Your First Day And Night With A New Puppy – Bringing Home A New Puppy Episode 2

Got a tire her out so
we can sleep all night! It's likely that she's going to stir a
little bit tonight and we're going to have to deal with that. We're
going to have to deal with that. We're going to have to deal with
that. Okay. It's been six hours. It's some, sometime in the morning and
we just had our first peep, although she's being quiet now. So
I probably should let her out. Oh, there we go. Okay girl, outside we go. Good girl. Hurry up. Hurry up. We had a pee it's 7:17 in the morning, and what's really important is that if
you're like me and this is not time for you to get up, that you don't
have a party and do play now.

So she's had a pee we're going to go
back to bed for just a little while. See if we can get her to settle and
then we're going to get up and start our day. Good settle. Good girl. Good morning. It is now 8:30 AM and a
little miss did so good. Last night, we only had to get up
one time. We like that good girl.

Now I think that has a lot to do with
the type of day that we had yesterday. We had so much fun. She was super busy that it allowed her
to really get a good night's sleep. Now, if you want to see what we did
with her very first day home, I definitely encourage you to check out
the first video of our series and the link for that is in the description
below. Oh, good morning to you. Now, the first thing that we need to
do is take her out for a pee, but today you're going to hang
out with me throughout the day, and I'm going to show you guys how to
balance your day with your puppy through training, play, how to get your own work done so that you
have the most successful day possible.

And then hopefully we have a puppy that
sleeps through the night. Once again, I'm Kayl McCann. This is baby
Euchre. Welcome back to McCann Dogs. Okay. I'm going to start off with just
doing a little bit of basic luring. And I actually did this a little bit
yesterday when we first brought her home, but she hasn't even been
home for 24 hours yet. And yesterday she really had a hard
time tracking the food today already. This is just literally the
second time I've done this. She's like so much better. So already
we're learning. Good girl. Oh, and we offered a little
sit again yesterday, I just played around a little bit with
a bit of luring with her good girl. Yes. Good girl. Good. And all of this stuff is
literally just to condition her, to prepare her for her training.

Now, the other thing I like to do when I
first get puppies home is just work on rewarding her for following me. Yes. We can use some cute little
noises to get to them moving. Yes. She says, what do you want
from me lady? Come on. Good. Yeah. Hey, good girl. Not really
using her name yet. My, my food bowl is gone now. I also not really using her name yet
because I don't really want to chance her not responding. So I'm just gonna work
on getting her to perfect. Thank you. All right. Just going to get her working on
following me around and being rewarded. Once I have a little bit more focus, I could start to add the name
back into that. What's this? Yes. Good girl. One of the biggest mistakes that new
puppy owners make is they're so excited about their new pup. Yes. Good girl. So I'm excited about their new puppy
having a name that they end up saying the name over and over and over
again. And then you're, it's sort of essentially taking your
puppy that their name doesn't matter.

So I'm only going to use her name in
a scenario where I can back it up with rewards in the first little
bit. Euchre yes. Good girl. Good gear her up. We haven't even done
the homework yet where I've taught her. What? Yes. Means I'm just sort of
associating it. Yes. Good girl. She's going to figure it out
pretty quickly. That yes. Means good rewards are coming, but I can deliberately
teach her what the word yes. Is by doing a little word
association game girl. Yes. And then feed yes and then feed. Yes. And then feed. Yes.
And then feed can see. She's like, okay, I'm into this
game. This is pretty easy. Yes. Good girl and feed. And when I do
this, she happens to be sitting, which is great. Oops. I'm
going to get her off me here. She happens to be sitting, which was
great, but she doesn't need to be, she just needs to be engaged. And that's
all she's doing now. Yes. Good. Girly. Yes. Good.

Yes. An excellent. So we've just done a few little
things. I'm going to do something now. Just a little bit more active and I'm
going to make sure I leave some stuff in the bowl. Oh yes. Good girl. I'm going to leave some stuff in the bowl
so that I can also use the food as an opportunity to get more reward and
positivity associated with her kennel. So she'll eat the rest
of her meal in her crate. So I'm going to give her
the rest of her breakfast. I've added a little bit of water and now
you'll notice I have another crate over here. She's going to be moved
into that one eventually, but she's a little bit
too small for that crate. I don't want her using one half as a
potty area and the other half is the sleeping area.

So I'm going to see if I can get
her to go into this crate willingly. And if not, I'm just
going to place her in it. That's something that I will be
training in the next couple of days. What's this? Ready? Now she
just slept in there all night. So she may or may not want to go
in or the door shut on you. Okay. She's not too sure. So I'm just going to put her in good
girl and we're going to go have your breakfast.

And hopefully you're going
to see without the throat, the series, how this is going to change,
what will start to happen? Because when I get her breakfast ready, she will eventually start to just run
on her own. But this is only day one. Good girl. Here ya go.
Yeah, no, no, no, no. Stay in there. Breakfast. I'm
just going to shut the door. Success may not be able to hear me. And others, you may recognize this sound.

this is where a lot of puppy owners, new pet owners, they start to get a little bit nervous
or feel a little sad or feel a little guilty because she's in the crate
screaming. But I know she's had a pee, she's had training. She's had
a play, she's had breakfast. All of her needs have been met. She
just doesn't want to be in there. So I'm just going to let her
cry it out for a little bit.

