This One Step Will COMPLETELY Change Your Leash Walking Training

Owning a Great Dane Dog Breed

I have always been a fan of big dogs, and I’m not talking about the 80 pound pooches that many people consider to be big, I’m referring to the hundred pound plus crowd! There are quite a few dog breeds that tip the scales north of the hundred pound mark when fully grown, and despite my love for them I have never actually owned one of them myself.

My Touch: Removes A Dog’s Ouch! – 2

For over 10 years, a career in Public Relations and Marketing consume my daily schedule. Baggage that comes along with it must be set aside, to begin my practice in Canine Massage Therapy. Routine, is different.

How to Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety in dogs surfaces the minute your dog starts anticipating that something bad is going to happen. It may not even be the fear itself that sets off the anxiety, instead it could be an action they associate with the bad thing. Hence a dog can start pacing the floor and whining the minute you pick up your car keys as they associate this action with you going out and them being left home alone.

Why Does My Dog Paw Me? Learn To Speak Dog!

Dogs have three ways of communicating what they want. They bark, paw or mouth. We expect them to be bi-lingual. For a better relationship, return the favor.

Golden Retrievers: The Perfect Family Dog

When searching for a pet to have in your family one of the best choices you can make is a Golden Retriever. Goldens are excellent dogs to have with children around and do well with anyone. These patient, tolerant, and loyal animals are a great choice to have in any home.

The Problem With Dog Owners Is?

The biggest problem with dog owners is they are too different from their dogs and they just do not think about the consequences of their actions. This was very apparent when I went to see a two year old Jack Russell Terrier who was demonstrating behaviours that were giving his owners grave cause for concern. They have had the dog since he was a baby and his behaviour has been steadily deteriorating, especially in the last six to eight months as he started to mature.

Whelping Boxes

The whelping box must be constructed with an open top. With high enough walls where the mother will feel secure and have enough privacy that she is at ease. They should also be high enough that the puppies remain inside when they’re old enough to move around. The box must be draft-free to prevent..

Beware of Antifreeze Poisoning of Your Dog

One of the most dangerous and deadly poisons around, that your dog might get into, is antifreeze for your car. At this time of year, many people are topping off or replacing the antifreeze in their car, which will keep your car’s heating and cooling system functioning in sub-zero weather. If you are one of these people, and a dog owner, this article is for you.

Puppy Whelping Kit

Items you will need to have ready when whelping a litter of puppies: Betadine, for dipping umbilical cords in after cutting and then keeping it clean…

A Nation Of Dog Lovers? I Think Not

Our once fine boast that we are a nation of dog lovers can no longer be upheld, in my opinion. I am happy to say this is still true for a huge number of us but the number of dogs being abandoned and mistreated is still growing far quicker than the systems in place to try and cope with them can cope with and as a result hundreds of dogs are being destroyed every single day just because they are deemed to be a difficult or dangerous breed or they have developed behaviours that owners have found too challenging to…

Behavioral Problems in Dogs

Dogs are naturally social beings who seek attention and thrive on interaction with people and other animals. If a dog is being chained in the same spot for a long period of time, it will suffer from extreme psychological damage.

7 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Chewing on Everything

If you’re like countless others, you’ve got a dog who loves to chew. Learn 7 helpful tips to stop your dog from chewing. You’ll be happy you did… and so will your shoes!

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