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Right Canine Marketplace for Puppies for Sale

Not because you found a “Puppies for Sale” sign does not mean that you should buy it right away. There are things you need to consider first such as the breed and cost of the new puppy. Aside from that, you need to take into consideration the total welfare of the pet after you bring it home.

What You Need To Know About Colitis in Dogs

If you own a dog or if you are planning to get one sometime in the nearby future then you should know that colitis is probably one of the most common health conditions that affects dogs of all breeds and ages. While some dog breeds, like German Shepherds and Retrievers, are more prone to colitis, can develop colitis. Because the condition is common and widespread among dogs, I have decided write this article up and share some useful information with you.

The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Over the last sixty-five years I’ve owned a lot of pet dogs, many of them quite intelligent. This article is about the Welsh Terrier’s intelligence both as a breed and as I have experienced it with my AKC (American Kennel Club) registered Welsh Terrier named “Oliver”. Born on December 7, 2004 in Sedalia, Missouri Oliver is now eight years old.

How to Get Ready For a New Puppy

A new pet especially a puppy requires a lot of attention and care. Before you bring home your new pet for the first time, make sure that everything is ready from his food, sleeping area, name tags to grooming kits.

How to Choose Puppies for Sale?

Buying puppies for sale requires plenty of planning and preparation. Once you buy a new pet, it is not only a responsibility of one person but by the whole family. If you plan to buy a new pet, there are different things to consider from the food, pet insurance and visit to the vet.

Titan’s First Spa Swimming Session

As an attempt to improve Titan’s health and fitness, and encourage chances for us to bond, I have decided to try taking him swimming at the spa. I am curious to see how it might improve Titan’s bilateral proprioceptive stall, and give him a new experience. I will post updates on his progress. I am exploring whether these dog spas have health and fitness benefits or are they just a trend?

Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System by Giving Him Herbal Supplements

Supplements are generally for humans, but your dog has an immune system also, so, the same principle applies. They get colds, they get rundown, and all the feelings we have whenever we need a boost of supplements in our bodies, and they do also.

Take Your Dog on The Next Family Outing

Many people consider their dog to be a part of the family. Yet whenever the family heads out together, the dog is often left behind. Include the dog in the next family outing with these great ideas.

Can You Recognize The Symptoms Of Heartworm In Your Dog?

Heartworm disease is a serious matter for dogs. It can cause a variety of ailments in dogs and severely damage some of your pet’s major organs. Can you recognize the symptoms of heartworm disease in your dog?

Both Sides of the Pit Bull Coin

This article is by a master dog trainer with 15 years experience breeding raising and training pit bull terriers. His insight is frank and without arrogance or bias. More so he examines the truths and myths of nature or nurture as the reason for the pit bull terriers behavior and subsequent reputation.

How to Keep your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

With temperatures soaring and humidity levels increasing (especially in the West), this summer is set to be another scorcher. In recent weeks, however, the enjoyment that the glorious weather has granted people all over the nation has started to turn into a growing concern, as the intense warmth begins to affect older people and pets.

Become Your Dog’s Best Friend With These Five Tips

Owning a large breed dog, or any size dog for that matter, is an enjoyable experience. A dog can be a constant companion to single person as well as to a large family. Use the tips in this article to become your dog’s best friend.

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