Woof Woof 🐶 It’s the Sound of the Police! West Midlands Police Dog Team Perform | Crufts 2022

please stay where you are stay where you are hey stop hitting the dog hold it well after all the speed and excitement of the fly ball next here we've got the west midlands police dog demonstration west midlands police have a breeding program part of the kennel club's assured breeders program and the dogs help them police the region and all be led by dave hibbett from west midlands police dog units and as you saw in the video sadly one of our dogs police dog stark was attacked with the machete but thankfully he made a full recovery so here on the arena is police dog stark back in action taking on the criminals and show him what he can do so it's a big cheer for police dog staff [Applause] so as you will see thankfully police doc stark made a full recovery and is back to operational duties as one of our firearm support dogs of west midlands police let's hear it for police dog star and pc paul hoffley so today ladies and gentlemen we'll take you through the journey of our police dogs from our world-renowned puppy development program through to be an operational police dog so here is one of our young puppies at just 15 weeks old showing the great genetics and training our young dogs go through as part of our puppy development program as you will see we start them off really young and get them involved in everything we do so there is pc tony brown with his puppy and katie walsh one of our police dog instructors all of our puppies undergo a thorough puppy development program where they stay with dedicated volunteers for around 12 months who look after them and bring them on and everything we do as you can see is all around engagement and getting the dogs excited and demonstrating the same things police dog start did but from a real early age so this is all about building confidence and making sure the dog is happy to engage and happy to play with the handler and there she goes running off with her sleeve to give her a reward to encourage her to do more of this so a big round of applause for our 15 week old puppy who is definitely not letting go of the sleeve so here we have one of our search dogs also in training so part of our puppy development program we breed and develop general purpose dogs and also search dogs so pc russ martin [Music] has got little blue and all of these games are around play and interactivity so what you'll see there is pc bruce martin playing and interacting with blue which will then hopefully go on to develop as an operational police dog and everything we do is all around play you can see how happy the dogs are there's some little toys and kongs hidden out and what you'll see is blue going around searching for a kong his kong working through so this dog is only 11 months old he's part of our puppy development program he will go onto a course later on this year to become an operational detection dog so you can see russ is working the dog around he's really interactive with russ we search him and then as soon as he finds what he's looking for he'll have a big game so we're really proud of our puppy development program and the work we do with the kennel club we are part of the kennel club assured breeders program where all of our dogs are extensively health tested not only for good health but as you can see good genetics to become working dogs and you'll see young blue there playing with russ everything we do is all around play and interactivity with our toys you can see he's having so much fun so that was uh puppy blue with pc bus martin then what we do with our puppy development program is we start to prepare the dogs for their 13-week intensive training course before they get allocated to police dog handlers so we have our volunteers coming onto the arena now with dogs that are part of our puppy development program and haven't yet started the course to become operational police dogs so you'll see again an extension of what we did with the young puppy this is all around interactivity and play so you'll see dave raymond and phil lam in the middle who two of our instructors will be playing with the dogs and getting the dogs to interact and engage with them in a game of tug so we play lots of games of tug-of-war we play lots of ragging and interactive games because that's what makes our fun training so you see the dogs will be barking we'll encourage them to bark and then once we've got the behavior we want we reward them by giving them a tug and interacting with the game so on the screen you'll see uh puppy zoiler he's a 12 month old german shepherd and he's a dog who hopefully if he makes it as a police dog will then go on to become one of our stud dogs for our puppy development program so once they're proven they can do the job operationally we extensively health test the dogs and then they become our stood dogs so what you see now is we've moved from the pillows and the tugs onto a bike sleeve and that obviously takes the dogs through to what you saw with police dog stark so we'll do one final one for the dogs [Applause] and again this is all about putting those building blocks in for the dogs to become operational police dogs so you'll see the dogs are barking they're ready to go they let go and they're able to bite and take hold of the bites leave interact with a good game of tug and then the dogs are allowed to win the sleeve and run off and you can see they really enjoy that their towels are wagging and they're happy to play as part of their training [Applause] so what we're going to show you now is one of our operational police dogs and one of the things they can do is locate discarded articles so if i was someone running away from a burglary scene for example i might discard keys mobile phones and what you'll see here is police dog ada who's one of our operational police dogs she's a malinois with pc jack cambridge and she'll go off and look for the things that might have been discarded by me as a burglar so she comes to see me so she'll go out and she'll search and when she comes across what she's looking for she lies down to tell the handler exactly where that article is so what we're looking for from the dog is that when it finds what it's looking for it's able to tell the handler exactly where it is so we'll see that again and as you can see this is all about fun this is all