The Dog Training Plan For When People Ask To Pet Your Pup

5 Tips For Dealing With Your Neighbor & Their Barking Dog

That neighbor’s dog is barking. And it’s driving you crazy! But talking with your neighbor can be awkward and uncomfortable. Use these tips to help you, so you can get your peace and quiet back.

Good Food For German Shepherds

Looking for the best food for your German Shepherd? They need a lot of protein, because they are large active dogs. Let’s look into some of the better brands to consider.

My Lab Pepper, Part 3 of Three – The Latter Years

This is the final and by far, the saddest installment of the wonderful life of a dog that was a real treasure. She whelped a litter of 2 male and 2 female pups that looked suspiciously like their daddy was a Saint Bernard. I was divorced for a while and later met and married a wonderful woman who loved dogs. Pepper and her dog Spock became best friends and we all adjusted to a new life. Her life of 12 wonderful years was ended one cold winter morning when she was struck by a car driven by a yet unknown person.

My Lab Pepper, Part 2 of Three – The Middle Years

Pepper continued to show her outstanding talent as an excellent retriever and gun dog. Her “trainability” was unbelievable and was demonstrated in her discipline to not fetch the wrong bird when there were multiple hunters in the field. I almost lost her in an accident around a river dock.

My Lab Pepper, Part 1 of Three – The First Year

I embarked on a new and remarkable life with an extraordinary Labrador Retriever I named Pepper. I had no idea when I bought her in Texas that she would be such an enjoyable and fulfilling part of my life. This article is one of three accounts of the life I had with a loving, dedicated and enjoyable dog.

Dogs, The Question Settled, “In The Custody Of” And “Not Property”

An animal can never care for itself if it grows up outside of the wild and in human society. Most dogs are bred in human society and tossing them into the wild wouldn’t have good results for them and they would return to the places humans gather for their own self well being.

Dog Fighting – Are We In The Dark Ages?

It is hard to imagine that this type of industry still exists in today’s society. Strengthened by organized crime it continues to grow and evolve.

The King of Terriers – Airedale Terriers

The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terrier breeds. It is known to be courageous, intelligent, dedicated, and a great watchdog. Additionally, they make good hunting dogs, workings dogs, and agility dogs. They also like to play, dig, chase vermin, and bark. They do very well with children.

Should You Train Your Dog With An E-Collar?

There is a lot of dispute in the field of dog training regarding the use of E-collars, also known as remote collars or shock collars. For some dogs, the use of this tool will be relatively harmless, however for other dogs, it could be extremely detrimental. Read on to find out if this tool will be beneficial for training your dog.

Why Your Car Needs a Pet Seat Cover

If you think car pet seat covers are a waste of money, then these reasons would make you want to buy one. Find out why by reading this post.

Older Dog Health Issues and What to Do About Them

As your dog ages, she will likely experience several common health issues that older dogs are more prone to. We will explore some of the most common older dog health issues in this article. Not only the why of that issue, but some potential ways to alleviate the effect of that issue.

How to Choose an Ideal Food for Your Puppies

Choosing the right kind of puppy food will help it to grow well and healthy. There are many pet foods available in the market, but you should be careful while choosing the right kind food, there are several tips to remember wile finding the ideal puppy food for your puppy.

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