THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.

Taking Care of Common Household Pets

At one point or another in our lives we have owned at least one pet.  It could have been a dog, a cat, a fish or even a tiger. Having a pet in the house does not only bring owners lots of fun, but is also known to relieve stress, uplift emotional conditions and can provide therapeutic values.

Can You Obedience Train Your Dog At Home?

Unfortunately, your dog may have some bad habits: he barks too much; he chews on household items like socks, shoes, and electric cords; he jumps up on people; he eliminates in the house; he chases your other pets; he pulls on a leash, he won’t come when called. Do any of these behaviors sound familiar?

Rescue Missions for Our Four Legged Pals

It is common knowledge that dogs have an incredible sense of smell. This has been put to effective use in a number of different ways. Bomb squads in the police department often use dogs to discover the presence of bombs. Apart from being able to detect the smell of chemicals and materials used in making the bombs, dogs can often pick up the scent of a human trail which can often lead them to the site of the bomb.

Ingredients in Dog Food – Additives to Avoid – Part 1

This article examines BHA & BHT, two controversial ingredients in dog food. Dog foods with these ingredients are typically given a lower rating and should be avoided.

Puppy Training – Helpful Tips For New Pet Owners

This article aims to help new pet owners on how to train their puppies. It provides relevant information about puppy training.

Make Your Own Dog Kennels

If you want to save money when purchasing dog kennels for your pet, then you can just simply make one using the materials that you see or have in your home. You just have to be particular with the certain tips and instructions on building it which includes deciding the size, location, construction materials and even the flooring.

What Dog Food Is Best? A Philosophical Answer

This article looks at the source of the question “What Dog Food Is Best? and moves beyond answers that merely grade dog food ingredients. The question isn’t “What Dog Food is Best? but rather, “How Do I Give The Best Nutrition to My Dog?”

It’s a Dog, Not a Human

It goes without saying that we become attached to our pets, and in particular our dogs. Dogs have personalities; they can be funny, irritating, loving, lovable, irascible, and more, but they aren’t boring. That’s why we love them.

How To Find A Reputable Dog Breeder

This is not as easy as you think – no one proudly announces that they breed inferior dogs. And frankly sometimes dogs produced from these kennels live long happy lives but many more think they are buying a healthy dog and instead they end up with a ticking time bomb.

Mistaking A Dog’s Behaviour

This is a subject close to my heart because it means dogs are very misunderstood as they desperately try to communicate with us and we interpret their actions based on very outdated information and large amounts of hearsay. Aggression in dogs is a very good example of this and that can be aggression towards other dogs or towards humans.

Your Chihuahua Can Learn to Sit!

It is a common misconception that small-breed dogs, like Chihuahuas, cannot be taught tricks. There are countless Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Shih Tzus who are never taught even the most basic of manners, but not because these toy breeds cannot be taught. Your Chihuahua can learn to Sit, Stay, and many other tricks just as well as a bigger dog, if you take the time to teach him.

Effective Dog Training Tips – Getting To Know Your Puppy

This article will cover some basic tips that can help you train your: phobias and fears, desensitization and mental stimulation – factors that will help develop your sensitivity towards getting to know your young dog’s attitude and behavior and help you with your effective dog training. Canines can experience phobias and behave fearfully similar to humans and have phobias in the same way that human beings do, but in most cases, it is much more heightened.

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