The Bell Training Technique | Puppy Days

NARRATOR: In Atlanta, undergoing her
unusual potty training at the Kramer household. Potty. We're going to go potty. NARRATOR: Bonnie, Jeff, and
10-year-old daughter Danielle are training her to ring a bell
when she needs to go outside. Potty. Potty. Going down. Ready? Ready?
Potty. Potty. [rings bell] As Bonnie likes us to
say, you know, potty. -Potty.
-We say potty. Potty. Potty. Potty. It seems pretty silly to keep
ringing this bell every time we go out the door. She's not like putting up her
paw or anything like that. NARRATOR: Phoebe's not
really getting the hang of it and is still having accidents. JEFF: Tonight, we fed Phoebe. I saw her looking for a
spot to poop in the house.

Uh-oh. No, no, no, no, no! Ugh! So then I rang the
bell on the way out. Potty.
[rings bell] Potty. And of course she didn't go. Why would she go?
She went in the house. She doesn't need to go. NARRATOR: Jeff's struggling
to believe in the idea. JEFF: Let's go inside. Good girl. NARRATOR: But he's
not giving up. Ow. OK. Ow, ow. OK. Every time I take her
out, she bites me. Can you see those red marks? Those marks are from taking her
paw and ringing that damn bell. It'll be really interesting
to check Bonnie's hands and see if she's got
any marks on her hands because I got to tell you,
I haven't really ever seen her have Phoebe ring that bell.

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NARRATOR: But when the
breakthrough comes, it's Bonnie who gets
to hear the bell. BONNIE: Oh my gosh. Did you just hit the bell? Do you need to go outside? NARRATOR: Bonnie now
needs to get Phoebe into the garden
fast, and praise her if she does go potty outside. Good girl! Yes, good girl! You hit the bell. I was so proud of Phoebe. She went up to the bell,
and she just kept ringing it until she got my attention. I wasn't even paying
attention because she's never done that before. And we went out,
and she went potty. Good girl! Yes, you knew you
had to go pee pee. Yes, good girl! So I'm hoping she's getting it. Here, let's go back. Come on, Phoebe. Good girl. Good girl..

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