Stop Dogs Reactive Behavior On Leash

How to Choose a Good Hunting Dog

There are millions of people across the United States who enjoy the sport of hunting. Both men and women everywhere have been doing it for a long time.

History and Details of the German Shorthaired Pointer

Among the finest gun dogs, the German shorthaired pointer is near the top of the list. The breed, known for its reliability on the trail, has always been considered an asset to traditional hunters.

Glamorizing Your Dog – A Guide for Wannabe Accessory Dog Owners

Many dog owners love to make their dogs look and feel pretty. Blame people like Paris Hilton or movies like Legally Blonde – small dogs have increased in popularity as a girl’s favorite accessory and obviously so has accessorizing the dogs themselves. There are specialized clothes to fit nearly every popular small breed – especially Pugs, Yorkies and Chihuahuas.

Grooming Your Dog Back to Shiny, Brand New Condition

Every dog needs a good grooming every now and then. This can range from simple touchups to a full makeover. And depending on what breed you own, this can require a lot of attention.

Trimming Your Dog’s Hair – Keep Them Looking at Their Best

Giving your dog a good trim is a must every now and then, and of course the attention required can vary greatly depending on the breed. It might also be a simple matter of maintenance, or some stylized cut that is designed to be more professional and even show-worthy. The main goal should be to use a combination of scissors and other grooming tools to neaten up the appearance and make your dog feel more comfortable in their own hair.

Entertaining Your Dog – How You Can Stop Them Going Crazy

All dogs need a good amount of physical and mental stimulation that is to be provided to them to keep them from becoming bored and losing interest in life. Worse yet, dogs that don’t receive enough stimulation can often act out and develop behavior problems such as problem barking that becomes their way of burning off excess energy. If you give them plenty of exercise and other forms of stimulation, it helps to reduce the likelihood of behavior issues and also improves the relationship between you and your dog.

Christmas With Dogs – Making It Magical This Holiday Season

Christmas is a special time of the year, and if a dog is a part of your family then you want to make them feel every bit as special as you do and just as involved in all the action. Not only does this make them feel special, but you feel good as well – because naturally Christmas is better spent with pets. Here are a few simple steps to ensuring you and your dog have a happy holiday season.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home – How to Ensure Your Young Puppy’s Safety

Puppy proofing your home is one of the biggest concerns for new dog owners – the last thing you want to do is bring a new puppy home and worry about them being safe. There are a number of steps that every new dog owner should go through to make your puppy as safe as possible while they go through their first few weeks of living in your home. These will greatly reduce the chances of any unfortunate accidents occurring.

Taking Photos of Your Dog – Guidelines for the Perfect Puppy Portraits

It’s only natural that if you have a dog that you’ll take a lot of photos of them – just take a look at any dog owner’s phone and you’ll see it full of pictures of their dog. But what can you do to make your dog photos look better? After all, you want these precious memories of the time spent with your beloved pet to look their absolute best.

How to Make the Most of Your Dog Walking Experiences

Every dog loves a good walk – it goes without saying that it’s practically every dog’s favorite pastime. There is nothing like getting out in the open and burning off some physical and mental energy. And must dog owners enjoy it as well.

Feeding Your Dog Correctly – Fast Tips for Those Who Don’t Know How

The question of the best way to feed your dog no doubt comes up at some point for almost every dog owner. Though, a lot of people who own dogs still don’t really know how to feed them correctly. They might have an idea of what their dog needs, or leave it up to the dog food manufacturers to tell them.

Key Guidelines to Remember When Rewarding Your Dog With Treats

Practically every dog lover enjoys giving their special friend a good treat every now and then. It can be used as a method of positive reinforcement training, gifts on special occasions or maybe even whenever you feel like treating your dog just for the sake of it. It makes you feel good, and can be used to greatly improve your dog’s behavior.

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