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Children Friendly Dogs

I get calls quite often from people wanting to know what would be a great dog to get for the family since they have children. They’re looking for a dog that is kid friendly and will make a good addition to the family. Of course there isn’t one particular breed that’s the best for everybody but I do have four of them that I usually recommend. Let me tell you about them now.

Advanced Obedience Training

If you have already trained your dog on basic obedience and want to find some training that is more advanced then here are a few suggestions of advanced training that you and your dog may enjoy. Advanced training isn’t just for people who want to show their dogs it can be for people who want to have fun with their dogs as well.

2 Commands That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

For some people having a well-trained dog is a must. For other people having a well-trained dog would just be nice. No matter which way you look at it however there are two commands that are absolutely essential for any dog. These are commands that could save your dog’s life.

Finding a New Home For Your Dog

There are those times when you must absolutely find a new home for your dog. I know we all talk about the fact that you shouldn’t give up your dog but sometimes difficult situations might keep you from sticking to that agreement with yourself.

Correcting Poor Behaviors in Your Dog

Over the years I’ve found that one of the things new dog owners are always searching for is a cure for their dog’s bad behavior. When I say bad behavior that covers all sorts of things from barking, jumping, soiling in the house, you name it. When the dog gets a little older then it seems that the behavior quite often turns to the fearful dog or the aggressive dog.

5 Things Dog Owners Should Know

Dogs have become part of our families and don’t we want the best for our family members? This article describes 5 things every dog owner needs to consider. The list is certainly not all inclusive but should give the reader something to think about.

Insiders Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy

Here is my fairly short introduction to paper training a puppy. It is very important in a young puppy’s life that he or she knows that you are the master and don’t want them to do certain things. Namely wet your furniture or other valuables, with these simple steps you can be well on your way to having a potty trained puppy in just a short time and for the remainder of the puppy’s life which will make yours easier in the long run.

How to Train a Dog – Understanding Dog Behavior

Training your dog is the best idea for dog owners. Your dog will be obedient and you will not be embarrassed.

Stop My Puppy From Biting – Are You Making This Costly Mistake?

There are many common mistakes that are made when puppies are biting, chewing and mouthing. The main theme will be to look at an issue through the eyes of your puppy. This is the best way to begin to understand your pet and to know how to stop a puppy from biting.

How To Maximize The Features Of Dog Beds

Making use of dog beds is necessary for dogs. These dog beds can help them improve their sleep and make their sleep more comfortable. With these said, pet owners are rest assured that their dogs will have the energy the next day.

Old English Mastiff Training Tips For a Slobbery Gentle Giant

Does your Old English Mastiff training seem be going nowhere? Are you intimidated him? Does your Mastiff pull you down the street when you go for a walk? Don’t let this massive dog intimidate you. Here are a few tips to get you started with your Old English Master training.

Is an American Bullnese the Perfect Dog for You?

Have you ever heard of an American Bullnese? Do you know there are two types? Are you aware the “recipe” for one includes three secret ingredients?

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