one years old it's going through another growth
period and what you're doing you're seeing a lot of lack of confidence in
the dog but you also might be seeing it true dog revealed what I want you to do
Mary is I want you to not think like with this and I want you to think with
this which always sounds real cold and uncaring I don't know what kind of
equipment you walk your dog on by the minimum of a prong collar though the
thing that will be a disservice to you right now is if you're not walking it on a structured heel if you're giving your dog too much freedom and anytime
the dog is growling you would say no and you give a correction a lot of times
people will say that'll make it worse prove it that's my response prove it no
it won't because we do it all the time it's never been studied we do the study
because we do the work my colleagues out there doing the work so bottom line
is growing is not acceptable it'll actually raise the dogs confidence the
more leadership you take to it next Maria will you ever come to Pennsylvania yeah
actually yeah I usually do a seminar in Nazareth Pennsylvania let me email
Anthony to find out when we can book that next what I usually wait until the
warm weather but also I'm gonna be in Frederick Maryland which is very close
to you very close to you also Providence Rhode Island which is also close to
people come from Pennsylvania even if you're all the way in Erie Nazareth
Pennsylvania still is still close enough next but but I usually do one in
Nazareth I might do one in Ohio in the spring but look on next
this is from George thanks Jeff do you ever do group training in the Boston
area absolutely not George come down us
we are the Boston area we are the Boston area so Providence is the Boston area so come
down to my seminar in Providence go to but no I don't I
don't I'm not a I personally don't like group classes but I do a seminar but
I do a seminar in Providence I don't need to do a seminar in Boston because
Boston people come down to my seminar in Providence and it makes it makes it
makes more sense but we're local to you next
Marilyn you missed me please go back we can't go back but could you ask you a
question again I'm sorry if I missed it I just can't I can't really scroll back because it will mess it up so sorry about that next Alex hi Jeff my dog is
naughty she'll lick C$#@ and eat it where's that one hold on depends on what
country you you know depends on what country you live in
next um Echie yeah hey guys how do I get my dog that is in
down position to work through pressure when it comes to snapping sorry at other
dogs E Collar correction causing him to avoid and moves but snaps when
followed I'm not sure I understand your dogs in a down your dogs in a down snaps at other dogs ok you've got to advocate for your dog keep other dogs away for it from right
now advocate for your dog keep other dogs away from it
be careful how much pressure is put on your dog when I mean by pressure
I mean environmental pressure which could be from people and dogs right now
we have to advocate for our dog let it know that we're gonna keep pressure away
and then you slowly start introducing pressure to actually use a clicker and
food for that as well so you want to reward the good behavior but then also
punish the bad behavior if you're using the remote collar what you want to do is
you might be underwhelming the dog which means the dog is working through it and
it still might snap but what I would do is I would always move dogs away keep
dogs on a leash and I need way more information on that but that's one of
our protocols what we do is we get the dogs to being down around other
environmental that it's nervous about we advocate for the dog until it gets used
to it next this one's from Kurt before dog shows sign of fixation for
reactivity that I can recognize hair on back of dog's back goes up would this be
a good time for a preemptive correct absolutely firm correction for small
infraction right there you made you called it next don't worry George it
takes me I don't have a I don't have a moderator on this this this on on this
one so I'm new moderating myself don't worry about it you don't have to you
know you don't have to respond to any that any of these people you're gonna
get it next it just took me a while to find it next Jeff three-year-old rowdy
male reactive to dogs so Jeff so a lot of a lot more information that I need if
it's reactive to other to other dogs if it's on a leash during a walk number one
what kind of equipment are you walking your dog on at a minimum be on a prong collar
or teach your dog how to heel next to you at the beginning of the sequence of
any reactivity tell the dog no correct ideally remote collar heel is gonna
help you out a lot more advocate for your dog with space meaning don't just put
your dog right in the mix of things advocate with space and walk your dog in
