The ULTIMATE Dog Training Tool!?!

Your Dog’s Biggest Problem and How To Solve It

You may be surprised at what your dogs most serious problem likely is.. This article reveals the cause of bad behavior in most dogs and gives you 7 steps to begin to change it.

Naturally Treat Kennel Cough – 2 Benefits of Natural Treatment

Kennel cough in small animals is just like a regular cold in humans. And it is not surprising that your dog will experience a round of kennel cough in some point of its life. Sometimes when we have a simple case of the flu, we let it run its course without medication. Similarly for pets, a simple kennel cough can last between one to three weeks and often requires little or no medical treatment. This article will share with you 2 benefits of naturally treating your beloved pet’s kennel cough.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears can be tricky, but it can easily be done. Here are the steps to do so.

Dog Chewing Problems and Stopping Them

This article provides recommendations and ideas on inappropriate chewing and stopping them, largely at the puppy stage. It does not cover adult-onset destructive chewing, which can be due to a behavioral condition such as separation anxiety.

Challenging Role of Barking Dog Collars at Dog Training

Behold, barking is a natural act for all our canine buddies. It is a way for dogs to communicate so it is impossible to stop barking dogs. Only when it goes out of control must pet owners come in to look for quick and effective solutions. Barking dog collars such as static bark collars, citronella collars, and sonic anti barking devices. Look for reliable suppliers of said dog tools for this purpose.

4 Items You Need for a Dog’s Birthday Party

A birthday party is a wonderful way to show your best friend how much you love him or her. Show the world what your dog really means to you. Remember that your canine friend is probably the only being in the world which will give you unconditional love and affection always and forever.

What the Remote Dog Training Collar Does Not Do

What are the things that you should know regarding this useful piece of equipment? There is no doubt that the remote dog training collar is useful. It may not be perfect but more people say that it can help with training concerns. It can do a lot of things but the collar should not be used for canines below six months. According to one of the blog “the remote collar is described as tough and can be tougher than large and stubborn dogs. Dog training requires patience on the part of the owner and training and perhaps the use of the collar. These tools are resilient and last long even if your pets are equally aggressive and strong.”

11 Reasons Why Dogs Bark and How You Can Stop Dog Barking

Discover 11 reasons by dogs bark. Knowing the cause help you treat dog barking problems correctly.

Should You Get Your Dog From A Shelter? There Are Many Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are A Great Choice

Getting your next dog from a shelter can be very rewarding and worth your effort to check several shelters to find the best dog for you and your family. There are so many homeless dogs sitting in shelters throughout the entire Country. You can feel good knowing you provided a good dog a better life.

How to Train Any Puppy to Retrieve

Fetching is the perfect way to outlet your puppy’s energy into an activity where both you and your puppy can bond and have fun. Learn to do this with any puppy.

How Not to Impact Your Home Value As a Dog Owner

Owning a dog is one of the greatest aspects of being a home owner. But how do you prevent your dog from decreasing the value of the home itself? Here are some tips, especially for those of you who are about to buy or have a puppy.

Got No Money and My Dog Has Fleas

Dogs get fleas. Dogs bring the fleas home for you to enjoy, too. Presented with a low cash flow, I took matters into my own hands and determined the best way to rid my dog of a flea infestation. Using just what I had on hand, I developed a very effective catalog of home remedies for fleas on dogs.

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