Top Tips for Sheepdog Training (Part 1) Remember the Dog’s Hunting

hello I'm Andy Nicholas and this is my partner Jill Watson's hello we've been producing sheep dog training videos since 2009 you might know our DVD first steps in border collie sheep dog training all the sheepdog training tutorials on the working sheepdog website now are offering some shortened tutorials free of charge here on YouTube our first series of eight videos is called top tips for sheepdog training and covers some essential basics you may not have thought of some of the videos here include references to the full online versions that cover the topics in much greater detail and you'll find links to more information below each video top tips for easier sheep dog training part 1 remember the dogs hunting first-time sheep and cattle dog trainers are often shocked to find that when their dog first encounters stock it changes from sweet and obedient into a rampaging killer not all dogs are thus aggressive when they begin training but a great many are and to be honest it's not such a bad thing as long as we know how to quickly get the dog under control the dog needs training if it's got the right instincts it should become a superb herding dog but getting the dog and sheep under control can be the most difficult part to train a dog to work livestock the first thing you should understand is that when your dog confronts these animals it uses an ancient hunting instinct and yes it wants to kill them it's widely believed that dogs are descended from wolves and even those who dispute this can't deny that whatever their ancestry wild dogs must have hunted other animals to survive I very firmly believe that dogs are pack animals with a very strong pack instinct and that they use their hunting instinct when they confront prey animals I was told this when I began training sheep dogs but it was several years before I realized how crucial it is you don't have a whole new world for me so far as understanding the behavior of sheep and cattle dogs was concerned the answer to just about every issue that ever crops up with training herding dogs can be understood and corrected if you think of it in terms of a predator hunting its prey one of the best examples of this is the trainee dogs reluctance to get sheep away from a fence or out of a corner out in the open field the dog is king it can outmaneuver its prey with ease but when the preys tight against the fence or other obstacle to get it away from there the dog must go between the prey and the fence here's the dog becomes highly vulnerable to attack from the prey and because it's in such a confined space the dog is trapped there so when we ask our trainee dog to get animals away from a fence of some sort it's no wonder the dogs reluctant to do it corners are worse than fences because the space is confined along two sides and of course a yard or pen is worst of all because space is confined all the way around and to the dog there appears to be no escape at all but if we train the dog and build its confidence it'll help get stock out of any situation there's lots of interesting information about pack behavior on the tutorial an insight into pack behavior and get off the fence will help you understand how to get stuck away from fences and corners thanks for watching the video if you'd like to see more of them in future use the subscribe button and of course click the like button too if you'd like to get a better understanding of your dog and have full access to over 70 tutorials which will help you to train it to work sheep or cattle go to the working sheepdog website and sign up

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