don't do the BAT protocols BAT protocols if they rarely work it also takes way
too long we sort of can do something very similar with a remote collar in like
a tenth of the time with a high level of success almost 100% so what I want you
to do now is advocate for your dog make sure your dog is not aroused if your dog is
aroused it's gonna also be reactive if your dog is scanning on the walk and it
has a reactivity issue it's going to be reactive also how much structure is in
your dog's house is your dog up on the furniture is your dog in bed with you
are you crating your dog at night crating your dog when you're not home
are you holding your dog accountable for even the smallest things going in and
out of the crate going to thresholds um how do you start
the walk make sure there's no scanning there's numerous numerous things that
you can do to set your dog up for success but then also give information
to your dog when it when it begins to start failing or failing next John is it
bad to make a dog sit before they down is it better to teach down separate nah
you can do either one doesn't matter to me okay next question is from Jeff if
corrected late he just escalates and nothing seems to break his focus best
thing to do to help if it's an unexpected dog you see and catch him
late so Jeff if you know somebody I talk about sobriety all the time and
addiction a buddy of yours goes calls you up and says hey buddy of your's just
got out of rehab right and calls you up goes hey I'm heading to the bar and
you're like don't you don't you dare go to the bar he goes I'm gonna go and
you're like shit I'm 60 miles away I can't get there fast
enough what do you do by the time you get to the bar your buddy's drunk what do
you do probably punch him in the face knock him out put him in the back of
your car bring him home you get out of there if you have the chance to have a
conversation with them prior to walking in the bar you're going to be more
successful so if your dog explodes what do you do just literally leave leave the
area don't run away but you missed it you missed it guess
what it happens we're all human and dogs are dogs it happens it happens to us
it'll happen to you what you do is you train so hard that gives you a little
bit more time to predict it and also you teach your dog how to have better coping
skills and also if they make better choices next okay so we got a dollar
ninety nine from Maryland Day hey Marilyn thank you so much but she didn't ask her
question again she said go back to my original question please Marilyn ask you
a question again ask it right here ask it right now we'll answer it
Marilyn we don't know we can't scroll up we'll never find it yeah we can't find
all right sorry I missed it yeah but we'll just ask ask it right now yep okay Echie Thanks thank you for all your help
and the great content what type of training did you do with girl when it
came to came to avoiding training avoidance whatever it is I would love
to use my training my down my love to train my down to avoid other dogs people
other dogs maybe so this is believe it or not girl
just knows what no means she won't but she she she she could put pressure on
dogs her natural instinct is to put pressure on dogs so if I put her out it a
socialization yard with other dogs she wouldn't avoid them she does exterior
herding she does exterior hurding and then if there's a dog that's asking
acting a little bit snarky she goes in and does a prey bite behind the dog
that's that's girl that's her mo that's literally what she does if she was hurt
if she was hurding animals she'd be great at the exterior work so she just
knows what no means cut it out and you know enough she just knows what that is
so those are all things that break her out of the cycle that's all I did
my personal dogs Kyra and Girl when it comes to obedience don't know that many
commands what they do know they just know it well so I only trained them a
few things but no they definitely know next um Mary yes he is on prong he is
healed and only does it was distant males strangers and it says aha so what
distant male strangers is what I want you to do so what I don't want you to
what I want you to do is there's a lot of different variables number one I need
to know what your energy is what your tone of voice is it's possibly that
you're making things worse not on purpose this is not a shaming or blaming
or an accusation thing but what I don't want you to do is I don't want to use
any high-pitched voices any physical or verbal praise don't tell the dog
everything is okay what you want to do is the beginning of the sequence where
the dog is seeing something if the dog has seen something far away that's when
your Punisher should be delivered is right there all the information out
there you can also start using food but it's hard to heel the dog and use food
