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World Rabies Day

Friday 28th September 2012 will see the 6th World Rabies Day being recognised all over the world. The annual awareness campaign, which is led by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, brings the world together as one to help, realise and understand the importance of rabies prevention.

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Baby Pitbulls for Sale

Are you interested in making the little puppy a member of your family? Have you researched for locating the best breeders in your State? Do you know how to identify the best kind of these small dogs while making an effort to buy? Since people are very enthusiastic about keeping dogs and cats at home, there has been a sizable increase in baby pitbulls for sale.

Dog Training For Beginners – What Breeds Are Known To Be Difficult To Train?

Nearly all dog trainers will tell you any dog can be trained. On the whole that’s true. But, there is no question some breeds are more difficult to train. For that reason, they would not be the best fit for an inexperienced dog owner.

Dog Vestibular Disease: What To Do If Your Pet Has A Head Tilt

If your older dog has a sudden loss of balance, he may have a condition called vestibular disease. In this article I will go over the most common signs of dog vestibular disease, and the likely causes. Then I will cover the top 5 remedies that you can do to heal your dog’s vestibular disease at home.

The Need For Dog Collars Especially For The Pet Owners

Every person who owns a pet canine would do everything they can for their beloved pet. This is a common mentality among dog owners. However, there are a lot of dogs that run around town, and we might think they are strays because they don’t have dog collars.

Handling Puppy Separation Anxiety

Does your puppy tear up your home when left alone or make other unpleasant “gifts” for you while you are away? There are many common misconceptions associated with puppy separation anxiety. Sometimes the owner just assumes that the puppy is being “bad” and punishes the puppy when they return home. In other cases people just assume that the puppy is having separation anxiety but handle it poorly by reacting in a way that will actually promote rather than deter this behavior. The truth is only about 17% of pups suffer from separation anxiety. How can you tell if your pup part of the 17% or just simply a party animal? Read on for tips and tricks to pinpoint the cause, in order to find the solution!

Dog Matching Facial Recognition for Rescue Animals Considered

Not long ago, I met a really nice lady at Starbucks and she runs an animal rescue nonprofit which helps people who want dogs find the dog they desire without buying it from a puppy farm. Recently, someone had dumped 92 puppies on the roadside in TX as the new regulations had started for these types of businesses. Hopefully, all of those puppies will find a home and a loving and caring family. The lady I met runs her animal rescue business in a California high-end community where people like those little dogs, the kind Paris Hilton totes around.

Facts About Rough Coated Collies Dogs

We are all familiar with Lassie and the iconic Collie breed. This classic breed has been herding for centuries, and now is one of the most popular breeds for family pets.

Is a Raw Food Diet the Answer to, “Hey Ma, What’s for Dinner?”

There is a lot of pressure on pet owners when it comes to what they feed their pets. What with internet myths about commercial foods and concerns about raw meat, pet owners are left with many questions. This article offers pros and cons on both sides of the issue so pet owners can make a comfortable decision.

Four Things You Need To Know About Canine Obesity

In the human world, food is a big part of the courtship ritual. It’s not the basis for forming a relationship with a dog. The combination of too many calories, too little exercise, and too many dogs confined in small places has created a perfect storm for an obesity epidemic.

Photographing the Pet Pooch

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, or so owners of these wonderful animals will have it. They are used as working dogs, pets and even seeing-eye dogs for those people who are unable to see. They are also used as rescue dogs too so it would seem that they are inextricably connected to man and all his needs.

Dog Grooming Tips – A General Overview of the Very Basics of Dog Grooming

A guide to dog grooming and care for beginners. 5 tips that you should consider.

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