The Dog Man 1-2-1 professional dog trainer in the heart of Staffordshire

this is Craig but most people call him the Doppler as a professional dog trainer with over 18 years of success he knows your dog how it thinks why it does what it does and how to make it behave the way you want it to that's why they call him the dog man his years of working with the police the military search and rescue teams and not forgetting many family pets has taught him how to get the best from all kinds of dolls if you have problems with your dog pulling like a train refusing to return when called jumping up or just being out of control don't worry it's all too common but the dog man can teach you the most modern techniques and skills you will need to have an obedient dog there's a credit to you and well balanced member of your family all of the one to one training is tailored to suit you and your dog you will learn control exercises which are achievable and practical in everyday life and all the training methods are based on positive rewards which caused no discomfort to your dog so you can both enjoy the process as part of the training program you can always get in contact for advice and support as the dog man is only a phone call away and you also get access to exclusive online resources and a personalized client zone the better results at home sharing a hobby with your dog is one of the most rewarding and positive activities you can pursue as an owner so if you want to test yourself on your dog a bit harder you can take part in some agility work or teach your dog tracking which is fun and rewarding for both of you so whatever type or age of dog you've got and whatever problems they have give him a call and let the dog man show you how to get a more settled and happy family pet you

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