VIZSLA PUPPY TRAINING | Teach Fetch Using Toys and Food

hey there it's duke ferguson how would you like your puppy to go out grab something and bring it back to you if you want to learn how to do that frick in this video i'm going to teach you hands-on with a little visual puppy awesome little guy i'm going to show you exactly how to get it done successfully with your dog be sure to watch the video the whole way through because it's jam-packed full of tips in fact grab a pen and a piece of paper you can learn little things on socialization how to get your puppy to let things go how to get a calm grips and you're going to see if you watch all the way through a mistake that i made you won't see it but i pointed out at the end because i noticed it and i want you to get the most of this video that's what you won't do you'll get to see that in the video because it's really easy to not see if you like this video help me help you click the notification click the little like thumbs up all that cool stuff so that when a video drops you'll be the first to know we have a little puppy and despite all of the drills we can do right i'm gonna actually this guy's got drive he's got heart he's got everything i'd want to see look at this you can come right in here too and we have to usually but so i have this desire all right for for food and he's got prey drive as well he's going to chase stuff and he wants to do things but some dogs don't so in the very beginning i want a dog to run away and come back so i play a game all right and the reason i use food first is because not all puppies or not all dogs have drive the drive to play or prey driving we have to you know kind of ignite that and and channel it even if a dog has very little to no desire to play we can use food in the beginning and start the play process and as the dog's mindset changes and the way they think and the way they feel about it we can channel that play to toys in correlation it with um with the food so then all of a sudden with dating we could call it or with these interactions in a good way especially when it's survival and when it's all good things but he learns to play now what his play play is is with toys it's interactive with us but his type of play is wanting to bite and bite that's a normal puppy so one of the things i like to teach for a majority of dogs especially with a hunting dog i don't want to play tug of war with a hunting dog right fetch i'm telling you fetch if you have a dog who has the desire to want to go and get it i can have him run after the food tell him fetch and he comes back to me and i'm already socializing him to come through here he's already standing and darren you can do this as well with him right but if a dog has got engaged with the food he can't bite you so now i'm not getting bit so this is all part of socialization you get a big scary guy leaning over a dog all right he learns to do these things he's getting a ton of all right and i can just throw it now where does this have to do with retrieval look he comes back well you need a dog to go away and you need a dog to come back he's learning to go after this let's say and you wouldn't have to do this if you had a dog with prey drive i would start this with any dog regardless but the dog that doesn't like the toys this is definitely your start break so you just throw it out okay they have their marks established what do they do when they want the food they come back to you so you're already actually priming a recall the dog comes simple i've done nothing but talk so once i do the food and i know i don't need to with him okay i'll go with a little toy all right and i want to teach him to fetch something so the first thing you need to do right and especially listen if your dog is grabbing things for your attention and chasing you and getting you to chase them around you know and doing things you're already training them to do that so i'm going to get his attention he's aroused you see where he wants this and i'm gonna throw it and i'm gonna get the lead and i'm gonna walk backwards and i'm gonna kneel down and i'm gonna reel him in like a little fish look at him hey okay good job buddy good job and if he wants to hold on to that come on right in here i'm letting them you can hold on to that little buddy and then just calm and then i just hold the toy and i wait i let it go dead i make it go dead i just bring it in see it's he wants to play on it good and then we play again as soon as he lets go okay i'm gonna start teasing him again a little bit and i'm gonna just throw it now why i didn't say fetch good boy look at this right to me okay that's natural okay i'm holding him there and this is learning go get something and bring it back to duke and oh my gosh i get paid if that guy had his tree pouch on and could feed me here darrell feed him so he learns especially if your dog likes it i like to play to chase this i like to pick it up and bring it back that's a godsend if you have a dog like that the thing is what if they don't you shape it the same way so if your dog doesn't like it which he does but for example i throw it i know he goes and he gets it i have the leash and i'm going backwards because i want him to come and follow me or chase me and i put my hand out already to get it from him right usually it's the left hand and then i'm going to say what a good boy you are thank you and i'm going to give him a piece of food do i have to give him the food no but it's double rewards probably more than double reward because i tease him here he's aroused he's like hey but this is a dog that likes to bite your pant legs and hump you and do things which is a normal strong little puppy okay fetch now why did i say fetch cause i know without reasonable doubt that dog's gonna go get it guaranteed good job man and then i bring him in and i just let him hold it i don't take it right away good job way to go okay and he lets it out on his own he spits it out in the zone if i want him to have good grips fetch i'll build that him i don't care he's soft grips just don't let it go so notice i'm pulling him in and he's trying to go that way that's where i go the other way hey buddy buddy let's go and the reason why this works obviously has to come with me with the food or at the leash but in the beginning i threw food he came back i threw food he came back now i throw good job buddy i throw this little throw and he comes back right he tries now if he wants to run away and i'll let that happen right now but i would say two fetches ago there's a good time to end this session i'm a little bit long now because he started gonna go the other way he was successful always end on success where he wins and you win you got what you wanted and when he wants one more fetch stop it only do one or two i know i did a lot more for this um this video two or three fetches and then when the dog says yeah i want one more and then they got a lot of energy four fetches five fetches now when you have a fetch game they like it you're burning off physical energy the next thing i want you to do is incorporate obedience training which meaning a thinking dog your terminology for obedience might be different than mine but obedience training meaning the dog says i want the ball i want the retrieve but i don't want my dog senselessly just running back and forth they become an athlete and still reactive so i i just wait and they do something they sit they lay down they pay attention and i release them prick and i give them a reward which you'll see in other videos but that's called obedience fetch best thing you can do for your dog relationship burning off energy and everything hey so if you found this video of value if you did let me know your biggest takeaway down below if you'd like to sign up for my free mini course there's six videos you can sign up for in the link down here and if you'd like to learn more about obedience fetch kind of get the concept i have a video right here and you can click that and see that as well so i hope that's great thanks for watching make sure you subscribe click the like and do all that cool stuff so that i can connect with you again see you soon

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