The BIGGEST Misunderstanding in Dog Training.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Potty Training Your Puppy

An important part of domestic life for your dog is being potty trained. While not usually difficult, it is an unnatural thing for your pet to learn. If you don’t use the proper techniques to train them, you will without a doubt fail. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll avoid three of the most common mistakes you could make during the process.

Does Your Dog Have a Licking Problem? Discover Why and How to Help

It can be calming to come home from a long day at work and have your best friend lick you kindly on the hand. What happens though when you have guests over and they are not as welcoming of the doggie kisses? Not everyone likes licking, and your dog needs to know when it is ok and when it is not. You need to know why he licks so much, though, in order to know if it is a problem that needs correcting, and if so, how to correct it.

Health Care Tips For Owners Of Older Canines

Your dog has been your faithful companion through the years, aside from your wife or husband. So now, he is beginning to lose all that health and strength in his body, what would you give him in return for his faithfulness to you all these past years? This article will give you helpful hints on how to care for his health and well-being through exercise, proper nutrition and the care of the vet.

What You Should Know About The Dog Park

When someone says let’s go to the dog park so the dogs can get some exercise and play with other dogs, it sounds like a very good thing to do. However the truth of the matter is that taking your beloved pooch to a park filled with unstable, chaotic, and for the most part unsupervised canines can be both frustrating and dangerous.

Puppy Growth Stages

You love your Puppy and you’re curious about his growth and behaviour. Each Puppy has his own growth rate. They progress like children do, but their growth rate is much faster. In order to understand your Puppy growth, the understanding of different growth stages is very important.

Is Your Dog Safe in the Car

How safe is your dog in the car? Dogs love to go on journeys with their owns, but is their safety at risk? Read how you can keep your dog safe.

Food For Dogs – No Chocolates, No Nuts

Food for dogs will not include chocolates, nuts, and other salt, sugar, and fat laden human snack foods. Take time to observe dogs in their natural state away from human beings, they know what to eat.

DNA Testing: Discover Your Dogs Noble Ancestry

Dog DNA: Discover If It Is Worth The Effort. We have four rescue dogs so I was curious about DNA testing and if it is worth the effort.

Caring For Your Pup’s Pads

Your dog’s paw pads absorb the shock and pressure on his joints from standing and moving around. The paws’ function makes them prone to injury; thus, paw care should be included in your dog’s regular care routine.

Why Most People Food Is Unsafe For Dogs Part 2: Alcohol

Dogs are known scavengers. They will eat or taste just about everything that they find. This can make it potentially heartbreaking and expensive for a dog owner. Not only should a dog owner make a point of not feeding specific foods to their dog, but they should also make sure that the dog will have absolutely no access to certain foods. If you do a cursory search on the Internet for a comprehensive list of foods that your pet dog should not eat, the main culprits make themselves immediately obvious. Most of the foods that are not good for dogs will not kill your pet outright with a limited dose, but they can be fatal if abused. In part two of this series, I am going to address alcohol.

Dog Training Methods That Work Best

Yes it is very much common to see dogs misbehaving or even disobedient to owner if they are not properly trained. But the fact remains that a dog can really be obedient if they are properly brought up right from their puppy stage.

How to Pick the Right Dog

A staggering percent of dogs end up in shelters and face possible euthanasia because their owners didn’t consider some important points before making the most important decision in their dog’s life. Finding the right puppy or new dog that would fit smoothly and happily into your home can take a bit of research and care. And, by answering a few basic questions before bringing your new dog home you can be more assured that you and your new puppy or dog will have a greater chance of being happy with each other.

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