Worst Thing About The English Mastiff

Hypoallergenic Dog Food: Store Bought Verses Home-Made

Choosing the right hypoallergenic dog food for your dog can be a difficult decision. With so many available, choosing the brand that works for your pet can be a challenge. As the sensitivity to food increases among animals, people are finding new ways to get their dogs the nutrition that they need. This includes the option of making home-made dog food. Which is better?

What Is the Hungarian Vizsla?

The Hungarian Vizsla is high energy, affectionate, trustworthy and loving. Frequently they’re referred to as “velcro” dogs due to their faithfulness and affection. In general, Vizslas are quiet dogs, only barking if required or provoked. Occasionally when they feel neglected or desire something, they’ll cry. The Hungarian Vizsla is a great retriever on land and in the water, making the maximum of their natural instincts.

Top 3 Dog Toys For 2011

Dog owner approved toys that will keep your dog happy and healthy. Buying the right toy for the right dog with so many choices can be tough. Want some ideas?

DNA Testing For Dogs

Everyday newspapers and online ads are offering up dogs for sale. Dogs of every breed shape and size are available for a price. If you look closely and are an astute negotiator sometimes you can find what seems to be a bargain. You may be offered a ‘non-papered’ purebred, which means getting the dog you want at a reduced price.

Dog Distemper Disease Symptoms

People looking to adopt a new puppy should be aware of the disease called distemper in canines. It is often deadly and owners should be aware of the symptoms.

Choosing the Perfect Dry Food for Your Dog

Many dog owners choose to feed their dog dry food. With an increased focus on the nutrition level in the food, dry dog food is now a very healthy option for your pet. Once you have made the decision to buy dry dog food for your dog, how do you choose the perfect food? With so many options available, it is important that you know what to look for in the food. The following information gives tips on choosing the perfect dry dog food for your dog.

Brilliant Tips For Treating Hot Spots On Dogs

Hot spots in dogs cause severe discomfort to your pet. Here are a few ways you can help your pet.

Cockapoo Puppies Require a Firm Training Hand

Cockapoo puppies can be trained with relative ease because of their intellect and initiative. The simple commands of sit, stay, and come are picked up quickly. Early socialization of your new dog is important.

Tips For Flying With Your Dog

Do you need to take your dog on a flight with you? Here are tips and suggestions for flying with your canine friend.

Accessorize Your Dog

It’s a fact that many people spend as much or more money on their dogs as they do their kids. Here’s a basic description of dog accessories available for canine owners.

Types of Hunting Dogs

Dogs have been used for different types of hunting for thousands of years. We describe here the various types of hunting dogs and what they specialize in.

Choosing Healthy Foods for Your Dog

Just like with humans, a canine’s diet is an extremely important aspect for maintaining proper health in the animal. Following are tips and suggestions for correct dog nutrition.

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