It's only her first day home. I'm not
going to discipline it at this point. I'm going to continue making my breakfast
and I'm going to pretend that there's nothing going on. And once she settles, I will let her out and see if she has
to go to the washroom. But for now, this is just the really
hard part of crate training. So you may have seen this
in some of our past videos, but this is probably one of her favorite
puppy exercises to do this hallway has trained many puppies with us. And one of our favorite things to do
is a little restraint recalls to start teaching girl, her name, or
even to hear here, hear command. So I've given Ken a little
handful of her breakfast. I have a little handful
of her breakfast as well, and we're just going to sit on either
ends of the hallway and we're going to call back and forth, tire her out a little bit
and have a really fun way
of teaching her about coming to us. Good girl, you're going
to get so much faster at this.

So once she eats the food, I have food
here. I'm just going to hide it away. I am just going to turn around. Ken's
going to try and get her attention. Ready, set, Yuki. Yay! Good job. All right. Okay. Then
we'll turn her around here. We'll turn her around.
We'll do that. Yeah. Ready, set, Euchre! Yay! She's an old pro. You can really see the
dogs pick up the pace. Really get excited about hearing their
name when they do exercises like this. This is a great. This is just such a great way to reinforce
the value of coming to their name. Good girl. It's also really
important when you do this, see how close we're feeding her.
I'm letting her come right in. Okay we're gonna go again. Ready? Set, Euchre. We didn't make a big deal when she
didn't respond. The first I know this is, I mean, the first time that we've
ever done this exercise with her, the one thing that I wouldn't do is
call her name over and over again.

The next time I need to make sure that I
have a little bit more focused before I call her name and when Kayl releases
her, let's try this again. Ready? Good. Girl. We can also sneak that little puppy
sound recall in there ahead of time. Since that's something that she's
kind of familiar with already. Because her breeder did that when they
were feeding. Good girl. Wow missy moo. You. [inaudible] Oh, wow. Good. That was fun.
Little girl. Good girl. So again, we're giving
the puppy some crate time. She was just screaming
about two seconds ago. And what's interesting is from the
time it took us to turn the camera on versus now she's already
starting to settle and this
is what's going to start to happen as the days go on.

going to start to get better now. Eventually we're not going to
allow her to carry on like this, but this is still such a new learning
process for her that we're just kind of letting her figure it out
again. She's just had training. She just went on like a little walk
around the outside of our property. She's, you know, had a little play. There's
no reason for her to make noise, except for the fact that she just doesn't
want to be in the crate. But again, once she settles is a great opportunity
for just to go in there and nap and learn that that's her place to kind
of chill out. It's just like kids, sometimes puppies get overtired,
they get overstimulated. And then they're like kinda
crabby for a little bit.

pexels photo 6568490

And then they sort of settle in and
she's literally almost asleep now. So you just have to persevere and it
gets better much faster than you really realize. You just have to use the crate
and not worry about the screaming. Come on out. Good girl. So I just got back from I was away for
about a couple hours and I had to go get groceries. And before I
left I put her in her crate, Ken was working and he was just
sort of keeping an eye on her, but because we did so much training and
stuff before earlier in the morning, she literally slept this whole time. And I think that's an
important thing to note, because I think a lot of people think
puppies need all of this free time to roam around. But really what we want you to do is
spend more focused time with your puppy that actually tires them out and also
encourages them to learn the right things. And she was more than, you actually
seem a little sleepy still. She was more than happy just to, you know, conk out for a couple of hours
while I was gone.

So now anyways, I'm going to get her up
and get her moving again. We have to feed her some lunch. So I'm going to take this as another
opportunity to do some training with her. So as I'm putting the groceries away, I decided that I I'm just gonna let
her hang out here. But I'm, you know, choosing some very specific
management tools here, sh once she has a leash or a line
on here, this word little leash, so you can't really go anywhere.

I've also given her a bone to chew. Now, one thing they really impressed about
is that she's actually choosing to chew the bone near me as I do this. I think
that's a really, really great thing. I also know that that's not
something that she'll naturally do. Forever puppies tend to start
to get a bit more independent, but I keep reaching down and
telling her she's a good girl. I keep reinforcing her. If she was to
get up and like go and do her own thing, I wouldn't allow her to do that.
I would stop her with the line. I don't want to be in here busy doing
groceries and have her sneak off and have an accident or chew something. So if I'm going to choose to let her be
free out of her crate and just sort of hanging out, it's going to be very

So I am multitasking here. Groceries are coming out, but I'm mostly looking at after
after the puppy making good choices. Here you go babe. Yes. So it's lunchtime and I thought
I may take the opportunity. I am going to feed some of
this of this food. I mean, she's very excited and you're crazy. But I just want to actually
work on teaching her how
to go into the crate. Now, sometimes I'm just going to put her in, but I am going to take a little bit of
time to teach her now so that the door doesn't scare her at
all. It just removed it. And I'm just going to start off by taking
some food and just feeding her with like her little head in
the crate, some dropped in.

