This Quick Dog Training Tip Is So Important

Dealing With Insect Bites in Dogs

Dogs are inquisitive creatures by nature; they like to explore their environment. This curiosity will commonly result in bites and stings from insects. Some places just have too many insects around and in such cases insect bites are not completely avoidable.

Thumbs Up for Dogs!

Despite being a nation of dog lovers if you have a dog you will have experienced at some point a stern “No dogs allowed” sign or two on your travels. So if you want to set off on a dog walk what can you do?

Finding the Right Food for Your Bichon

Skin and allergy problems are the primary health issues associated with the Bichon Frise, and many of these issues can be directly related to the quality of the dog’s diet. Food is a serious issue for this breed. To begin with, the health conditions mentioned above must be taken into consideration.

How to Select the Right Crate When Choosing From a Dog Supplies Catalog

Choosing the right crate for your pet is difficult even if you are already looking at it in the store. Selecting the right one for your buddy from a dog supplies catalog would be so much harder.

Pug Wrinkles

As pug puppies grow older their faces get more and more wrinkles. This means that they will have many wrinkles on their skin. We love this about our pug and always joke about how he got a scrunched in face in the first place.

10 Reasons NOT to Get a Dog

Are you considering getting a dog? How will it affect your life style? We reveal some of the down sides to owning a dog.

Our Christmas Miracle

Last Christmas Eve my husband and I spent the day searching for one of our rescue dogs. She was a small Border Collie mix we lovingly named “Pebbles”. She had slipped her leash on the way home from an adoption in MD.

I Was an Only Dog for 15 Years and Along Came Junior

Did you know only child syndrome also applies to dogs? Well of course it does, if a human child is an only child for several years and then along comes a sibling, there will be sibling rivalry as the new child starts to take attention the eldest child is used to getting and bad behaviour is one sure way to ensure you get your attention back. This is well documented in humans yet rarely recognised in the same way in dogs.

With Your Pet Dog, An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Ton of Cure

Don’t let your pet dog become just another statistic in a rescue group or animal control facility. The downward spiral of dog behavior can be subtle yet devastating for the future of the pet dog. What starts out as cute can soon be annoying or in some cases dangerous.

Tips for Hiring a Pet Sitter

A pet is a part of the family, but there are times when you just cannot help leaving the pet at home, and when you do that, naturally you want someone to care for your loving and valuable family member. Only a responsible, qualified and pet-loving person can take care of your pet when you’re out. Most pet sitters are unregulated, but you must hire the professionals. Here is a guide that can help you choose the right pet sitter.

Wire Dog Crates – Lots Of Options For Your Dog

You can keep your dog safe and secure at home and when you travel if you get one or more wire dog crates. There are many sizes and styles to choose from. Keep reading for some tips so you know you get the right one for you and your dog…

Can Dogs Get Motion Sickness in a Moving Vehicle?

Most dogs have adjusted very well to a lifestyle in which the car plays a very important role, but not all canines are happy when their owners ask them to get in for a ride. Is it possible that this discomfort is caused by Motion Sickness? Or is this condition a privilege of the human race?

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