Your COMPLETE Dog Training Leadership Assessment

Fleas On Pets

Pets, dogs or cats, bring happiness to every owner. Sometimes, they become more than just a pet and live inside households like a normal person. And like a common individual, they too need grooming to keep their hygiene in check.

Understanding Dog Speak

If you are a new dog owner, watching your dog stomp on the ground might be a confusing signal. Is she angry, being playful, or something completely different? We’ll break down different scenarios to help you interpret your dog’s communication.

Treat Time for Dogs

Treats are a great way to reward your dog for good behaviour and are a good aid when training your dog to be obedient. Instantly rewarding correct behaviour is the best way to reinforce that behaviour and condition your dog to obey you.

Do Wireless Dog Fences Work?

Many pet owners have a problem when it comes to keeping their dog’s within a safe area. Anything can happen to a dog that runs off into the street. It can be attacked by other dogs in the area or it can get run over by a passing car.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting A Puppy

Getting a puppy is wonderful, but there are things you need to be prepared for beforehand. Learn more below.

Four Accessories That Make Transporting Dogs In Cars Safe, Clean And Practical

As much as we might like to, sometimes it just doesn’t seem safe, practical or hygienic to transport dogs in cars. Drivers might become distracted by a free-roaming pup sticking their head next to the gear stick. Dogs usually find it difficult to stay still over a long car journey, meaning they end up stepping all over people in the back seat. And after a wet and muddy walk, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up the dirt that your dog has brought back into the car.

How Pets Influence Us By Begging

Although it is often said that dogs are trained by us, the reality is rather different. In fact, dogs have the ability to influence our actions through their behavior. At no time is this more evident than when they ask for food, they have developed a range of tactics for purpose of attracting our attention.

5 Things You Have to Know About Pitbulls

Pitbulls make great pets. This is because the breed has a lot of great qualities that truly make things very enjoyable for pet owners. However, taking care of this breed can be quite a chore especially for first time dog owners.

Give Dog Treats Wisely

Dogs love dog treats for the same reasons as humans like certain things like candy and chocolate as treats. An occasional treat does no harm to your dog, but as with over doing human treats, an excess of dog treats can make your dog both unfit and unwell.

Travel Safely With The Use of a Dog Carrier

Even if you and your dog mainly stay at home, chances are you’ll need to travel with them at some point in time. Whether it’s to the vet or on a vacation far away, the time will come when they must travel. To choose the right dog carrier

How to Stop Dandruff in Dogs

Dog dandruff is caused by dead, dry skin cells flaking off. The most common causes of this are a lack of moisture in the skin, poor diet and insufficient grooming and care. However, there are other conditions that may be the cause of your dog’s dandruff, such as kidney disease and diabetes, although this is very rare.

How to Clear Dog Rashes

It isn’t just humans who find themselves allergic to food stuffs or the environment. Dogs do too and can suffer from rashes on their bodies, just the same as we do. Other common causes of rashes on a dog are flea, tick and insect bites and infections. If you notice your dog scratching, licking or biting at an area continuously then the chances are he has a rash that is irritating him and causing discomfort.

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