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*trying to stop dogs from fighting* Hello everyone, I am your friend, your host Baadal Bhandari and I welcome you in your favourite youtube channel i.e. DOGS YOUR FRIENDS FOREVER. *intro music* Dear friends, thank you so much for the love, for the time that you spare for us and for your blessings. Today I am here with a new topic We get a lot of requests for this topic. *dogs start fighting again* As you can see we have a golden retriever and this is a beagle and they both are TOMBOY. This Beagle is around 46 days old. And the Golden Retriever is around 37 to 38 days old. The most important thing that I am going to discuss is that, why dogs get aggressive? What are the conditions, in which our dog becomes aggressive? You can see that they are very small puppies and so,
I am keeping them separate so that they don't fight.

Dogs have fun while playing. Sometimes, they bite each other while playing. I will be discussing about the reasons for the aggression and short-temperedness in dogs. The first reason for dog aggression is the selection of the wrong breed. Buy a dog according to your requirement. We should consult an expert or somebody who has good knowledge about dogs and then decide the breed of the dog. You will get good information about dog breeds on google and youtube. There are various breeds that are not suitable for the first time owners. like, Rottweiler, Tibetan mastiff and various others. very soon, I will make videos on the best breeds that a first time owner can keep. "Dogs start fighting again" "sir trying to stop the dogs from fighting" The biggest reason for dog aggression is that we don't say "NO" to our dogs.

This Beagle is superactive. now, I will try to calm down this Beagle. I am holding his mouth and I am counting till 10. The Beagles are hyperactive with superhigh energy. People living in flats and apartments
prefer Beagles. Of course, you can keep them but carrying out a routine exercise and channelizing his energy is most important.
Otherwise, it can become very naughty and destructive. And this puppy is very naughty. The biggest reason, why dogs get spoiled is that, they are not stopped when they misbehave and start biting strongly. Puppy biting is a normal thing but, sometimes, the dog starts biting strongly and if, we don;t control it, it will become a problem. It is a problem for the dog as well as the owner.

When we bring up a dog,
if it grows and become aggressive then, managing the dog becomes a problem. Many times we become incapable of managing our dogs and think that, we should give our dog to someone else or leave the dog in a shelter home. They get food in shelter homes, but, several times people leave the dog far away from their homes. without even realizing that, how the dog will get food and how will it survive.

People think that they got rid of their dog
but you failed to understand the emotions of your dog and how your dog will survive. In such cases, you cannot blame the dog alone. The owners too, are the culprit. You can see, that I am holding the dog's face
and the dog has become polite to much extent.
I am showing you this in a continuity in my videos. so that, you can undertstand
that by doing this activity we can easily manage our dogs.
If the puppy misbehaves in the beginning then, it is important to punish him.

At times, we ignore our dogs and we don't cater his basic requirements. Any dog can become aggressive,
be it Beagle, Pug or Labrador.
German-shepherd and Rottweiler too, can become aggressive. The biggest reason for Dog aggression is that,
we keep our dogs tied for longer durations.
We think that, it's good, that our dog is tied because our guests visit us during the daytime.
trying to calm down the dog. Thinking that, the dog will be fine, when tied for hours, is completely wrong.
We fail to think that we are isolating our dog. It is important to socialize your dog I get calls and read comments in which people say that, they isolate their dogs
and even lock them in washrooms when their guests visit.

Why do we punish them? If our guests visit then we must teach our dog to behave properly with the guests rather than, teaching him to stay away from visitors and guests when they visit.
If we teach him to stay away from guests then, he might attack the guests if left untied.
That is not the solution. Another major problem is that we keep our dogs tied during the day and leave them open during the night.
This is exactly what, a common man does
because we are not aware and we think that we are doing the right thing.
Tieing the dog for the first half of the day and leaving the dog free for another half of the day is not the solution because it is important to leave the dog open
when guests visit our home or
when we have to introduce our dogs to our visitors or when we have to socialize our dogs.

The problem increases when the dog is kept alone during the night and he has no one to meet, love and pamper. and when the dog has no one to brush his hairs, he starts feeling lonely. Some people say that, they have a spacious terrace, so, they keep their dogs on the terrace.
or they say that, they have a spacious backyard in their house which is gated, thus, separating the dog's area from the rest of the house as, they don't allow their dogs to enter the house.

If we don't allow the dog to enter the house then, why even are we keeping the dog? Why do we punish them? Think carefully before keeping a dog. But, if you have adopted a dog, then, there is no excuse.
keep him with love
If you still can't manage keeping a dog then, you must give the dog to someone who can love him. Never give your dog, just to lessen the burden. Dog is not a burden but a responsibility.

A very cute and lovely responsibility. Dogs love us unconditionally. Dogs do not discriminate their owners whether they are rich or poor, or whether his owner is a common man or a celebrity. The only thing that matters to a dog is the love, that his owner has for him. It doesn't matter whether the dog gets cheap or expensive food to eat.

pexels photo 4045941

The only thing that matters to a dog is the love and time that his owner gives him. They have emotions, Our dog get spoiled when we leave him isolated on the terrace for hours. People say that they don't are kept free on the terrace Terrace is only for taking walk. 99 percent people don't use their terrace. Therefore, leaving your dogs on the terrace or isolating your dog is the same thing. It is a torcher for the dogs.
In the beginning, we think that it is safe to keep the dogs inside, since, they damage and break things.

