Training the No Command | Lucky Dog

it's safe to say that Poppi has a huge
appetite so today I'm gonna train Poppi on a command that he's obviously never
heard in his life the no so I hopped him up to the training platform I put a
treat about a foot away from him and he lunged at it so quick he got it and
I had to fish it out of his mouth you think you're slick so now it's 1-0 dog
so I'm off to a bad start so once again I place the treat about a foot away from
him and as he lunges for it I tapped the top of the platform the sound is meant
to do two things it's meant to discourage him and take him off guard
for a second okay now the scores even dog and dog
trainer 1-1 now he's starting to grasp the concept so I split the difference
this time he doesn't lunge for the treat I don't have to hit the platform this
time I keep repeating the process until the treat is eventually right under his
chin now that he fully grasped the concept I
take a handful of treats and spread them out right in front of him under his chin
and say the word no he simply respects the command

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