at the same time what you're gonna be doing is you want to start getting your
dog on a remote collar so you can start getting your dog to break its punish its
focus from the environmental the environmental is other men that are far away as soon as that dog starts loading staring first signs of arousal that's when you're
gonna correct and your dog goes oh shoot now everybody online not everybody
online a ton of people online are gonna say that'll make it worse my
response is prove it and no it won't we do it all the time so the goal is I want my
dog to ignore environmentals that's what I want my dog to do and you'd be
surprised when you deliver a high enough Punisher at the beginning of the
sequence for things that lead to a bad behavior what you're gonna start seeing
is you start seeing a dog that goes I don't see any dudes out there what dog
what cat what squirrel I'm just part of you don't let people pet your dog
don't let dogs come up to your dog don't when people come up to your dog
become everything for your dog next call Cassidy what about group puppy classes
covering basic obedience and confidence-building socialization I am
I'm trying to find the question what about puppy classes okay we do a group puppy
class now but again it's not gonna be in the Boston if you're the one I asked
about the Boston we're not gonna I'm not coming to Boston it would cost you it
would cost it's gonna cost you thousands of dollars to have me come up to Boston
so for for we do a puppy class in Providence it's almost over I'm not sure
when we'll start the new one but you can do that all on your own so you could do
you can do a lot of this stuff I'm against I'm not a big fan of big-box
stores but if you've got an eight to 12 week old puppy go to a big box store and
just have your dog freaking run around with those dogs also get a bunch of
little go to a playground and when when there's no kids there work on the
playground equipment you can go on an Amazon and get all kinds of playground
stuff get a youtube video on on homemade agility equipment you can get a
swimming pool fill it with bottles you can do all you can do all kinds of stuff
like that but but for us that's not our gig that's not our big thing so we only
but we just don't we just did a puppy class and it's only it's almost it's
almost over next um Kayla don't worry we've got we got this
okay thank you though right we got it Mary Mary how can I improve his
confidence I'm working on stronger leadership my husband got deployed and I
think he lost a sense of security with him being gone I'm basically training
him to acknowledge me so Mary be everything to your dog everything cut
off the affection this is the thing this is this is very very common just so you
know with your husband deployed or your spouse deployed or if you just got into if you just got separated or if you just got a divorce if you just had a
tragedy in your life many people use their dogs as an emotional crutch
unfortunately most dogs can't handle that most dogs can't handle the dog
being an emotional crutch so the problem is the problem is is that you need to
step it up so become everything to your dog and massive amounts of structure Mary massive amounts of structure all right so that's what I want you to do so
follow my videos what you see is what you should do we show all of our work so
crate your dog at night crate your dog when you're not home hold your dog
accountable and watch out on your affection people give way too much
affection to their dogs that you've got a nervous fearful reactive dog it's a
recipe for disaster next spin a spur this is the best cut
for my future puppy I have ever seen Jeff you're saving my bacon with all
these videos and advice no shit you're welcome
Sabrina yeah shoot actually back to the attack as I wasn't expecting it in my
yard what do you do with or to the attacker and my dog well I mean it's
your your daughter right is this is your daughter isn't it unless I misread it
unless I misread it I mean I mean if this was a random I'm not gonna have you
spray your daughter in the face with pepper spray unless like don't want her in
your yard ever again but you know if it's if somebody if a dog came running
into my yard I'm confused did we not get this right you know and there's Marilyn's
question too right there we'll answer it next Maryland okay so this is
the thing this is the thing if if a complete strange dog ran ran into
your yard on your personal property you have the right to protect your dog your
property your children and yourself so what do you do neutralize the threat and
a lot of people are like oh my gosh that's horrible why would you ever harm
another dog well hold on dogs already gonna be hard
so her dog was already harmed so what I would do is if the dogs are get harmed I
don't want to mine if it's a complete stranger you say to them hey I need your
