The Biggest Mistake New Dog Owners Make

Surprising Supporters of Bad Dog Breeding Ethics

Statistics show that most dogs in shelters these days are likely purebreds – or purebred mixes – such as puggles and labradoodles. They are typically not of accidental or stray breeding. These dogs were bred purposely by someone and somehow ended up in a shelter situation.

Mobility Impaired Dogs Don’t Do Pity Parties

Disabled dogs are often quite unaffected by a mobility situation. They will still use sight, taste, smell and two remaining limbs they have to get around and explore their environment, compensating for a lack of mobility.

Teacup Yorkies Are Actually Bold and Feisty Tiny Young Dogs

Teacup Yorkies are small, beautiful dogs that usually weigh somewhere between three and seven pounds. The Teacup Yorkie offers the potential to be an excellent pet. This dog is playful but also tranquil. These small animals are pretty effortless to attend to. Unlike most other puppies, these little Yorkies can handle living in a smallish house, flat or condo. Nonetheless, people must not be expecting a Teacup Yorkie to always be perfect. This canine breed has its faults, just like any other breed of dog.

How CAT Helps Modify Aggression In Dogs

One of the most common phone calls scores of dog trainers and behaviorist receive is from an anxious owner about their dog’s aggression issues. The sensible ones call before it becomes a serious problem; the others wait until their dog has bitten someone or another animal. Here is how CAT can help modify aggression in most dogs.

How to Train a Dog For Beginner Pet Owners

When it comes to learning how to train a dog, there are really only a few secrets one needs to know, whether you’re trying to stop dog aggression, teaching your dog to sit, house breaking, or trying to correct any other behavior. If you are serious about learning how to train a dog then you must realize the importance these “keys to dog training” have in getting permanent, quick results and developing a loving relationship with your pet. The first “Secret” in how to train a puppy is becoming your dogs master in the real sense of the word…

Pet Friendly Hotels: Bed and Breakfast at Ponder Cove

Pet friendly hotels and accommodations are not created equal. There are some that are real stand outs. Pet friendly Bed & Breakfast at Ponder Cove is one of them.

The Solution – Home Remedy To Remove Dog and Cat Urine and Feces Odor For Just Pennies!

Rare is the pet owner who at one time or another, hasn’t had to deal with an “accident” or three over the lifetime of their pet. The Solution may be especially helpful for puppy owners to keep conveniently on hand.

Puppy Potty Training Essentials: What You Need To Know About Puppy Potty Training

Have you been planning to train you little puppy to potty? Puppy potty training can take a lot of things to consider; patience, consistency, and determination to name a few. Try to think of way of come to domesticate your little canine further by teaching him/her where exactly in the house he/she can do his/her business without causing a fuzz. By potty training you little darling properly, you’ll be avoid cleaning carpets, slipping over urine, smelling foul odor inside the house, and other unnecessary things.

Diet Tips for Your Dog

Your dog will have to eat on a daily basis, so the food that you provide him with is very important. If you don’t feed him properly, then he may experience health problems sometime in the future. Here are a few tips to ensure that you’re feeding your dog like you should.

Why Dog Car Harnesses Are a Must When Traveling With Your Dog

These days, it has now become much more convenient to travel by car with your furry four legged friends. Thanks to the latest innovatively designed dog pet products such as dog car harnesses, riding with your pet has now become much more safer and easier.

Why Train My Dog?

This is a question often asked by many pet dog owners followed by “He’s not a working dog and I don’t intend entering him in obedience trials or any similar competitions so why should I bother?”. The answer is easy, training is an absolute MUST.

Using Dog Shears Without Troubling Your Pet

Before you even bring your dog in, keep everything ready – paper to collect the hair, your dog shears and also any napkin or cloth that you may require. Once everything is in place, you may then brig your dog in. Do not spring a surprise on the dog.

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