Top 5 Ways To Make Your KONG More Interesting!

Bichon Breeder Buying Guide

If you have made the decision to become a bichon owner, you have one final decision to make: will you adopt a bichon from an animal shelter/bichon rescue, or buy directly from a bichon breeder? In the end the choice is yours, but here we will look at the process of finding and buying from a breeder.

How to Get Your Chihuahua to Stop Barking

Chihuahuas can be particularly noisy dogs but if you’re a Chihuahua owner don’t fret because there are ways to deal with it. This article contains some great advice on how to stop your Chihuahua barking. I hope it’s helpful to you.

Barking Dogs Can Be Helped

Barking is perfectly normal for a dog because it is the way dogs communicate. Daily training is the key to help barking dogs. Training also gives your dog a life and is the way for lifelong bonding. Your bonded dog is more aware and can alert you to danger by barking and perhaps save your life.

Australian Shepherds Could Be the Right Dog for You

A trainable dog like an Australian Shepherd is an ideal herding dog since they are naturally obedient and also very smart. Born to be herders, Australian Shepherds have very quick defensive senses that also make them the perfect watch dogs.

Stop Dog Barking With Anti Bark Collars

Does your dog bark excessively? By this I mean that your pet doesn’t seem to know when to stop barking. First you must know that for dogs to bark is normal and natural.

Training Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash

Start training your puppy to walk on a leash as soon as you get him home. You don’t need a leash to begin… in fact, I recommend you simply teach him to follow you off leash.

Treating Your Dog For Giardia

Giardia in dogs is more common than you think. Do not use metronidazole to treat your dog for Giardia. Here’s why…

Why Dogs Do What They Do

We get to meet a lot of pets, especially dogs. They seem to have a taste for some bizarre items. It may seem unlikely and certainly unappetizing, but objects like marbles, toys, and other plastic items are routinely removed from the stomachs of our pets. What is even more surprising is that our pets seem to recover without any lasting effects. Common items include sticks, clothes, cottons etc. So why do our pets seem to be so fascinated with these weird objects? Obviously items with the food scent on them might be mistakenly swallowed. Well, what about objects like marbles or coins? Well, no one really knows. Veterinarians do advise that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

An Italian Greyhound With Major Dog Aggression

Tonight I have been working with an Italian greyhound that has a barking problem around other dogs as well as a deep fear of other dogs. It doesn’t matter where her owner takes her, she will see a dog and start barking and lunging, she has a very loud bark for such a small dog and she can go on for a long time. From the moment her owner brought her out of the car, she was in full cry, barking, pulling and stressing.

The Truth About Wireless Pet Fences – Are They Safe For My Pet?

Picture yourself standing outside, bundled in five or six layers as the winter wind blows and your dog casually meanders back and forth trying to find the “perfect” spot to do his business. Or maybe it’s raining cats and dogs, you’ve got a business meeting in ten minutes, and your hair (which you just spent an hour styling) is getting good and soaked as your dog drags you through the yard at the end of his leash. You’d just LOVE to set up a fence around the yard so you can let your dog outside without the hassle of messing with leashes, but they cost thousands of dollars! It seems that you’ll just have to suffer through the bitterly cold winter days and the rainy downpours.

Maltese Grooming Tips: Caring for Coat, Ears, and Nails

The Maltese breed has been around for centuries but has only recently become a very popular pet for the average pet owner. Maltese are renowned for their small size, gentle nature, and their long silky hair that covers their body from head to toe. Because of this luxurious hair coat, the Maltese can require some extra care and there are some specific tips for grooming your Maltese that every owner should be aware of.

Easy To Follow Instructions For Bathing And Grooming Your Maltese

Grooming your Maltese is not difficult; however, they do need grooming on a regular basis. A Maltese requires daily hair brushing to prevent the hair from matting. An active dog may require more time to groom daily in order to remove dust and dirt from their hair as this can cause it to mat. A Maltese also needs their eyes cleaned daily to prevent tear stains on their white coat.

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