We’re Giving it All Up to Live in a Trailer.

Make Your Dog One of Your Bridesmaids

Before deciding what your doggie bridesmaid will wear at your wedding, consider her temperament. Here are some tips.

Yoda’s Secret Dog Training Lesson

I went to my first dog training class waaaay back in the 70’s. My parents had brought home a little unruly beagle mix that enjoyed jumping, pulling on leash, peeing on the carpet and bolting through any door at any moment.

Lassie Has a New Look – Life With Smooth Collies

Owning a Smooth Collie is a unique experience. These devoted dogs are high in personality and energy, demand attention and can be the most hard-headed dogs you have ever met.

Benefits To You As You Walk Your Dog

Dogs love to walk. Some people may not realize how much a dog looks forward to his “walking time.” Dogs like walking so much that they will eagerly remind you when it is the time of day for their walk.

Dog Begging – When It Gets To Be Annoying

Dog begging got you stressed? Find out how to stop a begging dog faster than you can say “good boy!”

Why Dogs Eat and Roll in Poop

A dog owner may gag or lose a bit of their pride after finding their dog scrounging for their own, or another animal’s, feces. And to add insult to injury, you find your dog rolling in it! Breaking this habit becomes difficult the moment your dog develops an interest for this distasteful impulsion.

How To Rescue a Chihuahua

Are you wondering how to rescue a Chihuahua? Doing so allows you to gain a loyal new family member for life, and help a canine in need at the same time. In order to do so, though, you need to know where to look at and know the proper steps to follow.

How to Cope With a Fearful Dog

If you own a dog fearful of strange noises such as fireworks or thunder, it can be difficult to work out how to help them best, as you’ll come across a wide array of views which range from distracting your dog, to sedating them. However, while it is essential to know how to cope with your dog while they are in a fearful state, what is often missing is the longer term approaches that will get to the root of the problem and reduce their fear or get rid of it altogether. Here we look at combining short-term strategies with long-term strategies to get the best results for your dog.

Dog Prescription Diets – Dietary Sensitivity and Feeding Advice

Food related sensitivities in dogs are usually not instant, but develop over time. For example a hypersensitivity to beef or diary ingredients used in many supermarket dog food brands is quite common! There are two main types of dietary sensitivity. A food allergy – where your dog’s immune system reacts to an ingredient in the dog food, usually in response to a particular form of protein, and food intolerance – where a particular ingredient does not cause an allergic reaction, but can’t be tolerated. This article offers advice for dog owners when choosing a premium dog food.

Puppy Training – Making A Better Puppy

Got your first puppy? Then better start training them before they get too stubborn!

Are Foam Dog Beds Beneficial? Foam Dog Beds Are Beneficial For Your Pet!

Foam dog beds are beneficial for your pet. Besides being comfortable, these beds offer support to your pet’s spine and joints. This allows your pet to sleep throughout the night and promotes healthy growth for your pet.

All About Heroic Service Dogs

When you are deciding if you want to commit yourself and your pet to service dog certification training, make sure you look at the scenarios written about on this page. Throughout the years, properly trained service dogs have consistently performed astounding feats of heroism.

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