U-Kwon could be the next trainer Kang [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2020.03.17]

They're putting on protective gear. Oh, that's so unnecessary. But I'll wear them. (It was a safe shoot with the guidance of a trainer) These are kind of embarrassing. Won't these make us look more threatening? I'm more scared because they gave us these. (They finally arrive at Dal's house) They've arrived. Don't knock on the door. The dog will bark." (So nervous) (Knock, knock) What a scare. (The first one to react is Dal) Pardon me. Dal is right in front of the door. Dal is right in front of the door.

(Who dares to show up at my home?) May we come in? Yes, but Dal is right at the door. – That's her? / – Yes, this is Dal. (I'm Dal!) I'll go in first. (Visitors aren't welcome at Dal's house) They can't even go inside. They want the owner to hold the dog. "We're coming in, so please hold her." Should I put a leash on her? – What was that? / – Put a leash on her.

No, it's fine. Really? Let's go inside. Out of the way. (The two students bravely enter all of a sudden) Let's go inside. Out of the way. (Why are they so bold?) (Gyeonggyu is wearing something on his legs?) (Shin guards?) – What is he wearing? / – Shin guards! Gyeonggyu… He's wearing shin guards. That's so funny. (The two students meet an apprehensive Dal) She's being apprehensive. (I should put the shin guards on) (They put the shin guards on for their safety) (They enter boldly thanks to the shin guards) Hello. It's okay, ma'am. (Being apprehensive) Be quiet. (They greet the owners first as they learned) Hello. He's a student for the day. That's why he's here. Let's have a seat. (Dal keeps being apprehensive) When did she start acting like this? She started barking at visitors since she was a puppy. (Startled) (Dal's slight movements scare her owner) The mother can't even control her.

She can't control her at all. She's afraid of her. (Gyeonggyu pushes U-Kwon ahead of him) (Come here, U-Kwon) (U-Kwon ends up sitting next to Dal) (LOL) (That's my colleague) – Did you get a tetanus shot? / – Yes, we did. Gyeonggyu, ask her this. Ask the mother if it's safe that she's sniffing you guys. She's sniffing us now. Is this safe? Yes, she's being calm now. As long as you don't move. She'll probably start attacking them if they move. She'll bite the staff members if they move? It's like freeze tag.

All the staff members are wearing shin guards! (All the staff members are wearing shin guards) They're all wearing them! No wonder they aren't scared. – They need them. / – They're safe. When did Dal start biting? Since she was 4. – 4 years old. / – Since age 4. The first time she bit me really hard was at age 4. Have you ever tried to fix her habit? Yes, we've tried. (So then…) Can you tell her to control Dal with a leash? Can you try controlling her? With a leash. (Where are you going?) Come here, Dal.

(The owner wants to put a leash on Dal) We're not going out. (Successful as she seems to be used to this) Quiet, quiet. Be still. The Dachshund is getting her worked up. Dal, come here. Dal, come here. Sit. Sit. Sit. (Dal doesn't listen to her owner) Dal, sit. Ma'am… You can't control your dog. She usually sits when I tell her to. She can shake and give high fives, but not when she's worked up. (So it's hard to control her…) How about trying this? Since the owner is holding her leash, I want you to pretend to leave. I'm going to pretend to leave. She'll probably try to run at me to bite me. So you hold her leash. And I'm wearing shin guards. (Confident with his shin guards) I'm worried. (How will Dal react?) All right, ma'am. I should get going. (Goes right into attack mode) So she always reacts like this. How about trying this? Have the daughter go to her room. And have the mother take the two dogs into the room. Then she'll send just Dal out of the room. So we want you two to take the dogs into a room.

And then can you let just Dal out? With you two still here? Yes, that's right. Haetnim, come here. – You'll just be sitting here? / – Of course. The owner is very worried. I can tell she's worried already. Tell her not to worry. We're wearing shin guards. You should watch your hands. So go inside and just let Dal out. U-Kwon has a great voice. He sounds like a trainer. Oh, really? Great tone! It sounds so stable. A stable tone. My tone is all over the place. (LOL) Here she comes. (She was very apprehensive and attacked the staff) (Dal attacked suddenly) (She bit a staff member who was trying to leave) (How will she behave without her owners present?) Here she comes. (Running at full speed) Oh no. This won't do. (Dal runs at Gyeonggyu) (Scared) (Sudden attack) Gyeonggyu, hold still. Just stay seated. (This is more serious than I thought…) (The two students carefully sit down again) (Nervous) U-Kwon, try standing up.


