Welcome to Happy Hounds Dog Training // Force free dog training tutorials for obedience & behaviour

hi and welcome to happy hand stop training I'm Stephanie I'm a certified professional Fourth Street dog trainer with over two decades of dog training and experience I want to show you how to get the results that you want with your dog using methods that your dog is going to love regardless of whether you want to work on basic obedience trick training changing undesirable habits or you're struggling of more intense behavioral issues this channel is for you I want to help you understand how dogs learn why your dog might be doing the things that they do and how to get results I'm going to show you step-by-step tutorials with dogs that do not have these skills yet so that you can watch the entire process and teach them to your dog even if you're starting from scratch I'm going to give you the map and tools to get from where you are to where you actually want to be force-free dog training works for all dogs when used properly in my business I work with everything from puppies leash reactivity separation anxiety to extreme aggression I use forestry methods for all of it I have high expectations and I definitely care about results but I get those results using Humane kind fun methods I believe that there are two sides to a relationship in order for that relationship to be a success both sides need to be happy so can you train your dog to have a skill set that makes you happy using methods that make them happy absolutely I'm excited to show you how [Music]

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