Tom Holland: The Puppy Interview (Part Two)

i'm gonna go in levels of cuteness this one get in there guys hello beautiful guys guys guys guys guys i'm so sorry i forgot your question again hello puppy you can go to sleep and live with us in my apartment because you're gonna be our puppy what's up guys very exciting day today i am back with buzzfeed and i am gonna get to sit down with some puppies and answer some wonderful questions i'm sure i won't answer any of the questions because i will be so infatuated by these wonderful little puppies so i'm very excited to be back the first person to be back let's do this please bring me puppies [Music] are they gonna bring them all at once oh oh hello hello little puppy oh no it's okay oh oh he smells so good hello hello oh hello [Music] it was amazing it was incredible it's a film about exploration so it made sense to us that we needed to be on practical locations you know in barcelona look at that puppy i wonder what they think is going on this one is double cute head oh do you want to go play go play what was your question my favorite stunt in the uncharted look at these dogs stop it guys this is beautiful this little one you so you're like me you're the little one hello i think this one's my favorite no no no it's okay i'll protect you come up here oh [Music] little belly scratch what was your question again what are we talking about favorite stunts uh there's a stunt in the movie hello this is a big one he's gonna be a big dog my favorite stunt to film an uncharted oh no careful careful careful i like the stunt where i fall out the back of the plane i get hit by the car that was a lot of fun it was very nerve-wracking my mum came to see me that day um and that was a lot of fun oh wow this one is now loving my shoes these aren't my shoes i'm borrowing them so you can do whatever you want to them mate come on get in there get in there do you ever get anything done in these interviews [Music] the first scene we filmed was us in the crypt and it was very fun i was very excited to meet him i've been a big fan of his for a long time come here puppy uh and we were good friends we had a good time and you know it was one of those things where we didn't have to force the chemistry which was really nice i love the fact that this dog is chewing on these shoes louboutins are they tasty the shoes hello beautiful my favorite thing to shoot with sofia is the scene where she knocks me out with the gun because it's one of those things where it really annoys me in films when people play unconscious but you can see them like oh you can see them like catch themselves as they hit the floor wow these dogs are ripping these shoes man i can't wait to send these back to christian the booty and be like i'm so sorry it's quite cute as well their little teeth can't quite get into it what would i like to see i'd like to travel the world some more you know obviously with this film because of covid we weren't able to um travel everywhere we wanted to go so it'd be nice to make another movie and um and just travel some more you know and get to see the world and make a movie and hello puppy oh hello puppy yeah that would be fun this one just wants to go to bed you can go to sleep and live with us in my apartment because you're gonna be our puppy [Music] if i could do a lipstick about i would choose i would do a song from tiktik boom and impersonate him hello oh i'm gonna lie down with you not so much a funny story but um this dog loves my shoes not so much a funny story but i do remember um guys guys guys guys guys just being really felt feeling really bad about lying to everyone all the time because everyone really wanted to know and i just was constantly lying about the fact that they weren't in the film where are you going mate this one has stopped nimble in my shoes and started nibbling my ankle this is a very cute one he or she she i mean down he always answers when i call him down he probably would answer hello mate i'm gonna go in levels of cuteness this one is pretty cute maybe that's what we need guys is a team dog we're about to shoot a tv show here in new york for the next seven months and maybe what we need is a team are you okay mate relax bro no but i am about to take a puppy home from this interview now i've taken loads of props home i steal props all the time with permission sometimes i love that they had nibbling on these shoes how much are these shoes 1800 bucks get in there guys my stylist lore is probably having a fit right now [Music] i would be an euphoria i think i'd be a really good maddie i'm a big euphoria fan i love the show and i love season two i visited a lot while they were shooting it and i really really enjoyed it oh he's up again i would love to guest star we'll just be an extra in it or maybe i am you just don't know [Music] careful careful your mate is trying to sleep there i haven't actually i have a background in tap dancing i've been tap dancing for years so a lot of that is going to be sort of relearning stuff i already know but i'm very excited we're very early stages of development so i still haven't read a script yet but it's very exciting but not as exciting as the fact that this dog chose me to come home with me i would probably just go and walk around town and go and visit all the favorite spots i used to go as a kid and enjoy which i can't go to anymore someone made a bad smell and it wasn't me i can't believe how soft they are you're a little terror you are he's like you're all trying to sleep get up i think arvin russell would probably be the trickiest one to get along with please get in there and get comfy that would be so cute now you're just going to walk all over him i think nathan drake and peter parker would really get along they're both very adventurous they like doing the right thing hey oh there's a shoe there mate [Music] i think for me was when buzzfeed invited me back out out careful was when they invited me back to do puppies 2.0 we are not gonna be able to give any of these clothes back there is a hole in my trousers and these are actually my socks [Music] i've got some amazing that is so cute how is that comfortable for him on the bottom no guys guys i'm so sorry i'll protect you guys you can go back to sleep i've had some pretty cool fan art like loads of really great fan art which has been a lot of fun some of the fans are so talented and they do amazing stuff and it's really expressionistic and really different and so i that's the stuff i really like ow got sharp little teeth man come and join the cuddle come and join this cuddle any book i probably have to say the harry potter books like to go back and read those again was pretty magical i'd love to go and re-watch or relive the time i saw spider-man 1 for the first time i was very excited obviously it was a big thing for me to be in that movie and it was life-changing so the day that i got to go and see that was incredibly exciting hello hello what's what are you going through what are you going through what's happening here mate this is the one for me and that is definitely look at this guy yeah get it get it get it oh i know we're gonna put you up here so you're out of the way there we go look they've all left and there's one final candidate he likes the taste of my makeup oh i know hey guys i charted this out guys i'm trying to record my lines i charted this out please go to the cinema and enjoy it i hope you have a wonderful ride and enjoy the escapism so chris evans he hasn't got to do it once evans i don't even think you need to promote anything i think you could just come here and do this he has a beautiful dog as well should bring your dog and then you can have another little dog all of these beautiful puppies that you've seen here are adoptable they are from the north shore animal league america so please find these little guys a wonderful home they all deserve it they're all very cute and this one's my favorite and i'd like to apologize to christian labusine because i will not be paying for these shoes you

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