Train Your Dog To Come When Called By Making It Fun For Them – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Beeline, come! Wooooo! Now I like to do something
with my puppy every single day, whether I'm training her to do
something to do with agility, or just basic dog training,
I like to do something small every single day. Now, today I thought we would play around with my puppy's recall. She's 11 months old, and knock on wood, her recall is pretty reliable. She's off leash most of the time, but what I know about dog training is that it's often a really smart idea to practice skills around distractions when you don't actually need them or it's not an emergency situation. Rather than waiting until
she's actually distracted chasing after something,
or looking at something that's very exciting to her, it's a good idea for me
to practice my recall, setting up some of my own distractions, to work on reliability and
get a lot of opportunity to get some rewards in.

So, I'm gonna play around
with some of that right now. The first thing that I'm gonna do is just sort of hang out here and not really look like
I'm about to do something because I often struggle
with distracting my dog, because if she thinks I'm up to something she pays too good of attention to me. So I'm just gonna sorta
let her wander around a little bit and when
she's not focused on me, I'm gonna call her to come. And when you practice something like this, mix up the ending. Sometimes when I call
her I'm gonna praise her and just have fun and tug and
play or even use some food, other times I might make her come in and be really stationary
and controlled and sit.

So, she's not really
paying attention right now, Bee, come! Yah, good girl! Yay, good girl! Yes, good girly! Yay! Good! Yes that's a good girl. Out. Sit. Ah, sit. Good girl, yes. Good. Okay, go play. I think she's already on to me. I might have to do– Bee, come! Yes! That was a good one! Yay, good girl! Yes! That was a fast one! Good girl! Oh, such a smart thing. Okay, out. Sit. Yes! Get it! She sat a lot faster that time, so I'm gonna reward her for listening by letting her play tug again. Good girl Miss Bee head. Bee, come! Yes! Good girl! Yay! Yah, good girl! So as I've been trying to practice here, she started catching on to the game. So I'm gonna sort of make a distraction, I have a little piece of
chicken wiener here, a hot dog, and I'm just gonna throw
it out in the grass and let her sniff and try and find it. Once I see that she's gotten it, I'm gonna call her and I
expect her to stop sniffing and come to me right away.

And then this time I'm going
to choose to reward her by way of food, so when she gets in close, I'm gonna draw her in, get her to sit, reward her often, just to
get her calm and settled. And some dogs might prefer this style of reward over the other. I think she prefers to
play and tug and be crazy, but I don't want a crazy dog all the time. Sometimes I do want her to be calm, so I make sure I practice both. Go get it. Bee, come! Yes! Sit. Yay! That was a good one. Yes. So I'm gonna reward her several
times when she gets to me, and the other thing we recommend you do is also practice sometimes
taking ahold of their collar because if you need to hook a leash on or get them focused, get their control, a lot of dogs will boot out of the way when you put your hand on their collar.

She's really used to me
putting my hand there, because she knows I'm gonna get rewards. Out. And give them right to her. Good girl, yes. And then last but not least, she's not allowed to leave this until I release her, so
she doesn't just use me as a drive through. You make sure you hold
that sit, young lady. Okay. Now once I say okay she can
go and do her own thing again, and I'll just wait for
her to get distracted and we can practice some more. – Another thing you really wanna
make sure that you practice is an out of sight recall. So I have Beeline with me here, and we're tucked behind these bushes. I've got her distracted right
now, and Kayl's gonna call, once I've rewarded Bee
for hanging out with me, Kayl's gonna call and we'll see if Beeline responds right to Kayl.

– Beeline, come! Wooo! (upbeat techno music) Bee and I were just
practicing our recalls, now she's obsessing about–
– Oh no. – (laughing) Can't stop. We were just practicing our recalls and she was a really really good girl, luckily I didn't have to
give her any reminders. She aced all of the different
distractions I threw at her which made us very happy. But now, our good friend
Mark is gonna come over and we're gonna take the
dogs on a great hike. We have a wonderful walking space just near our house and it's
awesome exercise for the dogs and it's actually really
good exercise for us, too, it's quite the hike, so we look forward to spending some time out in
the forest with the dogs. – If you scratch Bee enough, she'll actually fall asleep standing up. – Yup. There she goes. (upbeat music) So, Bee keeps bringing me this toy, I think she wants to do something.

pexels photo 6568480

So I thought it would be fun
to see if she can figure out if I throw it off the deck onto the lawn, if she can figure out how to
safely go and get the toy, so we'll see how she does. Out. Wait. Wait. See it. See it. Okay, go find it. Okay, go find it. Go find it. Where's your toy? Go get it. No, no.

No, no, no. Go get your toy, go get your toy. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, atta girl! Yay! Good! Thank you, Bee. Out. One more, out. Wait. Okay, go get it. Now she's got it, good girl! She wouldn't even be able
to fit through those things she's so skinny. Come on! Yes, Beeline. Bring it up, bring it up. Out. Yes. So we're hanging out on the deck right now on our veranda just relaxing with Bee and some of you may be wondering why Bee's getting all
the special treatment. Well, we had a good walk
with the other dogs, and we thought we would
just let her hang out and do some recall training.

And we don't need to have all of our dogs all together all of the time. We do have a lot of dogs, probably more, a lot
more, than most people. And one of the ways that
we make sure that they all get individual attention is
by separating them sometimes and only having one of them with us while the other ones are together. So we have a big, huge dog area outside and the rest of the dogs are out back, you know, lounging away in the
cots that we have for them. And she's here with us, spending
good quality time with us, where she doesn't have to
fight for our attention, just the three of us together, and we make sure we do this with each and every one of our dogs. We think that's really important when you have a big pack of dogs, that they all get that
individual attention, that a dog that was just a
single dog family home would get. (upbeat techno music) – Another busy day's in the books. (laughter) We tried to record this, we
started this a couple times, and every time we start these wrap ups, Kayl bursts into laughter, I'm not really sure
what she finds so funny.

– I don't even know what's so funny, I just for some reason, I just can't stop laughing during this. – Yeah. – It's so challenging.
– I'm ready, I'm ready. – And we have to do these
wrap ups all the time, and you guys have no idea how difficult it is to get these done when Kayl's giggling the whole time. It's really challenging. Honestly. With that said, I think
there's lots to be taken away from today's video. We did some training with Beeline, it's really important to train your dog in real life scenarios and
practice once in awhile, because that way you can be sure that when you actually need that skill, your dog will respond the right way, I think that's really important.

And change up your rewards. – Yes. She's more of a
tugger rather than a foodie. – For sure, and even for
the stationary skills she responds maybe better to the idea that she might be getting a
toy reward or a tugging reward. So, know your dog. – They're all different, though. – Yeah, work with your dog and you might discover
some of these things. We are gonna be doing a video coming up that teaches you how to
teach your dog to snuggle, basically it's like a trick. But someone had asked us in
the comments about doing that, so if you have anything
you'd like to learn, if you have any tricks
you'd like to learn, or anything you'd like to know, make sure you ask us in the comments below because that's how it
helps us make our videos, gives up some ideas of what
you guys might like to see.

But above all else, make sure you do something
awesome with your dog today. I'm Ken, this is Kayl, happy training. (techno music).

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