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german shepherds are now one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide in fact german shepherds have many talents and desirable traits which make them the best dogs that every household should own let's jump straight into the videos of 8 reasons why we should have a german shepherd [Music] due to their high intelligence and versatility german shepherds are also widely trained as service dogs to aid people with disabilities some of them even are trained to compete in dog sporting events [Music] not only do german shepherd perform well in task training obedience training wouldn't be any problem for them as well they will listen and obey to your commands sit pop good boy lay down stay stay stay okay good boy german shepherd are one of the healthiest dog breed they can live to up to 13 years if they are properly cared for german shepherds love to exercise thus they are free from weight problems their owners don't have to worry about their health [Music] german shepherds are adaptable to any kind of lifestyle and living situation homes with a large yard is ideal for german shepherds but they can easily adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise [Music] they can spend their whole days outdoor if you love jogging hiking and hunting german shepherds are one of the best companions you can have they can become very affectionate towards their owners and in turn become protective of their owners they would also protect all their family members in the household you won't know how much they love you [Music] they can get along well with cats and other dogs some german shepherds can even become gentle and caring towards other pets [Music] german shepherds love to play with children if they are trained well to do so when they are young proper puppy training is essential along with love care and respect towards your pooch [Music] do we miss any reason why to get a german shepherd what makes this dog breed stand out to you comment down below and subscribe to our channel to catch up with the latest videos [Music]

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