Trying To Stop Puppy Biting? Forget What You’ve Been Told..

Teach a Dog Obedience and Tricks With a Dog Clicker App on the iPhone

Teaching a dog tricks with a dog clicker is fast and effective, it will let you get much closer to your companion as they will look to you for guidance. A happy dog helps create a happier home.

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever Facts

Now here’s a bigger dog called Labrador Retriever, kind of gun dog that is popular all over the world. Find out more interesting facts and trivia about Labrador Retriever dogs here.

Want to Get in Shape? Get A Dog!

Looking to get in shape but can’t with it? You aren’t alone in that. Want to know how to fix it? Get a dog. Really though, my dog taught me to love exercise and kept my motivation to continue doing it.

Dog For Sale: Factors To Consider When Buying A Family Dog

Dogs are great companions; however, you need to choose the right one for you to reap the benefits. When buying a family dog you need to consider the following factors: History You need to consider the history of the dog that you want to buy. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the breed has a history of being used as a family dog. To guide you through, here are some of the most common breeds that have been used as family dogs: Newfoundland, Papillon, golden retriever, Pug, and lovable mutt.

Puppies For Sale: Start Training Your New Pup Immediately

It’s an exciting thing when you act upon the “puppies for sale” sign in the window and adopt one of your own, but owning a dog is a lot of hard work. It’s important that you start training right away.

Dog Toy and Playing Tips

Our dogs are amazing animals, they will give us unconditional love, will be our best friend and play with us no matter what, how special is that? Dogs are more than willing to play with anything we give them or they can get their paws on.

Why You Should Never Use Human Shampoo for Your Dog

Dog shampoos are an integral part of dog grooming. Just like we cannot buy just any shampoo for our hair, dog shampoo also needs to be chosen with care. Along with buying a dog shampoo, a dog conditioner is also a must-have item for protecting the coat of your pet and also for providing it with a luxurious shine.

Cocker Spaniel For Sale: A Few Things You Need To Know About Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. While the dog is popular, you should not keep him in your house without knowing about him. To guide you through, here are a few things you need to know about him.

Dog For Sale: Warning Signs To Watch Out For When Dealing With Breeders

Although, the best place to buy puppies is from breeders, you should be careful when making the purchase. This calls for you to be observant of warning signs that might be suggestive of something wrong. Some of the warning signs that you need to be cautious of include: Meeting venue As rule of thumb you should visit the breeder at his kennel. If you notice that the breeder is suggesting that you meet in another place other than at the kennel, you should refuse to do it.

Puppies For Sale: Steps To Follow When Buying Puppies

It’s always exciting for one to buy a puppy; however, many first-timers don’t know how to make the purchase. If you are interested in buying a puppy, here are the steps that you should follow: Prepare for the puppy Here you need to identify the right dog for you. To settle on a given breed you need to analyze your situation. For example, you need to consider your personality. If you like relaxing indoors, you should go for a dog that doesn’t like jumping and running. This calls for you to avoid a dog such as a Siberian husky.

How To Choose Healthy English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

English bulldogs are loyal and good-natured puppies which makes them ideal family pets. While they are great pets, the puppies tend to suffer from a number of genetic defects such as hip dysplasia. Although, the dogs are prone to diseases you can choose a healthy British bulldog for sale by putting the following tips into consideration:

Would You Like To Quiet A Barking Dog?

Dogs bark for all sorts of reasons, it could be to tell you that they want something, like exercise, a toilet break or some other attention from you (like food or play); it could be a warning about something they feel may be a threat, excitement over something they would like to get close to or chase, a warning where someone or something has invaded ‘their’ territory, or because something has surprised them or is different from usual! When your dog barks it may not be an issue to you and you might not be in the least concerned about stopping them; there may, however, be times when it is really not convenient or perhaps it’s even a downright nuisance… to you and others!

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