about games the dogs are rewarded she does the right behaviour she gets a click and then she gets her ball so everything we do as part of our puppy development program feeds into the way we train our dogs operationally seriously she'll be sent off again she gets a nice down she tells the handler where it is the click and there's the ball and then we'll just show you one more to finish off with one of the things you'll notice with ada as well is that she will bark so again if she goes down and it's in the in the night or in a dark environment the barking will be able to tell the handler exactly where that property article is so here she goes notice how the people in the red seats got a little bit scared there and what jack will do is just move her around just so she can get to the areas she lies down and then again she's rewarded with the ball and you can see how happy he is her tail's wagging she gets a big play with her handler and she's rewarded for doing the right thing with the ball so that was police dog adam with pc jack cambridge [Applause] once our dogs have gone through the puppy development program they then start a 13-week intensive training course these are two dogs that have been through our intensive training course and are now newly licensed operational police dogs so what you'll see here is a demonstration by pc king with police dog gus just showing a little bit of control where the dog listens to the handler again gets the right behavior and is rewarded with the game it took on a bite sleeve and this is all about the progression from puppy all the way through to operational police dogs so these are really newly qualified dogs so we've told him to bark the dog will bark and then again once the dogs bark in we'll reward them with a bite tug and a gamer took back with the handler again you can see the dog's towels wagging all of the time they love doing this they are born to do this and everything we do as part of their development encourages them to carry on so again what you'll see is the dog barking and then once the handler's happy he'll tell the dog to hold which is a dog signal to bite and there he's got his just a little bit stuck there so he's left he's into a down and control position and the handle can call him back into a down and then sent to chase and detain the criminal running away that's a really nice show of obedience and control by police dog gus and pc paul king and then coming on to the arena now we'll have one of our other newly licensed police dogs [Music] and what we'll show is just the development from as you saw with the baby puppy through our programme into our operational dogs and as you see it's all around play it's all around tugging it's all around lots of games with the dogs so here is pc kelly knox with police dog jet she's one of our malinois and what you'll see a bit of an extension to what gus was doing this time the dog's off the lead runs up and barks and again he's then rewarded with the tuck so you see the dog's rewarded he prays with the tug and then she's ready to go again on to the next one [Music] and this time she comes in for a bite she takes a really nice bite on the pillow again another game of engagement and look at another game of tug some interaction from the handler and then she's ready to go again jett does not struggle with any lack of enthusiasm folks as you can see so this time she sent him for a bite she takes a really nice bite again she gets a little chug playing with dave as the instructor and she's rewarded and she's ready to go again who wants to see that again folks here she goes a really nice bite and a really nice take and as you can see again the dog's tail is wagging all of the time this is just one big game to the dogs and they genuinely love doing what they're doing that was pc kelly knox with police dog jet [Applause] no what is happening now oh here we go we have mr royal cannon in his red and white suit let's have a big boo for mr raw cannon on the scooter folks he looks a bit shady doesn't he who thinks he needs to be stopped oh here comes mr mr uh lamb and mr raymond the infamous mr angry they look a bit dodgy don't they folks i'm not sure what they're up to it looks like there's some exchange of things going on here oh dear that looks like i've just extracted it's got a i think he's got a good as if we've got any police officers who might be able to deal with these people [Music] [Applause] that was police dog snow and police dog aggie doing a really nice double team out of the car and on to the criminal who detained mr lem and mr angry raymond [Applause] we're not quite sure where the man in the scooter's gone i'm sure we might arrive somewhere soon so what we're going to show you now is some of the work our drugs detection dogs do so can we have a few volunteers who'd like to come down from the crowd if you want to make your way down to the two seats here if you'd like to come on so if you come in into the arena come on line up in front of me we have a special guest fear here today as well so she's part of the arena so if you want to work in front of me and there's a line please so if you could stand up in a line in front of me so one in front of the other to stay where you are that's it just have it in the line so you're coming this way so stand in front that's it one behind the other one behind the other that's it you come to me that's it so face me face me oh this is tricky isn't it folks this is why we went with dogs okay so what you're going to see now is one of our passive drugs dogs so what you can imagine that this is a line of people waiting to go either onto a train or a bus or a nightclub and what you'll see is pc bus martin here working police dog dash so the dog will walk around all these people to see whether they have something they shouldn't have this is where the people now wish they hadn't volunteered so what you'll see is the dog working and when he comes across something somebody shouldn't have the dog will stop and tell the handler and he's rewarded with a ball so a big round of applause there for police dog dash and obviously please stop please officer pc russ martin so what we're going to do now is everyone can just walk around in a circle i see it mingle around as if you were just walking around outside the nec waiting for your train at birmingham international so what you'll see the