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I've been around dogs my whole life
since I was a kid I found that I was most comfortable when I was around dogs. Anytime i was around other people's dogs the adults would note that, "Boy, you know
when this kid shows up these dogs are really a lot calmer, they tend to listen to
him." Tell them good for sitting. Give him the praise. Reward him. Let him know. Fast-forward to I was 18, 19 years old I
started a dog-walking business. I wanted to be able to influence these dogs. I
wanted to make some real change I've been training dogs professionally
for 23 years. Brett calls himself the Dog Savant. That name fits him really
well because he seems to really understand how dogs think.

Dogs are
amazing they are absolutely the most wonderful creatures on earth. We as
humans have this special interconnectivity with them, we've lived
in a symbiotic relationship with dogs for thousands of years and what I found
in my work, we have to understand our dogs based upon the original
relationship we had with them. So what creates a disconnect between dogs and
humans is that humans are more emotional based thinkers.

We tend to see what the
mind's eye projects based upon our own individual wiring, our experiences in
life, our upbringing. For animals they tend to see things in a filterless way.
They're taking it all in because they're wired more for survival. But we sometimes get confused as far as where our psychology ends and theirs begins.
Through implementation of the training techniques that I use I have owners
guide their dogs to certain transitional periods of their life. He hears noise. Noise triggers something in
her and she barks.

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He's constantly being woken up at night, it sucks. What's going on is Olivia's getting too
stimulated by everyday life events. To her it creates this deep level of insecurity
where she literally loses consciousness she just gets too overloaded. So what we're
going to do is start creating these target commands and we're going to use
the down to imply this calm state of mind, creating the sensory filter to
replace these events where she might have been getting too caught up in your
coming and goings.

If you can get attuned to a dog on this very subtle frequency
you can manipulate the air space between them and you without even touching them.
And you can see, see how i can just change… That was like magic! I want to know how
to do what to do! You can make that connectivity because of the natural
relationship dogs are supposed to have with humans. It's not about bribing a dog
with treats, it's not about strong leash corrections. It's really just about
tapping into this sensory processing ability that dogs have. Instead of
pandering to our emotions we have to see a dog's actual reality and I'm going to
help you do it..

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