Watch me FAIL at chores with 3 CRAZY DOGS! 😱 This was embarrassing…

My Friend Paco

My Friend Paco is about a small brown Chihuahua mix breed dog that was supposed to be put to sleep. Paco was saved by a rescue organization, then brought to a foster home. In this article I write about my initial dislike of little dogs and how training Paco taught me to love all dogs, big and small. This article also talks about my take on training small dogs compared to training large dogs.

Important Facts About Feline and Canine Dental Procedure

A responsible pet owner does not only ensure his pet eats and sleeps well, but also that he takes care of everything in between. Among your topmost concerns should be your cat or your dog’s oral health. You need to take care of your pets better by knowing how to take care of their oral health. More than ensuring that they go under proper oral hygiene, you also have to make sure that your pet is in good hands. After all, having your cat or your dog is not just a privilege but also your obligation.

Dog Training – Cruel or Kind?

Border terriers are bright, lively, entertaining characters. They make great companions and family pets. If they have been socialized early they will get on well with people and other dogs.

Categories of Skin Diseases in Dogs

There are various skin diseases that can trouble dogs. One should prefer using natural products for treating his pet dog’s skin allergies and other sensitive skin conditions.

Using A Muzzle – Not Just For ‘Dangerous’ Dogs?

There are a number of issues that may have you thinking about putting a muzzle on your dog. The main one that will no doubt spring to mind for most people is when your dog is inclined to snap at people or other dogs – what would be called a ‘dangerous’ dog.

German Shepherd Puppy – Finding the Right Breeder

Not all dogs are equal! And not all breeders are, either. This is an introduction to finding the right German Shepherd puppy by locating an ethical breeder.

Are You Encouraging Your Dog To Steal Food?!

Dogs are natural scavengers and do not stop eating when they are full – they can easily become obese if we do not care for them properly by restricting their food to what is healthy (sometimes I wish it was possible for someone to do that for me!).

Be Concerned About Your Puppy By Selecting The Best Puppy Boarding

As you are passionate about your little puppy, you will have to think of its care and safety. Whether you have to go to office every day, or are planning a holiday where your puppy will not be allowed, you will have to think of a safe and convenient option for your puppy. This will ensure that your puppy is being looked after properly, and you can have a peace of mind.

How, Who and What Your Dog Plays With Is a Key to Their Personality and Temperament

Have you ever really observed how your dog plays? Observing who, how, and what your puppy or dog plays with, can tell you a lot about them.

Should You Adopt a Golden Retriever?

There are certain breeds of dogs that most people are automatically drawn to. The golden retriever is one of those breeds.

The Art of Catching a Dog on the Run

Today, when we see a dog on the loose, we assume it has escaped or has been dumped. There is an art in catching a lost dog and it may surprise you that what you naturally think will work – won’t!

All of Our Best – And – I Can’t Stop Seeing You

In part, we were designed specifically by you From the wolf our many breeds flow But part of what we are, we became, for you Compared to humans, our life span is short And because the time we have here is limited We have put all of the best into our years We live life to the fullest, soaking it all in Whether it is something joyful, scary, or sad We cannot afford to waste a precious day…

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