Stop Making This Mistake With Your Dog!

Why Dog Booties Are Ridiculous

Newsflash: your dog is not a person. Chances are real good that your dog does not need clothes in order to be healthy and comfortable, and chances are even better than your dog will be less comfortable in booties and clothes than he would in just his fur. Nonetheless, dog booties and dog clothes in general is a HUGE market in pet stores and commands several pages of merchandise on major pet store websites. How many people stick reindeer antlers on their dog’s head for the holiday photo? Or have a different sweater or outfit for the season or holiday? I know a dog whose owner knits him sweaters (he’s a labradoodle in Southern California who does not need a sweater) and I heard her say she wished she brought his yellow sweater, instead of blue, because it would have matched one of the teams playing the Super Bowl. That is exactly why dog booties and sweaters and dog clothes in general are ridiculous.

Does My Dog Have Food Allergies?

Allergies in dogs has become an all too frequent malady. While they can become allergic to most anything, just like us, there are some things you can do to help your pet avoid food allergies.

Use an Automatic Dog Feeder When You Are Away From Home

An automatic dog feeder is perfect for dog owners with busy schedules. No longer will you have to ask someone else to feed the dogs for you or go out of your way to do it yourself.

Dog Cages Are a Great Training Tool

The roll of dog cages should not be underestimated as a training tool. It is a necessary component of training a dog and is not a cruel or vicious way to do so. New puppies need to learn their boundaries and they need to be maintained from destroying the entire house when you are away.

Homemade Dog Clothes or Designer Dog Clothes

When you go to some of the major pet accessories stores, you will notice that a lot of the designer dog clothes and pet accessories are rather expensive. For people who can not afford this type of luxury, but would like to dress their dogs in fashionable clothing, there are two main routes of action that can be taken.

Why Glucosamine Is Good for Dog Arthritis

Interested in knowing how you can ease your dog’s arthritis pain by using glucosamine for dogs? This article covers how arthritis affects pets, symptoms of dog arthritis as well as how glucosamine for dogs alleviates their suffering.

Housebreaking Your Puppy

A crate does three very important things. First it will make the housebreaking process go a little more smoothly by teaching the puppy where to go to relieve himself. Secondly it will relieve the stress of being alone while you are away at work. Third it will get you through the teething stage when your puppy will want to chew on every thing.

Dog Socialization for Shih Tzus

In general dogs under the free-range conditions will be able to live in the mixed age, mixed sex social groups. The dog social rank is determined by their ages, though their sexes also can play an important role also. Female dogs seem to be a little more responsible when it comes to leading much often than the male dogs.

The Importance of Dog Socialization

Dog socialization is the most ignored factors in the training of every dog to be successful. Lack of this will tie into your dog disobedience and may lead to dog aggression problems that all dog owners know.

Do Dangerous Breeds Really Exist?

You hear lots of talk today about “dangerous breeds”. People talk about dangerous dogs on the news and you can read about so-called “dangerous breeds” in newspaper stories. But, do dangerous breeds really exist? Or is dog behavior really based on the dog’s environment?

Dog Breeding Info: Is Your Dog Ready to Mate?

  One of the most common questions that a dog owner asks when collecting dog breeding info is about the mating season of our four legged friends. Dog breeding would be easier if it is conducted during this season. However, there is breeding information that comes with this question like the age of your dog.

Vitamin E for Dogs – The Benefits of Vitamin E for Dogs

Vitamin E is just as important for a dog as it is for a human. A lack of the vitamin can cause health issues and an immune deficiency. This article looks at the importance of Vitamin E in a dogs diet.

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