See if I can put a couple in the
inside that she'll eat here. Okay, good. And then I'm going to progressively get
the food further in until she takes a little step. Oh, good girl. Yes. But I'm just going to let her come out.
I'm not going to push her in good girl. Yes. When she comes out,
though, I'm not going to feed. I'm going to keep the

Oh, there it is. Where's your sniffer here. There we go. There we go. Good girl. I'm not
going to feed her out of the crate. All of the reward is
going to be in the crate. Good girl. It's so tempting just to
push that last foot in there, but you don't want to do that.
Just going to be patient. Yes. Now what I could also do is like implement
a higher value reward at this point. If I wanted to, like, when
all of her four feet go in, I can throw some cheese in there,
but she's pretty into the kibble. So I'm just gonna roll with it. Now, what you'll notice that I did
on the last repetition. Yeah. She's still in there. Good girl is just
as she was coming out of the crate. I said, okay. I gave
her a release command. Eventually she's gonna need to
learn that she's got to stay, stand the crate until I give
her permission to come out.

So I can actually start showing
her about that now by saying, okay. Before she actually comes
up to the crate herself. So she's choosing to come out of the
crate, but I'm just starting to you know, implement that release. Okay. Yes. Just means you have to have
really good timing. Good girl. So I would only practice
this a couple more times. I might go and do some other training
as well before she gets too full. And then I'll feed her the remainder of
her crate in the crate with the crate door closed with a little bit of
water on the, on the food high, big just to get, get her up. She's going in so much more easily
just to get her accustomed to it.

And at that moment I would just
place her, gently into the crate. I don't need to go through this
whole rigmarole every single time, unless she's going to start to
go in a little bit more easily, but I can't expect that to happen
after one training session. Good girl. I would say this was pretty successful
for the first try ever though. I think it's also important to remember
that the whole day with your puppy doesn't need to be so action packed.

really good to get training in there. It's good to get play play sessions in. That's going to tire the puppy out, but you also need like time to snuggle
and time just to teach them just to kind of hang out. She's got a little bone here, one of the adult bones and
she thinks it's pretty cool. Have her little line on her
just going to let her, hang out. I'm sitting here checking my phone
and just sorta spending a little time together. If she passes out, then I'm going to go pop her in
the crate and it gets more done. This puppy has been home for just
about 24 hours at this point. And she's making some really good choices. Part of the reason behind that though, is that she's getting good
information and a lot of management. And in this series, you're going to see her continue to
develop over the next couple months. We're going to speed up this puppy's
training by managing her well throughout the day. And a good example of that is what we
did earlier tonight for her supper, rather than just feeding her the supper.

I used it to start teaching her to do
things like go and lie calmly on a bed. This is going to be really helpful for
when we eat dinner or when people come over, she's already on the first
day, learning that going in, lying on the bed is something
that can be really rewarding. Now you can see she's still got
a bundle of energy right now. So the next thing that we're going to
do before we tire her out and get her ready for bed, we're going to practice some recalls
and some retrieving down the hallway.

It's a great way to kind of
get that excess energy out. So by the time we're ready to take
her up to her crate for the night, she's got all that energy out and she's
much more likely to sleep through the night for us. We specifically chose to work on exercises
that we know are going to help us to control her a little bit more easily
down the road. Things like teaching, her to respond to her name, which is going to be really
helpful for getting her attention, teaching her the word yes, which
is the foundation for everything. We're basically going to teach her, getting her comfortable
with the crate right away, which is going to be a godsend when we
are trying to navigate through the next couple of weeks of this crazy puppy time. But what's really important is that you
don't wait to start this training with your puppy.

You want to get
going with it right away. All of this physical work and mental
work is really going to help calm your puppy to tire them out. And their brains are fully developed
by the time they are seven weeks old, they are ready to learn and we need to
make sure that we're jam pack in as much good information in there. And now, as we can to ensure a
success in the long run, now, you know what we didn't do today. We didn't have to clean up any accidents
and we didn't have to use any of this stuff. You'd like to bite
that wouldn't you? Now, the reasons why we were having so much
success with our house training today's because we managed her really well.

We were able to anticipate
any possible time for, she may have had to go to the washroom
such as after eating naps and a really important one is after any big plays, all that exercise often causes
them to have to go to the bathroom. So if you can predict those things and
make sure that you're staying ahead of it, you're going to find that you can actually
get through a large part of puppyhood without having any accidents in the house. Now she has had a very long and
tiring day, quite honestly. So we, we are all ready for
bed at this point. Now, if you'd like to watch the
next video in this series, make sure you click that card right there.

And if you'd like watch the video
of the day, we brought her home, click that card right here on that
note. I'm Kayl. This is baby Euchre, Happy Training..

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