phone number and I need your contact info contact information you call the
police your file a report but it's your daughter so what you can do with her you
have to work it out between the two of you next there's Maryland's question
now we see Maryland alright okay I have two Golden's
and one is three years first time we've seen this question Maryland yep the other is
my service dog 13 months she is the dominant one she jumps and chews on sadie's
legs I'm introducing the e-collar to Dakota any help please okay so I'm not clicking
this thing is there so 13 month old dog it's most likely a service dog in
training a 13 month old dog can't can't be a service dog obviously what
you want to do with service dogs are held to a higher higher conformity in
my opinion of public access training and obedience so what I would do is if you
have a service dog what I would do is make sure that that dog ignores other
dogs a true service dog you want to ignore other people and ignore the dogs
that dog should be all you so if you're getting a remote collar what you want
to do is this there's a couple of things number one you need to be able to shut
this dog down from arousal but a lot of dogs play fight my dogs play fight
they bite each other's necks big bite each other's leg they bite each other
people are like oh my if I want to take photos then people are like oh my god they're fighting I'm like that's play fights when I say enough they stop but your service
dog what I would do is especially since it's only 13 months old it hasn't even
gone into full maturity yet you have no idea if any aggression is gonna come out
what I would do is I'd be like that's not acceptable for any of my dogs let
alone a service dog you need to learn how to be calm around dogs so I would
spend a heck of a lot of time with that dog being calm I would also want my dog
to me everything to me and not interested in other dogs now if it's a
service dog that when you take it home you take off the vest or you take up off the
harness it's technically off the clock as long as it's not diabetic alert dog or a
seizure alert dog what you can do is if you want to have that dog have some
like off time you can say release and it releases in plays but I want to make
sure that you give that dog to come back to you but a remote collar is gonna to be able to
stop all that stuff next hi Jeff can't get my dog to sit shall I use
violence bye Felicia so Steph you can use a yummy treat to teach sit all right and I
gotta ban you cuz that's a stupid question
next Shay when greeting dogs on leash my German Shepherd makes us fine initially
then gets snappy and aggressive only when the other dog turns to leave or
walk away Shay Shay Shay are you brand new to my world
if you are I'll give you a free pass but if you're not never ever ever ever ever
ever let your dog meet other dogs on leash ever never it'll never work I'm
sure some people say my dog meat dogs on leash and that works every time
ok but don't do it don't do it I don't want my just meeting strange dogs anyway
on leash or off leash not on a leash it's a recipe for
disaster Kim oh hey Kim okay guys good to see you together we're always
together Kim do we not is there something I need to know about oh stop
Candis seminar question do you ever get out to Iowa or near Omaha no I don't
know nothing yet nothing out there yet I've looked at Wisconsin but that's
about it he's gonna go down hey Angela buddy can you take that out into
our bedroom at least because we're trying to do a show and it's a little
bit loud okay just watch out when you're plugging things in you don't touch the
metal all right we don't need we don't need your butt fried
next your body fried Oh cast hey my 9 month female pitbull terrier won't stop
chasing my rabbit I take my dog outside to use the restroom it will just search
for the rabbit when the rabbit is in its enclosure the dog whines Oh cast you
have to put your dog in to avoidance you got to punish the behavior remote collar
for the sequence so the beginning of the sequence of that dog gets aroused as
soon as your dog starts getting aroused looking for the rabbit because your dog
can kill the rabbit not because it's a pity just about any a chihuahua can kill
a rabbit you know you know a terrier can kill easily a tarrier can easily kill a
rabbit small your Jack Russell terrier you know they can easily kill a rabbit
so what I would do is I would it's nine months old and it's still obviously dogs
are always learning but it's the beginning of its getting into adulthood
we have no idea what's gonna happen at 12 months old 18 months old so what I
would do with this dog is I would let it know chasing rabbits sucks best way to
do that remote collar next mm-hmm ah Chevy dog-aggressive
once you punish the loading would you reward with food for looking at you not
