Training the Chihuahua dog-Sit-Come-stay,episode 1

hello everyone my name is James frampton this video you one over many on training a chihuahua chihuahua the chihuahua that i have today,that ill be training is mine,her name is tequila i call her Kiki so throughout the tape
you'll be hearing me call he kiki, thats what i call her but her real name is tequila okay this is going to be her
first training session very first training session , and im going to be teaching her to come, sit, and stay. and so this series of videos will run until she comes sits and stays without this leash here and I'm hoping that it doesn't take
that long I have trained dogs for years and I'll most the dogs that I have owned have
all been Doberman Pinschers so this is a big change here going from a doberman pinschers to a small chihuahua,but i love her to death and shes very smart so I just wanted to show my way this is the way, there
are several different ways you can train a dog but this way I personally have trained
um dogs that i've owned in the past and it's always worked for me and i hope this is going to work for her.

Ok ive got some notes here, i don't want to forget anything.One of the things we want to make sure is that we have no distractions
whatsoever while were training her uh, any kind of distractions will just make the training much harder so we want to make sure that we
don't have any distractions any kind of noise,any kinda of people or walking around or anything like that and
so im back here by myself with her and so we should have no problem with that I will be training her with a leash,and when the series this series of videos is
over I will have no leash,and she should come sit and stay,without this leash without any problem. uh i plan on training her 4 times a week 20 to 25 minutes per session so I will be videotaping each one of these sessions
uh so shes a blue chihuahua, her name is tequila,i call her kiki she's a little over a year old and we're going to start in this area and uh,like i said were gonna keep keep training until she gets this down right.

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Stay with me I'll be back in just a moment.thank you. I have KiKi here. got her leash and this is a little body collar. her first training session and see it counts today like I said some give you that may be watching this
you train all different you make you may train completely different than what
you're seeing here this works for me this is work for my Dawgz true or Doberman Pinschers this first
time I'm going to be trying wall so what you're seeing here is is has worked for me sets the eighties probably had a few good tender fit changeover venture so this is going to be the first time I've
train wall it's going to going to be using the
same techniques that I did on those Dover start alright alright us her stay stay said said said stay state day Cup good girl like care one also South things here one thing wanna make sure that you never
do your training August use to be harsh your your training her in the process learning they're being trying would be
like you being to a job with her first day on the
job losses teaching you whatever your it is
you have to do you're not gonna know that frontal it's
gonna take you several weeks to start ballin find out
how things are going to helping same thing goes with this with them be patient home with and it'll come he'll come around they'll come around to
but you so if you ever find yourself getting
aggravated or your ok talking sq so aggravated your hollering and things
like that just give it up just give it up tried a couple days
later just wanna make sure that you patient with they'll home talk ass is just lock we just like people it
takes a while for you to understand what's going on
same way with them try to get her attention catch stay stay stay Cup care she's what a ploy okay ask play get through okay this ok alright kick said we have track this paper picked out for a little break
I'll be back in just a moment all right we're back and we're gonna start of the able to
gonna sis straight come and we just keep doing
this keep repeating it and chill they finally
shipped to finally come to any profit but she's its she's doing really great for her for
the surfer session so started again kicking care said said said I just gently pushed out on her back
just gently push down on her back use the command when I do do that see see that's a perfect sample
distraction ollie late late Cup got you go stuff go okay strategy kicking set set cut car her cooling her stay stay stay care care sheathing wat to please you they want to please you she's doing great pride she's absolutely doing great brother service tile patients repetition make sure you trade a about the same
time every day we're trying to about the same
time everyday keep the schedule keep them on schedule yourself on
schedule scheme just keep going at it it will come about pic shit set set set car pair care the key stay stay Cup care could care care him track sample with Trent this site offer over good girl long-haul come off Cup care care alright it ticket it shit said yet care are having a bar for another 12 distraction you can see
what I'm talking about the distraction they'll ship it got slowly coming over
here another distraction the next take I'm
going to make sure fish his on a leash although this in the house right now stop not
able to see it so really a pro this happen to show you
that you don't want any distractions what's so ever ollie leave leave leave Cup okay all get back hitter your mom back on the
train Lee go go ok it said said said stay state stay pick it up care her also you wanna be absolutely not angry 0 will be firm though when you're when you're given these commands you
wanna be firm with wanna speak each command clearly to and use the same command
every time you don't wanna come from there say one thing today and then say
another thing tomorrow you will use the same command every single town every training session it that way they'll remember it and it'll make your
training a lot easier lot quicker and so as I keep train her now remember certain things important things that I should tell you
a list of and let you know it's ok she's doing absolutely fantastic alright coming girl alright said said good her sure come Cup good era Walker available good the leash bit I think Cup Cup this holder in the direction that I walked
through not hard ish for other people sure given her
direction where I want her to go way up Cup using the same command worked out said tall her her Sharif said sorry his army or see a 5 overstretched stay like her alright that's the end of the session here
somewhere dark sport in the house want to make sure that all the
distractions around tomorrow when I start the saddest not tomorrow the next day make sure all the distractions are gone that way
she can state totally focused on the in Acton
stay focused on her or but she did real break on her first day her first
trading day all make a little longer the next
training session so each town lumber out work myself up
to about 25 minutes today but i wanna make sure the next
round all distractions are gone no distractions whatsoever through the
next town my name is James frampton with the TRA
Wallace loft like I said if you can chew with the tape like the
tape it's been helpful please subscribe right here I appreciate
all my subscribers and we have a lot more to come and I do appreciate it thank you and have a nice
night see you next time skirts risk

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