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Here’s Why Dog Trainers’ Dogs Get Trained So Quickly

There's a common thought out there that setting out to train your young dog means it's going to look unruly or out of control. But I'm here to tell you…

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Q&A With a Guide Dogs Trainer | “The BEST Job in the World”

It is good fun, like best job  in the world if you ask me. One of my favourite things to teach the guide dogs  is platforms, so this is where…

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The Unfortunate TRUTH About Your Puppy Training Struggles!

It's pretty crazy to think that one of the most powerful words in dog training is a small three-letter word of yes. And it's really important that we understand how…

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Trying To Stop Puppy Biting? Forget What You’ve Been Told..

You may have heard advice that you should never let your puppy play tug of war, play with toys with you because sometimes can lead your puppies to be aggressive…

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Stop them! What are you doing? (Dogs are incredible) | KBS WORLD TV 200923

(Getting the dogs to stop fighting) Once the two dogs come back from the walk, a fight could break out when the other two dogs greet them. (Tubby and Chopper…

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PetSmart Puppy Training: How to Potty Train a Puppy

Today we’re going to learn potty training! -Hey, it’s Aaron and Guppy and today we’re getting some puppy training tips with -Shannon! -Guppy’s asleep so there’s an important question I…

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Welcome to Happy Hounds Dog Training // Force free dog training tutorials for obedience & behaviour

hi and welcome to happy hand stop training I'm Stephanie I'm a certified professional Fourth Street dog trainer with over two decades of dog training and experience I want to…

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Content Marketing to Grow a Dog Training Business | DailyVee 370

– What up, vlog? I like the camera angle here at Budin. This meeting I had with an incredible couple around their dog training business is lights out. Really valuable…

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You Have A Choice To Make During Your Dog’s “Teenage Phase”

Tell me, if this sounds familiar, your puppy training experience has had its ups and downs. Some days you felt like you were winning others made you question whether or…