Your Puppy Biting Training Plan Is BROKEN…

Common Defecation Problems in Dogs

A dog cannot speak so it is important to be aware of these defecation problems they might have. Being aware can help you address problems before they become too serious.

Everything You Should Know About Dog Arthritis

Arthritis in dogs can cause a lot of pain in dogs as it does in humans. Here is how to recognize and treat it so that your dog avoids unnecessary suffering.

How to Dispose of Dog Poop?

What the heck are you supposed to do with pet waste? A professional pet waste removal service expert explains how to properly dispose of dog waste.

Enjoy 6 Fun Outdoor Activities With Your Dog

Enjoy 6 fresh and fun outdoor activities with your dog. Experience the bonding, fresh air, mental stimulation and physical exercise with your pet and have fun doing it.

Canine Collar Strangulation – The Hidden Dangers of a Dog Collar

Canine collar strangulation injures or kills thousands of dogs every year. The most common cause might surprise you. Of course, your dog still needs a collar. So, learn what you can do to prevent your dog from becoming another tragic story.

How to Keep From Losing Your Dog!

Nothing is more devastating than losing a beloved pet. Even when you think you know what your dog will or won’t do, it may run away and become lost from you. Take steps to prevent the heartbreak that an unexpected disappearance can bring.

Will You Be Home When I’m Done With My Bone?

Dogs can’t measure time nor do they understand us when we say “we’ll be home later.” So, what does the passage of time mean to our furry friends? How do they measure time away from us? In this article, I’ll talk about some of the ways dogs think about time.

Dogs – What They Teach Us About Life

Have you ever wondered whether your dog might have a mission? Do you think this question is a strange one to ask? What if your dog had a plan for your life?

The Tale of Mutt Tails – What Your Dog’s Tail Tells About Their Roots

Your mutt’s tail speaks volumes about their lineage. The setting, size, shape, or various combinations will help you find the roots to your dog’s family tree or bush in some really unique cases.

Dog Behavior Problems – Have You Ever Considered This Simple Fact?

Advise is plenty and often unasked for when you own a “difficult” dog. People will tell you all sorts of things you ought to do to improve your pets behavior but no matter how hard you try your furry friend simply takes no notice and continues to behave in his own little way. If this is the case, here is some idea you might like to consider.

Diarrhea in Dogs – Consider These Three Reasons

Life can be very uncomfortable when your dog has got the runs! Getting up all night to let your friend out into the garden or even clearing up after him in the morning takes some doing as all dog lovers know. But when this happens on a regular basis it really makes you want to find the cause. Here is what I encountered with three different dogs over the years.

Canine Glaucoma – Causes and Natural Solutions

Canine glaucoma is a slowly progressive problem. It can lead to blindness.

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