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if these dogs weren't under control they could absolutely go this powerhouse of a pitbull is top dog duck dynasty canines we specialize in training elite protection dogs for the police and millionaire clients around the world your eyes it feels like you're getting hit by like an 85-pound missile that require Kraft TV you like that again remarried to other pitbulls ace is absolutely a super dog three-year-old ace can run up the side of buildings leap into cars and even recognize guns this dog is almost 1 million ace is the culmination of three years of hard work and dedication that began when he was just a pup the latest batch of puppies to go through training are the offspring of aces cousin the famous 175 pound pitbull Hulk quickly the pups never picked out I made my 18 this is dynasty right here this Hercules right here right now they're still just cute touching playful little puppies here so they're going to be badass protection done right now I'm just looking to place a crate drive want to chase the ball I'm making these jobs more trainable and you also don't want any other dog trying to dominate them because when you're building a protection dog they literally have to have the biggest ego ever you want him to literally think he's unstoppable at every turn but not every puppy chosen can make the cut I hope that I can get a lift redone sometimes you get five so now you get one sometimes you get none yeah I mean that's that's just the way the cookie crumbles if all goes to plan these two puppies could be in the same league as dark dynasty's crown jewel case today Marlin is running a threw one of his regular training sessions including learning how to defend against intruders ace is probably the most muscular dogs in world right now and you're you're not seeing him in his best condition if I wasn't in the suit the dog could absolutely do severe damage I mean you could they could definitely be a fatality from from this it was if it was wrong ace has been trained to recognize handguns and act appropriately when they're drawn he even has the ability to scale the side of buildings and enter through second-floor windows not poodles you know these are these are gladiator type dogs so they need to release this intensity that's why we put so much emphasis on picking the perfect dog on selecting the dogs that are balanced that are not just gonna go AWOL one day you know cuz these dogs have to be 100 400 percent balanced and the trust the family has with their dogs will soon be tested to the limit as Lisa is pregnant with their second child it's definitely a different kind of household to bring up a kid and be pregnant I get followed around by the dogs a little bit more another always like to be beside me now that I'm pregnant and making sure I'm good I feel totally comfortable and with the baby around the dogs and they're very stable balanced dogs they know it's a baby they know to be gentle it's just like a puppy I change a thing I love her to death love my kid I love my whole staff every single one of my dogs you know we're trying to defy the odds man and just do what everybody says you can't do my life

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