What Is The Hardest Dog Breed To Train

White Golden Retrievers, A Beautiful And Special Companion

Meet the Marilyn Monroe of the dog world! What you can tell about a golden retriever’s lineage from the colour of his coat. Variations between the American and the European dog, and the unique look of the English dog.

All You Need to Know About K9 Advantix

According to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of the US households own a pet and this equates to 72.9 million homes. Owning a pet involves lot of responsibility. Regardless of whether the pet is a cat, dog, reptile, bird or an aquatic animal, it needs to be taken care of as you would any other family member. You need to take care of your pet’s food, health, hygiene and safety.

Osteoarthritis In Canines: Is There A Solution And What Exactly Are The Treatment Methods?

Osteoarthritis is common to us humans likewise with our pet dogs. This ailment is really a problem but there’s a cure to it.

Dog Treats – Great Way to Bond With Your Dog

Selecting a great dog treat is an important task for dog owners. Treats are a great way to establish a good relationship with your pet and can be helpful in the training process.

Children And Dogs – Five Great Dogs For Families With Small Children

Wonderful memories of time spent with the family dog are the stuff happy childhoods are made of. Here are 5 breeds that are known for getting along well with children.

Is a Golden Retriever Breeder Really Worth The Extra Cost?

Why you should always go to an accredited breeder, and the risks you take if you don’t. What you should expect from an accredited breeder. Tell tale signs of a quality breeder, and clues how to spot the breeders to avoid.

Powerful Positive Dog Training Tips for Newbies!

Dog training tips are like great friends: you can’t have enough of them, and you can never know when one will pull you out of a sticky situation. Even experienced dog trainers feel the need to hit the books after a frustrating obstacle or two – and even more common is the “ah ha!” moment when a once-heard piece of advice finally makes sense. Needless to say, the research for positive dog training tips is never over!

Proper Golden Retriever Adoption

Why you should try and adopt a golden retriever! What they need to be happy and thrive. How to safeguard their health. The priceless benefit you get when grooming your own dog.

Pet Strollers in the Morning

Many of us believe our pets are our children! Imagine where you and your pet could go together if only you had a pet stroller.

Where To Adopt Your White Golden Retriever Puppies

Where to buy white golden retriever puppies. More importantly, where not to buy them. How can you be sure you are dealing with a quality breeder, and the risks of not doing so? Can you expect to pay a premium for white golden retriever puppies?

The Beagle – The Small Hound With A Big Personality!

The Beagle really is the perfect family pet. As a breed they are known for their happy, affectionate nature and their love of company, whether human, canine or even feline! They dislike being on their own making the Beagle an addition to any busy family dynamic. Read more…

Train Dogs Professionally

People who want to train dogs professionally, must love not only the dogs, but people as well. A trainer must train the dog owner as well as the dog, because both will be at home together and on a learning curve. When you learn about training dogs you must evidence a lot of patience for both canines, and humans.

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