Train your Dog to Come EVERYTIME You Call! Recall part 1

train your dog to come training today I want to teach recall should never do your dog in your kitchen
if you're actually a time let's say you can't hold down to shoot up there just
wanted to you and show the shoe and wrapped around his last chance to that
you know catch them in the act you can't you know when you call it a
good you have to come over to be excited to be let's do something that might be a
period of about and I have to give my dog that I don't get to the hole and
then call either to me I go and I am I just jumping over with the leadership of
color and get them about because I don't want him to Associated me standing at
the home calling him the negative things about him they sometimes he will like it there something that might be a
little bit of letting them go and get my dog that thing let's say early on and
recall that although she did not recall it all and carp and the only region
around here there's a lot of police activity was done so I want to get my
dog back to me let's recall very well and I column to me because I kind of
don't go running toward all think it's a game or something later on the graph
looks up at the sky and your chances are better come over out of care of me and
you can grab the college don't ever change your dog when you're trying to
get the dog to come to you just make it a game so let's get started calling her
dog recall yeah pressure

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