dog do now is the dog will walk through crowds scanning people as we go and keep working keep walking so the dog will work through and what you'll see is the dog is quite happy to work in and out of people in and out of crowds and again we'll scan people to find if anyone's carrying they shouldn't have so that person looks a bit dodgy don't they so what you'll see is the dog will target the person the handler will drop the lead and that dog will not leave that person if they're carrying something they shouldn't the police officer will tell them to stand still and again he's rewarded with a ball and this dodgy individual is now being arrested so that was police dog dash and a big thank you to our volunteers so a big round of applause for our volunteers if you make your way back to your seats oh we've got a bit of a crowd here there folks so i don't want to get out of the way oh here's mr angry who's miss mr angry folks has anyone missed the infamous mr angry [Music] oh and here's mr raw cannon on the scooter [Music] so what you'll see now is the docks deployed in a public order incident and our dogs are detained to stop people causing any harm so the dogs are used to push the crowd back [Applause] so the dogs have now detained people because they're offered a threat to the handlers [Music] police dog jet and police dog first leaving the arena and here you'll see police dog aggie climb over the crowd and take a bite on the infamous mr angry to detain him so that's an example of what our dogs can do in crowds so oh here's the mr scooter man who thinks we need to do something about this menacing scooter let's have a big boo for this scooter driver [Music] [Music] [Applause] and here is police dog stark in his role as a firearm support dog working with our firearms team to detain the menacing scooter and take him down and drag him back to the handler so let's have a big cheer for police dog star as he drags the menacing scooter driver all the way back into a place of safety and this just shows the determination of our dogs police dog start made a full recovery and as you can see performs exceptionally well in his role as a police dog so mr scooterman is now detained by our firearms officers and he's led away to safety so a big round of applause for our firearms team and police dog staff with pc paul hoffley so one of the other capabilities we have within our police dog section is our detection dogs and as you saw earlier with police dog dash our dogs are able to detect a range of different substances so coming on now or two of our explosive detection dogs who play a massively important role as part of our policing function so that car looks a little bit suspicious so what we're gonna show is the dog's ability to go out and detect anything that might be around the arena so i don't know what we need to see we've got some bags out as well and what you'll see is two handlers here working their dogs to see whether there's any dangers in anything that's out in the arena so we have police dog dot here our springer spaniel with scott muksha and police dog trev with pc cheek and as you can see the dog finds what he's looking for and freezes the handler puts their hand up to indicate their fantastic the dog is then rewarded with their toys so here we go freeze from dot there look and a freeze from trev a click and a reward for the dogs for being able to detect the suspicious package so one of the other capabilities we also have is the ability for the dogs to work off lead to search so not only do they search for things like suspect packages they can also search for things that are away from the handler and potentially offer danger to members of the public and police officers so again one of the capabilities we've got with our dogs is that they can go out and work independently to find any potential dangers so here is pc phil lamb with police dog vardy and one of our bomb disposal experts accompanying him in our own version of trigger point so here you'll see police dog vardy what you'll see is the dog be able to work around the vehicle at a distance away from the handler the handler's job is to make sure the dog covers everything and what you'll see is once the dog finds anything that shouldn't be there the dog will freeze to tell the handler there's something there and what we're looking for is for the dog to work and tell the handler exactly where it is by freezing right at the point it finds something so the dog completely freezes the hammer walks away and the dog will stay there until the point the handlers happy that they know what they're looking for and what they've found and then we send in our colleagues to go and make the device safe and protect members of the public so here is our bomb disposal and there we go the dog has detected what's been hidden tells the handler exactly where it is and our bomb disposal team go out and take it away that was pc phil led with police dog fardo oh here we go oh here we go who's miss mr angry folks every year he's back let's have a big boo for pulley let's have a big food for mr angry we're gonna do this once and for all two dogs are gonna get him police dog chase with police dog stark [Music] so you see police dog chase call back to the handler and what you'll see with police dog stark is the dog in a controlled position under control by the handler the hand is going to search mr angry he tries to attack pc hockey so stark engages again and detains mr angry once and for all so let's have a big cheer for police dog stark and pc hoffley and the infamous mr angry [Applause] [Music] thank you so much for watching folks we're going to get everybody out to say thank you for the work they do we're not a demonstration team these are operational police dogs that work operationally for the police within west midlands police we put this together in our own time for you as a show to demonstrate some of the capabilities our dogs fantastic handlers do so let's give a big round of applause to our fantastic police officers and police staff and most of all our police dogs who do a fantastic job for west midlands police thank you everybody have a great rest of the day [Applause] incredible ladies and gentlemen keep that round of applause going for the amazing west midland police don't displaying even mr angry deserves a round of

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