in the same sequence I would wait until the next time in other words I'm not
gonna say that was wrong and then in the same conversation then it said here's a
good example Angelo goes into our we were at we went to Pet Smart today
because Romy had to get a bunch of hamster stuff could you imagine if
Angelo came out with like some sort of like little hamster toy or a little
stuffed animal and he had in his pocket he took it out and I'd be and I'd be
like you gotta be kidding Angelo you just stole something and then he went
back and he gave it back to them and apologized
I wouldn't give him a reward does that make sense first of all it's
expected behavior you don't think and steal if you're a child of mine so but
no wait until wait until you have a successful sequence meaning that you walk
by a dog but there's a dog in the distance and the dog looks up at you
then you can reward that and you use a clicker for that next okay Julio
we are winding down guys my rescue dog pit mix whines a lot every time the car
stops he is currently using a bark collar during car rides but still gets
anxious what would you recommend amazing Julio so what I would do is
this I would use the remote collar not a bark collar and I would teach the dog how
to down in a vehicle down in the vehicle and then down underneath environmental
and down underneath stress what I would do is what I would do is keep the dog
into a down any whimpering it's gonna be you're gonna stop the whimpering that's
also we have to end the show right now because it's been an hour we only do an
hour show and Linda's got another show to do at 8:30 as well she does her own
show why don't you put up don't you push you can't say something I'm not signed
in oh try to say something anyway oh what's the name of your website well I'm
not applying my it's on my personal page Linda Tresca Gelman do they have to be
friends of yours to see it no but I'm also gonna put it on my up I'll share
her page share her live in my page this is the thing guys all these answers are
how to stop unwanted behaviors keep in mind though all of our training is all
it's all more Universal for instance I'm a huge advocate of good diet
I personally feed raw diet to my to my dogs you don't have to be raw diet but
most kibble is crap out there just to let you know um I'm a big advocate of
good diet I'm a huge advocate of structured exercise I swim my dogs I run
my dogs I walk my dogs I'll bike with my dogs I do a lot of
swimming this time of year though I'm a huge advocate of calm in my house
I want my dogs to be in my house relaxed I'm a huge advocate of containment I
like to crate my dogs at night crate my dogs when they're when I'm going I'll
crate my dogs in the RV I'm a huge advocate of teaching my dogs what what I
wanted them what the level of expected behavior is supposed to be so I want my
dogs through a couple of basic commands place which is go to a dog bed down
which is lie down by the way place is lying down as well I want my dogs to
walk politely next to me I want my dogs to also recall when they're off leash I
also want my dog's to stop barking if they're far
or not bark at all I want my dogs to also be not jumping up on people
I want my dogs to be able to be calm in a vehicle and calm around environmental
I also on my dogs to be greeters of my family members so it's not just about
your dogs chasing its tail shock your dog and then do nothing else it's all
together it's all together all right Jeff Gellman Solid K9
training so I would use everybody's questions I'll be on again between two
this Monday night Monday or Tuesday night check me out on Facebook and on
Instagram and we'll put up the little logo there for all my patreon folks your
Q&A video podcast will be on tomorrow tomorrow I'll do it probably first thing
tomorrow morning I'll get that up and that's it man and I thank you all and I
love you all and you're all special to me and I can't I can't thank you all
enough for just just being part of my world thanks for the folks that made
donations that that's pretty freakin cool you know maybe one night we'll make
enough to go on a date what do we need like we need what 40 or 50 bucks we
don't eat we don't eat depends where we go there we go
Rosalina's is a little bit more or less I need a little bit more movie though
even we went to a movie the other night it was twenty two dollars got some
shrimp we got what do we get we got some Reese's peanut butter cups for one four
bucks five bucks was that expensive there we need to go out for coffee
afterwards eat it so when we look at about 30 bucks for a quick date 50 60
bucks for dinner Oh lovely freakin do this once a week and got enough money
for date night that's our goal hey guys support our date nights
all right Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training madly in love with all of you
take care

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