Just lift your butt off that seat and hold still. Your hands… Good, keep them up. Keep them close to your chest. Yes, just like that. It's okay. Don't worry. Try taking a step 30cm towards that dog with your right foot. (Calm) Excellent. Stand up straight. Yes, good. Now take a deep breath. 1, 2, 3. (Deep breath) Excellent. Try getting between Gyeonggyu and the dog. Stand in front of Gyeonggyu.

Yes, good. Yes, just hold still. You're doing a great job at keeping her away without talking to her or threatening her. Face her head-on to prevent her from getting to Gyeonggyu. Well done. Gosh, I told Gyeonggyu to protect U-Kwon. Their roles have changed. Gosh, I told Gyeonggyu to protect U-Kwon. Their roles have changed. He's a lot like you, Mr. Kang. He's doing a great job. (He's just like Hyungwook) Let's change places. U-Kwon, sit next to Gyeonggyu. Gyeonggyu, you'll do what U-Kwon just did. (Stands) (She gets apprehensive when Gyeonggyu moves) (Gyeonggyu shows Dal his palm as he learned) (She's still apprehensive) Great job, Gyeonggyu. Get some treats. Hold 5 or 6 of them in your hand. Keep them in your pocket so they don't crunch. (Gyeonggyu gets some treats as he's told) (Dal gets calm when she sees the treats) I noticed something interesting, Gyeonggyu. She's being totally different from before. Look at her tail.

She was only slightly wagging the tip earlier, but now she's wagging her entire tail. (Earlier) (Her tail remained stiff with only the tip wagging) (Now her entire tail is wagging as if she's happy) It means she's in a good mood. Just hold still. (Apprehensive, peaceful) Just wait. Hold still. (Moves back) (Moves back) She's gradually backing away. Let's say she can wait up to 3 seconds before eating.

If she doesn't get it in 3 seconds… "Forget it. Nope. Go away." She's never waited longer than that. It's an interaction. Will you give me a treat if I sit? Give me one since I'm lying down." It's not like that. It's like this. "Tell me to sit. Tell me to sit." That's how she gets a treat. Show her the treat and then pull it back to your chest. (Dal and Gyeonggyu need to interact) (I'll give you a treat, so will you sit?) Good. – There. Now give it to her. / – Give it to her. Good. Excellent! Well done. Well done. Let's try this. Before you toss her a treat, tell her that she's a good dog first. (I want another treat) Okay, good dog. Stand up straight! Stand up straight. Good dog. You're such a good dog. Good dog. Such a cutie. No, don't talk like that. Such a cutie.

No, don't talk like that. (Wary) (Hang in there…) I think you should try one more time. (He moves when Dal is being calm) (Focusing) Hold still. Wait. He's doing great. Do I even have to go in there today? Dal is being such a good dog. She's a very good dog. This time, since she did a good job, try walking to the front door. (He slowly moves towards the front door) Eat this. Eat this. (Gyeonggyu gets to the front door) (How will U-Kwon get out though?) U-Kwon doesn't have any treats? I should give him some. You have to run away too.

(I have to get out too…) Go stand next to Gyeonggyu. It's fine. Show her your palm. (Only focused on the treats) Now toss the treat far away. Here. (Eat that) Ma'am. – We're leaving. / – Okay. Sit. Sit. (Dal is being obedient because of the treats) (Gyeonggyu takes this opportunity to leave first) U-Kwon, tell the mother to sit down and wait with a treat. That's when you'll leave. Can you give her this treat? Try to make her sit. Dal, come here. Come here. Sit. Wait. Wait, wait. Dal, here it is. (Thankfully, Dal is focused on the treats) (U-Kwon gets to leave safe and sound) – We're leaving. / – Bye! (Gyeonggyu and U-Kwon successfully escape) .

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