We face many troubles in the beginning but, we must teach manners to our dog. For example: If I don't teach my son that, glass and cellphones break when they fall on the ground, then they will never understand. Who will teach the children? Of course, the family teaches them.
And we are the family for dogs. If we don't stop our dog and let him continue his activities and observe him carefully. then, as soon as he tries to do something destructive, give him an immediate "NO" command. A few minutes ago the Beagle puppy was being naughty, I held his mouth, hardly for 5 seconds. and he became calm. Now, he is sleeping because he is a small puppy and he becomes highly-energetic instantly but to utilize and channelize this energy is in our hands.

When the dog tries to bite, try to run slowly in front of your dog. The dog will run after you and slowly the dog will become tired.
His energy will be exhausted within 2 to 3 minutes and he will then sit at a place. Beating and scolding is not necessary and it should not be practiced as well. There is a proper way for everything.
Controlling the temperament of the dog, totally depends on its owner.

Don't keep your dog isolated. Socialize it and take it to public places. socialize your dog and take him for walking. Sometimes, take him to a park for walking or take him for a roadside walk. This will help the dog in overcoming its fear for the vehicles, traffic and rush. Otherwise, the dog will become aggressive. The dog will bite due to fear. I have a client who has a Rottweiler. He was a first time owner. I advised him not to keep a Rottweiler. But he insisted and said that, he would manage. Now, there is no solution and there is a family function in their house. Now, they are stressed as they have to cater their aggressive dog and guests altogether . I asked him that, where do they usually keep their dog? They told that they keep their dog on the terrace, since, it is spacious and the dog has been living on the terrace from the last two years.

Is this a solution ? If we have purchased, adopted or rescued a dog then why are we punishing the dog by keeping it on the terrace? Although, the dog is friendly with the family members, but, it will definitely attack the guests and the outsiders. Generally all the dogs, become aggressive when tied for longer durations, whether it is a Labrador or a Beagle. Channelizing their energy and carrying out regular exercise is very important. I hope u liked this video We are ourselves responsible for the aggression in our dogs. Many times, we teach our dogs to attack people walking on the street.

I did the same when I adopted my first dog. and I am not lying. I used to feel very happy that my dog is aggressive. My dog spilled milkman's milk. He also attacked the newspaper vendor. He used to attack everyone. His name was Roger. He was with me for almost 13 years. If the dog was open, it was obvious, that it would bite someone. because it was trained badly. Moreover, it had a disturbed temperament from the very beginning. The reason for its disturbed temperament was that the dog was separated from its mother at a very young age. It had weakness and did not grow well. It did not get the basic care. He fell ill and suffered from Parvo. He also suffered from many other problems as well. His body suffered from stress due to medicines and his growth was affected. We were also not aware of how to keep a dog.

So, the dog became aggressive. Although, we never tied him much but he must have bitten almost 18 people. This is a shameful act for the owner. . If you dog bites everyone, then its a problem. I have a client whose dog died 4 years ago but he is still fighting a court case that was filed by a victim who was injured by his dog. No need to teach your dog, on how to attack strangers. But, if you are living in an area where high-security is a must have, only then, the dog must be taught to attack. If you are living in a flat and you have kept a dog trainer, then, never teach him the ATTACK command.
Once the dog learns something, he will remember it and people can take advantage of it.

I have made this video to make you understand that
your life will be easy if your dog has good temperament. Disturbed or aggressive temperament of a dog is a problem for its owner and for the dog as well as the dog cannot meet anyone and cannot go for a walk either. Such dogs remain lonely throughout their lives as they have no friends. Such dogs fight with every other dog. They attack on visitors and guests as well. Dogs should be socialized well. They should be groomed such that, they don't attack our guests and we can introduce our dogs to our guests with ease. Otherwise we are worried, that our dog is roaming free and may attack anybody. I will give you one more example. Once I visited one of my clients. Their dog had a very bad temperament and she had to call her husband because the dog became extremely aggressive when he saw the guests and it was impossible for her to control the dog all alone.

I am telling you this because I have seen all these things. The guests had to wait outside the house for at least half an hour. The guests came from a different city. If they had been local then, they might have returned back. Dogs should never be spoiled to such an extent. Take care of his diet. Do not ignore your dog. If your dog is tied in the sunlight then, take care of his water requirement. They should get sunlight during the winters.
Don't tie them in the sunlight during the summer. Always fill the vessel with fresh water. Feed them on time, brush their teeth and give them a daily walk. Giving them a bath and keeping them clean is the responsibility of the owner. Dogs cannot do all these activities on their own. I hope, you all will keep your dogs well-socialized and will not let the dog develop a bad temperament so that, it does not create a problem for the dog and owner as well.

I would also like to add one more point. when our dog has a bad temperament and we have to go out of town then, it becomes a big problem for owner and the dog as well because we cannot give his responsibility to someone else and also we cannot leave our dog in a hostel because our dog will attack the other dogs of the hostel and might attack the handler as well It is not a bravery that our dog is aggressive. Our dog should be well-mannered, well-behaved and well-trained. Our dog should be able to sense the need of attack, in case, the owner is in trouble. The dog should know, when his owner needs his security and could attack when required. Thankyou so much I hope u like this video I am sorry, if, I have missed any important point. Thankyou so much for your love and support. May god bless us, our pets and the whole world. Love you all and god bless you..

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