Training ‘AGGRESSIVE’ Cane Corso To Stop Attacking Other Dogs

Dog Home Grooming Tips – How You Can Groom Your Dog Yourself?

Grooming your dog can be an exciting experience for you and your pet depending on how to handle it. Proper preparation and the right attitude is the key to having a successful grooming session with your dog. To pave a way for successful grooming sessions, it is best to groom your pet after a long walk or exercise. This would help to calm her down and she would be unable to put up much fight and resistance when she is physically exhausted.

Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Be Friends With Every Dog He Meets

You may have been a victim of this scenario; you and your dog are taking a nice relaxed stroll when here comes the guy with his dog at the end of the leash pulling right for you. The guy calls out, “My dog just wants to be friends with your dog!” Ugh.

Choosing the Best Dog Breed to Complete Your Family

Dogs have been included in households around the country for centuries, completing a family in a way. Many believe that every child should have a pet of some kind and most households will choose a cute and cuddly puppy.

Tips on Choosing the Best Bulldog Puppy

You’ve seen a sign for bulldogs for sale and think that a stocky and cute bulldog puppy will be a great addition to your home. While this is probably true, there are a few things you should know about this dog breed and how to choose a puppy to ensure you are getting the best one to fit in with your family. English bulldogs are short dogs, but while they are short, they are strong, muscular and stocky in appearance.

Parasites in Dogs

Unfortunately, your dog can be affected by external and/or internal parasites. Fortunately, treatment can be relatively easy with the help of your veterinarian. We will discuss some of the most common parasites and how they can affect your pet.

Common Illnesses of Dogs

Like people, dogs can be afflicted by a number of diseases. Fortunately, most can be prevented with a vaccine. We will discuss the many possible diseases that can affect your pet and the necessary vaccines to prevent them.

Safety in Homes With Dogs and Children

Most dogs are strongly attracted to children in a positive way; however, some work is often needed to ensure that their relationship is a good one. We will discuss ways to introduce babies or children to your dog to prevent any problems.

Caring for Your Dog During a Disaster

Natural disasters or emergencies can happen with little or no warning. It is critical that your pet enters into your emergency planning to ensure that they are safe and sound.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Collars for Dogs

Almost every dog breed can benefit from obedience training of some sort. Positive reinforcement training works best for our family pets. We will discuss the option of using electronic collars with extra care with your dog if necessary.

Hot Weather and Your Dog

Most dogs are sensitive to hot weather but there are several breeds that can be negatively impacted by hot weather. Dogs with shortened faces like bulldogs or pugs can suffer tremendously in a heat wave. We will discuss the care needed for dogs in hot weather and what to do if you think your pet is suffering from heat stroke.

Mad Max Road Warrior Dog and the Power of Positive Reinforcement

Mad Max was a brilliant and funny bull terrier mix who taught me the power of positive reinforcement in dog training. He was very quick to learn new tricks and always seemed to have a demented sense of humor. Max never saw his fourth birthday. I learned a tragic lesson from a dog a loved very much.

Dog Grooming Basics – Taking Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

Dogs are also prone to teeth problems just like human beings. If your dog’s oral hygiene is neglected, bacteria may begin to develop and live in the teeth causing the teeth to decay and even lead to gum disease. Taking good care of your pet’s teeth is not a form of indulgence but a necessity that must be done regularly to promote your pet’s health and general well-being.

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