Worst Thing About The Labrador

Feeding Your Dog Homemade Dog Food

Books about making homemade dog food have been steadily increasing in sales. Yet, dog owners are constantly warned against cooking and preparing homemade dog food for their four legged family member. “Experts” claim that it’s too difficult, complicated, and confusing to make sure your dog has a “balanced” homemade diet. Before there was commercial dog food, people fed their dogs all types of human food including the table scraps from left over meals. That’s all there was.

Siberian Husky Diet: What Does a Husky Eat?

Here in this article you will learn what you should feed your Siberian Husky depending on its lifestyle. A Siberian Husky may very well eat anything that it can find so it will be important to not leave any food lying around the house. The diet will differ depending on what kind of lifestyle it has.

How to Walk a Husky: Tips on How to Walk a Husky

Here in this article I have outlined a few tips to show you how to walk a husky without hurting yourself or the dog. If you don’t know how to walk a husky properly you will not enjoy the walk and neither will the dog. A Siberian Husky is a very strong animal and since it was bred to pull sleighs it could easily pull you all over the place if your not careful.

Why Is My Dog Frightened by Loud Noises?

Noise phobia is somewhat of a trademark among canines. When dogs hear loud noises, they may become afraid or frightened and exhibit a number of stress responses. The anxiety that most dogs experience may be triggered by fireworks, thunder, loud car horns, and even common household loud noises.

Teach Your Dog To Heel On Command

Teaching your dog to heel is important as it provides you with another tool that you can use to control him or her in or out of your home environment. The luxury of this fact is that you can train your dog the heel command whilst conducting training sessions with your pooch, or simply add it into your everyday interaction with him/her.

Doggy Day Care Services

Is it too hot in your house during summer months for your dog? Do you wish there was some way you could get your work done without feeling guilty for not paying him enough attention? Doggy day care centers are happy to give your special little friend what you are unable to keep up with. Whether you need full day service or just a couple of hours during the week doggy day care centers can work something out with you. They are also beneficial for when you go on vacation and can’t bring your pet along with you.

Basic Dog Obedience Classes

There are many reasons why dog obedience classes is necessary. It ensures that your dog will not misbehave by dragging you through its leash, playfully attacking people, begging for food at the dinner table and being destructive. It provides your dog with a structure and certain expectations which will make them feel assured.

How To Form An Awesome Pet Name With Music

The secret to naming your pet for good dog training behavior is to use a name that has musical associations. Think of how many ways you can call or sing the name with a fluctuating tone.

Traveling With a Dog in a Car

This article discusses all the basic things a dog owner should do before car traveling with a dog. All the important details like preparations and safety accessories are discussed to enjoy traveling with a dog.

The Top Ten Reasons for Playing Games With Your Dog

If obedience training is your dog’s school, then here comes recess! There are many reasons why playing games with your dog can contribute to your canine friend’s overall health and well-being. Here are our top ten reasons for spending just 5-10 minutes each day playing games and offering your dog simple, fun intellectual challenges.

Thundershirt Reviews – How to Relieve Your Dog’s Anxiety Using a Wrap

The Thundershirt is a dog coat that gently hugs your dog, calming them during even the most stressful situations, such as fireworks or sirens. This unique approach is not new, but the product brings a new convenience to a time-tested technique.

Simple Dog Commands Every Dog Owner Must Know

The most common commands use simple words that are configured in a different way from each other, for example ‘down’ and ‘come’. These commands are two of the commands designed to aid your pup to be trained without confusion. In addition, it helps to have the right equipment to execute these commands.

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