WORST Dental Treats?!😱 Why I tossed these, & what I use instead!

How to Stop Your Dog Digging Problem

Having a dog is wonderful. It can provide hours of fun and enjoyment; however, when your dog starts tearing up your landscape, frustration often sets in and sometimes damages that wonderful relationship.

Fleas, Ticks, and Your Beagle: Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention

Fleas are common parasites of dogs that infest the hair coat. Adult fleas are very small (1-5 mm) and their bodies are flattened.

Protect Your Beagle From the Dangers of Summer Heat

Everyone loves summer weather and being able to spend time outdoors. Your Beagle is no different than you when it comes to that. However, summer presents its own set of dangers and health hazards for Beagles. It is your job to protect that precious little ball of energy from summer mishaps, and from his naturally inquisitive nature. Beagles cannot help their lively manner when they are outside; after all, they were born to hunt. Even the most well behaved and well trained Beagle can jump right into trouble, when his sensitive little nose catches an irresistible scent. This is not to mention all of the health issues that summer brings for any canine. Make sure your Beagle is protected from all of the health issues that are more prevalent in summer. Keep all of his vaccinations up-to-date, watch him carefully for any unexplained behavior, and protect him from insects and parasites.

Beagle Skin Health – Problems, Symptoms, and Treatments

Beagle skin problems in beagles can be caused by numerous agents including infectious agents (bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites), external irritants, allergens and trauma (burns, radiation). Learn about the problems, symptoms, and treatments of beagle skin issues.

The Benefits of Rawhide Dog Chews

Your dog will instinctively chew to help keep its teeth and molars clean. Unfortunately, this can mean that your dog or puppy will literally chew anything around the house. To discourage this destructive and expensive behaviour, dog chews are an excellent substitute for your socks, shoes and even furniture!

Understand Your Yorkie Puppies By Learning About Their Temperament

Having a sweet little pup running around the house is always a good thing. However, when investing in Yorkie puppies or any other breed of dogs, you will need to do some research.

Dog Obedience Training Classes – Why Every Dog Should Go Through Them

Should dogs go for obedience training classes and if so why? This article talks about the benefits of dog obedience training and how a simple cue like “Sit” can be used to effectively control a well trained dog.

3 Simple Ways To Get Your Disobedient Dog Back Anytime You Call Them

There you are again – you’re at the dog park, calling and calling your dog. But they just won’t listen to you. What the heck is their problem?

Pitbull Puppies For Sale – How Do You Settle For A Seller?

Early in the days, dogs were kept solely for security reasons. They did not receive much care or attention. Today, things have changed and dogs have become closer to man than ever. They no longer have the sole purpose of security and they have become more of pets than of security agents. This, however, does not mean that dogs are not being reared for security reasons.

Supplements for Dogs on a Raw Dog Food Diet

Do you need to provide supplements to your dog that is on a raw dog food diet? In this short article you will learn more about dog supplements and if you really need them or not.

Puppy Training Tips Guide

Congratulations on the newest member of your family! The phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ applies perfectly here.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Remote Training Collars?

Remote training collars are a valuable dog training tool but due to so many myths surrounding them, many dog owners are hesitant to use them. This article brings to light the truth about training collars in the hopes that more dog owners will overcome their fear and utilize this important dog training system.

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